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Product name: Virectin
Producing company: Gentopia Labs
Official website: http://virectin.com
Amazon offer: Available (see here)
GNC offer: Not available
Alternative products: Male Extra, VigRX & ProSolution

Before we look at Virectin, it’s important to understand what this type of enhancement supplement is designed for. Male enhancement pills are supplements that are claiming to be able to enhance your sex life by increasing your erection size, as well as improving your sexual stamina.

Sadly, medicines that are not made from natural ingredients, or are not a prescription medication, are often fake and unregulated. That is why you always need to make your own research.


Virectin is marketed as a 100% natural product, and they believe that it is the most powerful enhancement products for men on the market. You can still use it even if you do not have erectile dysfunction, as it enhances your orgasms and sexual capabilities regardless.

The pill has over 16 different ingredients packed into it, whereas a lot of enhancement pills can sometimes only have as little as two or three ingredients.

Virectin state that the pills will help in these three areas:

  • Help to support healthy testosterone levels
  • Increased sex drive, desire, and overall libido
  • Sexual stamina and staying power increase

Because many companies already stated such claims (and delivered poor results), let´s take a look at more details how this pill work and what exactly it contains.


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Erections occur due to the corpora cavernosa. These hollow tubes extend along the whole length of the penis, and when a man becomes sexually aroused, they fill up with blood. The tubes will then become rigid when completely filled, which will cause an erection.

For those that have difficulties with erections, the amount of blood that flows into their corpora cavernosa is inadequate in order to produce large and stiff boners.

Virectin works by promoting optimal blood flow due to the Nicotinic Acid that is in it.

This acid is a key component in the increased production of red blood cells. Bodybuilders have been known to take this, as it can help fill out their muscles with blood.

Virectin can also help you last longer in bed, as well as to recover faster, with the formulated ingredients.

While there are a lot of products that can help you maintain an erection for hours, it may still be difficult to be enthusiastic about sex if you are not in the mood. Virectin has been designed to increase your actual desire for sex too.

This product is marketed as being able to magnify libido in two ways:

  1. All of the ingredients present should help to boost testosterone levels
  2. A lot of the herbs are natural aphrodisiacs

Many herbs that are used in its formula have been used for many years by men and women all around the world.

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Testosterone is the key hormone in the male body, which is connected to sexual performance and virility. These hormone levels usually tend to drop as men age, and there is a lot of research and proof to show a correlation between low sexual desire and erectile disorders, with low testosterone levels.

Increasing the amount of testosterone in your body is the most practical way to improve a man’s sex life.

Virectin reiterate the point that it does not contain any synthetic testosterone and that all of the key ingredients are natural ways to boost testosterone, as well as balance total hormone levels.

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Virectin ingredients label detail

Niacin (25 mg)

Niacin (also known as vitamin B3 or nicotinic acid) helps your body to synthesize many sex-related hormones that are essential to increasing libido and desire (1).

It also reduces the chances of your arteries being hardened, which improves overall blood flow.

Selenium (50 mg)

This mineral produces many effects in the body that are somewhat advantageous for men with low sexual desire and low sperm levels (2).

It’s also been shown to be able to increase testosterone levels, naturally.

Tribulus Terrestris (500 mg)

This ingredient has been used in traditional Indian medicines, as well as in ancient Greek practices, to help with those who suffer from sexual dysfunctions, long before it became popular in Western male enhancing supplements.

The libido and sexual performance enhancing effects are widely believed to be as a result of the ability that the shrub has to raise testosterone levels in the body (3).

Avena Sativa / Wild Oats (500 mg)

This herb has been used by both men and women traditionally as an aphrodisiac to increase libido. This ingredient will help to enhance sexual desire and is also thought to help improve sexual function too (4).

L-Arginine (300 mg)

This is an amino acid that occurs naturally in many foods such as spinach and salmon. Amino acids are the primary building blocks of protein. This amino acid will convert to something called nitric oxide.

Nitric oxide is responsible for opening blood vessels, which will improve blood flow. L-Arginine also helps to stimulate hormone production (5).

Zinc (30 mg)

There is a lot of scientific evidence that suggests that there is a distinct link between zinc intake and testosterone production in the body.

By consuming large amounts of zinc, you can be sure to give your body the best possible chance of maintaining testosterone levels, as well as increasing sperm count (6).

Tongkat Ali (200 mg)

Tongkat Ali, which is also known as Eurycoma Longifolia, is a root extract that has been studied a lot in recent years due to its predominantly beneficial effects on sexual health for men.

Research has shown that this ingredient alone can increase testosterone levels by up to 93%, which will not only help to improve sex drive, but will also increase energy levels too (7).

Mucuna pruriens (100 mg)

Mucuna pruriens (also known as the Velvet Bean) is a shrub that is found in India and certain regions of Africa. This ingredient has been used in folk remedies for many conditions, including sexual difficulties.

This ingredient will not only help to improve testosterone and libido levels, but it will also help to enhance sexual satisfaction (8).

Fenugreek Seed (100 mg)

Fenugreek Seed is commonly found in curry dishes but is also used by men who want to boost their sex lives.

A study confirmed that fenugreek has libido increasing properties and that the men who were in the study had a significant sex drive increase after six weeks of use (9).

Ginkgo Biloba Leaf (100 mg)

Ginkgo Biloba leaves are harvested from a unique tree that has been used for many years in Chinese traditional medicines.

This leaf extract is believed to not only improve blood circulation, but also to provide a big energy boost, reduce tension, and even improve brain function (10).

