When it comes time to get the night off right, you will need to be playful and provide enough foreplay to get her juices flowing. For women, the proper foreplay is a must to ensure that there is an emotional and physical bond between you.

Ladies, unlike men, take a much longer time to reach their peak arousal.

While every sex partner will be different, there are a lot of foreplay tips that will make her go wild and ensure that when you have intercourse, she is more than ready to go.

Let me show you the 8 best foreplay tips for her, with some awesome pictures!


young couple kissing

Making out has been around since the beginning of humankind. Passionate kissing brings about a sensual aspect that makes women feel closer to their partners.

With foreplay, there is never too much kissing that can be involved.

However, a person can make out so roughly that it ruins the mood. Therefore, soft, gentle, passionate kisses work the best to steam things up.

According to the women of reddit, the perfect kiss is something like this:

“Place one hand on the small of her back and lightly press your groin against her (don’t be hard right away). Let her upper half meet you halfway and butt your foreheads together gently. Look her in the eyes then scan her entire face.

Eye contact is key, but not too much, don’t be weird. Use the thumb of your free hand to graze the side of her face rubbing back toward her ear. Let the prominent portion of your upper cheekbone meet hers, and not quite like a cat, but not far off, rub your skin together. Skin to skin contact is a huge turn on.”

Some of the top places to focus on besides her lips are:

– Behind her ear, between her ear & neck, the lower back, right below her navel, across her panty line, the entire neck area, the calves, her upper thigh, backside of her knees, her wrists

Soft passionate kisses work the best. For areas where the skin is a little thicker, such as the panty line, a playful bite is always welcomed.

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woman wellness sensual massage

There is no doubt that massages are very intimate. In fact, most men and women will become aroused even if they are being massaged by an unattractive person.

Did you know?

When a woman receives a massage from her lover she can be so stimulated that she may experience an orgasm.

Here are some general tips for giving her the best and most sensual experience:

  1. Groom yourself and trim your nails before massaging
  2. Place a folded towel or a small pillow under her head
  3. Make sure that room temperature is high
  4. Lubricate your hands to make everything smooth
  5. Use aroma oils to heighten her senses and make it more pleasurable experience
  6. Focus your efforts to work on her shoulders, neck, arms, upper and lower back, thighs, calves, feet, belly and nether regions
  7. Always begin your massage on the head/neck area and work your way down her spine and body
  8. Play sexy, relaxing music in the background to make her comfortable

The best “roadmap” I use with success is from a great website called AskMen.com:

“For maximum effect, you’ll want to begin with the shoulders. From there you can work your way to her neck, and then down her arms all the way to her hands. After that, you can return to her upper and lower back, and over to her buttocks if she has no problem with it.”

“Then it’s down her thighs to her calves. You can end off with her feet. Once there, backtrack all the way to the starting point with a lighter touch of effleurage.”


sensual woman on bed in pleasure

Before any intercourse can occur, you will need to take off both yours and her clothes, so why not be playful with it? When undressing her, you can be extremely creative as this is an excellent way to add in a little foreplay.

I recommend using these simple tips:

  1. Bite her gently and use your teeth to remove delicate items
  2. Undress her from behind while kissing her neck
  3. Take it slow and kiss her body after each piece of clothing you remove
  4. Rub sensitive areas while taking her clothes off
  5. Put your lips to use for extra stimulation
  6. Stroke areas that feel cool to warm these up

Never underestimate the power of a playful foreplay. You can add almost anything to your process of undressing.


woman with hard nipples

The breasts are ripe with nerve endings that make touching, licking or playful biting very thrilling! Therefore, you need to know how to handle her breasts properly!

By not playing with her nipples, you will miss adding that extra spice to your foreplay that will make her go wild.

A breast is a breast – right? All too often, we notice smaller and larger ones, but we don’t realize that each size and type of nipple will require different stimulation strategies.

Here are all categories of tits you can encounter on your sex journeys:

  1. Large – Easily identified. As bigger are usually considered a C cup and higher.
  2. Small – Smaller are those that are easily cupped in the hand.
  3. Droopy – Ones that are not perky, but hang down.
  4. Surgically enhanced – These are filled with silicon to make them larger.
  5. New mother – The breasts of an obvious new mommy.

Here are some tips and techniques worth following:

  1. Start by slowly cupping her breasts from behind her
  2. You can lick all around her breasts and the outside of the nipple
  3. Tease her while avoiding her nipples
  4. After some time suck on her nipples and breasts gently

When handling her breasts you should always pay attention to how she reacts (as these are very sensitive). When doing everything right, you can stimulate her to the point she will be incredibly wet and horny.


