About The Stallion Style

Do you want to learn something about The Stallion Style website and the people behind it? Then you are reading the right page. We are a small team of a few people that have created a website focusing on improving the sex lives of American men.

The pen name persona behind this website is James Buzinko (see FAQs below for more information).

Our History & Philosophy

The Stallion Style was registered in the summer of 2013. Actually, the idea to create this type of website was suggested to me by a close friend called James earlier that year. We wanted to create an online portal that will provide information for men to improve their sex life.

Because at that time there was a lot of info on this topic, but almost none was for free, we have sworn that The Stallion Style will never charge anything for information we share with you.

So, we have begun with the male enhancement and penis enlargement niche.

We have covered a wide range of topics, such as exercises, techniques, foods, pumps, extenders, and pills to improve your erection size and quality.

Then, we have expanded into the sex tips niche.

We have covered a lot of tips for best positions, techniques to achieve different types of orgasms, various orthodox and unorthodox sex practices and many more. Obviously, young guys complained that in order to apply these tips and tricks, they first need to get the opportunity.

That is why we have slowly dived into the attraction building and dating niche.

We have covered a lot of topics, such as pick up lines, questions to ask on a date, various tips and tricks to build attraction, different hook-up apps, best ways to dress well and many more.

Right now, we need to focus more on deepening the information in topics we have already covered, and in the future, we would love to expand into self-improvement in non-sex related aspects of male personality.

Because we want to be as transparent as possible and want to prevent any misunderstanding, we provide answers to the frequently asked questions you still may have about us.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

About The Stallion Style

Check below whether your question has already been answered. If not, send us an email at [email protected] and we will try to reply to you as soon as possible.

FAQ #1: Who is James Buzinko? Is he a real person?

Actually, you are right. As you may have already noticed, James Buzinko is just a pen name. Such a person does not really exist. We have created this “persona” out of gratitude to our friend – James – who motivated us to start this project in the first place.

The profile picture is just a photo of an ordinary man. The real name of one of our team members who is writing under this name is Matthew, he lives in Slovakia and he does not want his full name disclosed.

FAQ #2: Who is really running this website?

We want to be honest with you. Although this website is aiming mainly at the American audience, this website is operated and maintained by a company that is registered and headquartered in the Slovak Republic (Bratislava).

FAQ #3: Are all of your articles 100% factually correct?

The male enhancement and sex niche is (like many others) changing and evolving. The change of information is even more true with regards to individual products.

Producing companies frequently change the facts about various products, and we have problems to keep up to date with these changes as we are just a small team of few people.

However, we are trying to maintain the content of this website the best we can.

If you have noticed that any of our articles or reviews is factually wrong or is not reflecting the reality, please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected] and we will have a look at it as soon as possible.

If the product information has really changed, we are happy to edit our articles and reassess given product review according to new facts.

FAQ #4: This site is just another biased affiliate review platform that pushes a specific product, isn´t it?

We have experienced some situations where people, mainly owners of various male enhancement products, have accused us that we are not an impartial website. They often complain and that we are just another affiliate review website that pushes specific male enhancement products.

Let me assure you that The Stallion Style platform was set up as a place to get free information about healthier ways of male enhancement.

Obviously, as you analyze the topic of male enhancement into details, you stumble upon various products, supplements, and devices as well. Some are better, some are worse, and some are just a complete waste of your money.

That is why we have decided to provide product reviews on The Stallion Style.

While we do receive a commission for several products we review, this fact does not affect our process of analysis, review, and approval.

We always try to rank products objectively based on our personal consideration of information available online. So if any product does not meet our criteria, it gets a lower rating even if we could theoretically push it up to earn more commissions.

This is something we categorically refuse to do as it goes against all our values and the main goal of this website – to provide help to people who want to live a healthier sex life and enhance their “manliness” at the same time.

FAQ #5: Do you accept ads or sponsored posts on your website?

Let me stop you right here. No, we do not allow any paid or sponsored posts on this website. If you have such an offer for us, please, do not waste your time to contact us as we ignore such requests.

With regards to advertising, there are many platforms that provide ads-displaying system we could theoretically sign up for. However, in most cases, we would have no control of what will be displayed on these ads and this is something we do not like.

If we discover an ad network that will provide us a 100% control, then we may experiment with it on this website. Otherwise, we try to stay “ad-free”.

FAQ #6: You own or have a financial interest in at least some of the products you write about, don´t you?

We can proudly say that we do not own or have any financial interest in any of the products we review on our website. However, as stated in other FAQs on this list, we do receive a commission for several products reviewed on this website (see our disclaimer).

Although this fact might be theoretically a source of bias, we try to minimize/eliminate it completely by providing the rating of our products based on impartial online research. We always try to be as honest and transparent with our readers as possible.

FAQ #7: If it creates a potential for bias, why do you need to earn commissions at all?

This is an excellent question you should always ask yourself. The answer is rather simple. Initially, we wanted to deal only with tips and tricks and wanted to avoid reviews of any products whatsoever.

However, the running costs of this website went higher and we need to earn a living as well (we are not talking about domain registration and hosting, these are not that costly).

Not only we have to put a huge amount of our time into our business in Slovakia, researching topics and writing detailed articles and product reviews for this website take extreme effort as well. We also need to pay for proofreading and article writing services as we are not English native speakers.

FAQ #8: Hey, I am a merchant and have a great product. Could you take a look at it?

We accept any suggestions for great new things to cover by our website, including new and innovative products. You do not need to pay us anything, just let us know about your product and we will take a look at it.

We do not even require commissions from you.

Simply, if your product meets our criteria and looks promising, then we will be happy to publish our review of it. However, because doing research on any product takes a lot of time we can not give you any specific time-frame nor guarantee that it will go live anytime soon.

Just keep in mind that interest of our readers comes first so do not bother contacting us if your product does not deliver on its promises.

FAQ #9: I have submitted a comment under your article but it has not appeared. Are you filtering comments of your website?

Because we receive a lot of spam comments (sometimes even vulgar ones) on a daily basis, we need to moderate your comment first before it becomes public. If it is spam or includes any commercial or vulgar content, we will not approve it.

However, we do not filter any opinions we receive in our comments (not positive nor even negative ones). Just keep in mind that these comments are usually submitted anonymously and it is not in our possibilities to verify each and every information they include.

That is why we advise our readers to take comments published on our website (no matter if they are positive or negative) with a grain of salt and always try to verify the information you receive on other sources.

It is always better to be critical than sorry.

FAQ #10: I have bought a product but I want my money back!

Because we do not own any of the products reviewed on this website we can not help you in this manner personally. However, we always try to give you advice on how you could claim your money back.

The best way that often works is to contact the manufacturer directly (through their individual support system) and if they stand behind their product, they should issue a refund for you.

Just pay attention when making your purchase as some products offer a money back guarantee only if you meet certain criteria or conditions (in our reviews we try to cover these as well).

FAQ #11: When you write a product review, does that mean you have actually purchased that product?

Usually, product reviews we write are based solely on information that is publicly available on the internet. However, there are some instances when we have personally purchased the reviewed product.

If this is the case, we point out that fact.

Although we would love to increase the number of reviewed products that we have purchased as well, it is beyond our budget to get our hands on each and every item we write about.

James Buzinko

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