Herba Epimedium (100 mg)

More commonly known as horny goat weed, Herba Epimedium is used by many due to its testosterone boosting ability. The increased levels of testosterone will increase sexual stamina as well as boost libido (11).

Saw Palmetto (30 mg)

Saw Palmetto, when consumed, helps the body to optimize its hormone balance, as well as being an aphrodisiac.

Research has also found that Saw Palmetto is able to help reduce the symptoms of prostate enlargement (12).

Maca Root Powder (50 mg)

Used by the indigenous people of Peru and Bolivia, Maca Root powder has been used for centuries due to the aphrodisiac qualities that it has in its roots.

Human trials have confirmed that consuming Maca root improves libido and sexual function (13).

Ashwagandha Root (50 mg)

Ashwagandha Root has been used in traditional Indian medicine for over 3000 years. Recent studies have shown that extract of this root can increase testosterone levels, as well as sexual performance (14).

Damiana Leaf (50 mg)

The aphrodisiac qualities of the Damiana leaf were originally found by the Mayans. Both men and women used these leaves in order to heighten sexual desire and pleasure. A study in 2009 confirmed that Damiana has libido boosting properties (15).

Cnidium Monnieri (30 mg)

This herb has been recommended by traditional practitioners of Chinese medicine for over 1000 years. The herb was given to those with low levels of libido and sexual desire.

When taken by men, Cnidium Monnieri has been shown to help combat erectile dysfunction (16).

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warnings on label

All ingredients have come from natural sources, although there are a few side effects that can pop up if you are hypersensitive to any of them.

Before taking this supplement, it’s important that you consult your doctor to ensure that it is safe for you to consume.

These are the most common symptoms you could experience:

– Facial swelling, nasal congestion, wheezing, diarrhea, bloating, digestive issues, upset stomach, constipation, elevated heartbeat for more than a few days, dizziness, nausea, or prolonged increased thirst

You should discontinue taking these pills, as well as book an immediate visit to your doctor if you suddenly find yourself with any of these!

While these are not side-effects for this product as a whole, these are some of the individual side-effects that can occur from taking some of the ingredients individually.


Because there are so many ingredients in just one pill, it’s very unlikely that you will ever get near any of the recommended daily amounts, let alone reaching levels of toxicity.

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“Didn’t do well with my boyfriend´s stomach at all. He had to stop taking them. He also said he didn’t notice any change or help after taking them for almost 4 weeks.


Simply does not work. Used up the entire bottle as directed and nothing. Begining to believe there is nothing on the market short of prescription drugs that will help with ED.


“My sexual stamina improved substantially after started taking Virectin. I have also experienced a decrease in sleep interruptions due to BPH. I highly recommend giving this product a try.


The manufacturer’s website states that this product helps to intensify erections, increase confidence, helps to satisfy your partner, and increases your stamina. They go on to say that you should be able to feel results within the first few weeks of consumption, although it will depend on the individual.

They go on to say that results are guaranteed, although the asterisk next to this statement leads to another paragraph that goes on to say that results may vary.

The website also has a page dedicated to user testimonials, although these, of course, can’t be validated:

One user, who states that he is 52, explains how he felt the benefits within a week, and that it’s better than Cialis.

Most other testimonials are of a similar nature, although there is one that is written by a female who bought it for her partner. She goes on to explain how she was searching for erectile dysfunction treatments online and came across this product, and that after her partner had taken it, he was able to maintain his sexual stamina for hours.

When searching for user testimonials on third-party sites, like Amazon, there seem to be mixed results. Some users have stated that they used a whole month’s worth of supply and had felt no difference, whereas others appear to swear that this product has saved their sex lives.

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60 day guarantee

This product comes with a risk-free 60-day money back guarantee.

The guarantee page on the website explains how confident they are that you will be satisfied with your purchase and that as long as you return the unused portion of the product within 60 days, you will receive a prompt refund.

Amazon purchase is covered by a guarantee too.

If you purchase this product through Amazon, you will also be covered by the 30-day hassle free money back guarantee. It is unclear whether you are still under the manufacturer’s guarantee if you do not purchase through their own website, though.


When trying to purchase Virectin through its official website, there are four options to choose from. These are:

  • Preferred package for $269.70 (Buy six, get two free)
  • Pro package for $224.75 (Buy five, get one free)
  • Power package for $179.80 (Buy four, get one free)
  • Starter package for $44.95 (One bottle)

Shipping is roughly $7.95 unless your order is over $60, in which case it will be free if being posted to a US address!

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virectin LOADED bottle


Uses natural ingredients
Does not include Yohimbe
Transparent formula


Lack of clinical testing data
Only sold via the official website
Varying user testimonials
Mild side effects
May interact with certain medications & alcohol


Although there are massive variances in testimonials, there is nothing about this product that raises any alarms. I would say that this product is worth trying (thanks to its money back guarantee) to see if it works for you or not.

However, there are even better products on the market these days (see alternative products below).

All of the ingredients are explained thoroughly, as well as reassuring us that all ingredients are natural. Therefore, theoretically, there is no reason as to why this product wouldn’t work, as there have been individual clinical tests and trials for a number of the key ingredients.

A concern that was raised by someone, is that while there are a lot of good ingredients in this product, there isn’t enough of each ingredient to individually make a difference.

This is likely because there are so many ingredients in this product, that they are reducing the chances of having too many conflictions if all of the recommended daily amounts of each ingredient were to be hit, by consuming two or three pills.

Before taking any enhancement supplementation, always consult your doctor if you aren’t sure if it’s safe to take.


Male Extra, VigRX & ProSolution

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