How to Handle Her Breast Like a Real Stallion

Woman With Beautifull BreastHow much do you really know about her bosom?

As a man, we often stare at “twins” each lady has and daydream about them all day, but we don’t know much besides that we like the way they look.

When you are handling her breasts, it is possible to make every last touch count and really get her juices flowing.

With the right amount of stimulation, you will have her dying for more. Let’s first discuss the types of tits and nipples she may have and work our way into a few tricks to make her really love foreplay. Read more here…

6 Kamasutra Books Worth Having In Your Library

Top 6 Kamasutra BooksSex is the essence of our existence. When you have intercourse, it is important to make it as fun and pleasure-filled as possible.

There are many ways to do this, and tantric secrets have been passed down from one generation to the next.

If you think you know every exotic position or way to make your partner orgasm like never before, you are wrong.

Writings about ancient lovemaking arts should be in every man and woman’s library. Let’s take a look at the 6 Kamasutra books that are worth having in your bookshelf. Read more here…

10+ Shocking Facts About Men and Their Sex Life

Shocked Woman About Sex Life Of MenEver wondered how big the average penis is, or how long men really last in bed?

There are without a doubt many myths circulating between guys about these issues.

Therefore, I have decided to create an article dealing with some of the most disputable details from male sex health issue. These 10+ interesting facts will shock you – and maybe even disturb you. Read more here…

The Best Pussy Pump Guide You Need To Read Today

Best Pussy Pumps On The MarketWhen it comes to sex toys, nothing is off limits. Just as men, women nowadays can enhance sensations with a vacuum pussy pump.

The hand-pumping action of these devices engorges and swells up the labia, increasing sensitivity and making intercourse even more pleasurable.

The question is – why to do this in the first place? In this guide, we’ll cover everything from what these are to why you would want to use them and what the best models are. Read more here…

All You Need To Know About Cock Rings

Best Cock Rings You Can HaveGetting the utmost pleasure out of sex is something that every man wants.

Whether you want to increase your own satisfaction or hers, cock rings can help.

Not only are these inexpensive additions to your love life, they are comfortable and stimulate all of the right points to ensure a hard, enjoyable orgasm each and every time you have intercourse. Read more here…

The Complete Guide To Promescent: Reviews and User Feedback Included

Old & New Packaging Of PromescentMost men wish that they could last longer in bed. Not only do they want to please their partners, but they want to enjoy sex for longer too.

Women can take as long as 40 minutes to reach orgasm during intercourse. The average male only takes 5-6 minutes. For guys with premature ejaculation, lovemaking may only last two to three tops.

Even with the average guy, sex can be too short or unsatisfying in the eyes of his partner. Read more here…

Stallion’s Guide To Stud 100 Spray

Box & Spray Stud 100Do you have trouble controlling your ejaculations? Do you wish that you could last longer during sex?

Stud 100 is one of the best-selling delay sprays on the market, and can help you endure and better satisfy your partner and enjoy making love for longer than ever before.

Keep reading our stallion’s guide to this desensitizing lotion to find out what it is all about, how to use it and where to buy it. Read more here…

The Ultimate Guide To Fleshlight LaunchPAD

The New Fleshlight Launchpad With Mounted Flight

Official Website:

Sex and technology go hand in hand. Each time technology advances, we always seem to find a way to repurpose it and use it to enhance our sexual experience.

Now Fleshlight has introduced a new upgrade that lets you, literally, have sex with your iPad.

It’s true that most people love their iPads, and the LaunchPAD allows you to show her just how much you adore her.

Now you can bang your way to pleasure town in a hands-free way and all while watching enjoying the adult content you prefer. Read more here…

The Beginner’s Guide To Aneros Prostate Massagers

Best Aneros Prostate MassagersAneros prostate massagers are some of the best on the market. Built with comfort and pleasure in mind, these toys stimulate the male G-Spot to help you achieve a Super-O, or Super Orgasm.

The beauty of a prostate orgasm is that there’s no ejaculation involved, which means you can reach climax multiple times without having to worry about any recharge or time out periods in between.

If you’re thinking about trying this stimulator, our beginner’s guide can help you find the right one that best fits your needs and your comfort level. Read more here…