If done well, dirty talk may work on almost any girl. Before you begin, test the waters and find out what she likes.

The worst thing you can do is go in with the intentions of getting her aroused only to discover that nothing turns her off more than speaking nasty words to her. There are usually three different levels of dirty talk.

1. Soft

This usually includes a technique of creating an alter ego that is rough and sensual.

Best examples from Jordangrayconsulting.com:

“That feels amazing baby”
“Mmm… do you like that?”
“I’m getting so turned on/hard.”
“I can’t wait to taste you on my lips.”
“I love what you’re doing to me right now”

2. Medium

At this level, a man usually talks dirty but still avoids anything that is too kinky or way over the line.

Examples you can use:

“Relax… just lie back and let me make you cum.”
“Mmm… I fucking love it when you ride me like this.”
“Get on your knees.”
“You look like a sexy little angel with your lips wrapped around me like this.”
“Tell me how much you love it when I fuck you/when you fuck me.”

3. Hard

At this level, a man is going to the extremes and being downright filthy with the words that come out of his mouth.

Examples you can use:

“Show me how wet you are my little slut.”
“Fuck me harder!”
“I want you to gag on my cock/fuck my face.”
“That pretty little face deserves to get fucked.”
“Tell me who owns this fucking pussy.”

Some women hate this and any form of a dirty talk will ultimately ruin her mood. Therefore, you want to gauge the limits of what she likes. If she doesn’t seem into it, just put an end to it and talk about it later.


Perhaps you want to know that she is having a good time, and you want to leave nothing to a chance. When you want to impress and stimulate her at the same time, oral sex is essential.

If you want to eat her like a PRO, just follow these tips:

  1. You need to expose her clitoris by pulling its hood away with one of your fingers (use either your thumb or index finger)
  2. Once exposed, put your lips and mouth all over it
  3. Place your tongue under her clitoris and start flicking it slowly and gently
  4. Move your tongue up & down and increase your speed gradually
  5. Add side-to-side and circular motions into the mix
  6. As she gets closer to climax, suck on her clit a little bit and escalate your vacuum and suction power until she reaches a very intense orgasm

If you have any issues finding her clit, you can always ask her if you have hit it (or you can judge it by yourself based on her moans). Cunnilingus is the ultimate foreplay and will ensure that she is soaking wet when the time for sex comes.


A word of caution for anyone who wants to add oral sex into his foreplay. If she is overly sensitive, intercourse may be painful for her after reaching orgasm from oral sex. When this is the case, make sure that she doesn’t climax before you get inside her.


the best sex story

While you may be a sexy man that she cannot resist, this does not mean that an easy blindfold fun won’t make things even better. When she loses one of her senses, others will increase significantly.

By putting a scarf over her eyes, you can make the experience more erotic and pleasurable.

If you do not have any scarf at your hand, you can use following household items for an improvised blindfold:

– Ties, nylon tights, shirts, bandanas, pillow cases, cloth belt, sash, sleep masks

Just make her blind and follow some of the many tips provided in this article. The trick is to use this moment of vulnerability and submissiveness to make her stimulated and ready to go.


While blindfolded, go for some of the kinky thoughts that you have been having but have been too shy to try. This may include sucking on toes, pulling hair or being a little more rough than normal.


sexy female panties

Foreplay is all about making her excited and turned on. If she is not properly aroused and lubricated, there is a high chance that the actual penetration with your fingers or your penis will be painful for her (and maybe for you).

Therefore, you need to make sure she is well wet before you end your foreplay and start with actual sex. You can do this by your fingers or your tongue.


You can rub her clit and vulva through her panties. Do this until you can feel wetness through the fabric of her underwear.


If you can not make her wet with just your fingers, just use your mouth. By eating her pussy you will leave at least some portion of your saliva there. This ay your initial penetration will be painless.

Sometimes, what typically works to get her going will just not be effective. By playfully rubbing her pussy, you will know for sure that she is ready for sex!



sexy woman on couch

As you all know by now, men may prefer jumping right into the action, while most girls seem to prefer a bit of a mood-setting before having sex. They want to feel relaxed, safe, and desirable.

This is where the sexy music comes to play.

Good vibes can do wonders to her mood (if chosen carefully). Therefore, you need to choose a song that best fits your girl’s tastes. If she’s into a country, for example, playing rap probably won’t do you any favors.

Luckily, I am sharing with you an excellent video below that is a great mixture of soft jazz that is ideal as a background music that will put her in the right mood.


Click on the Image Above to Listen to the Music


woman in bathtub

Guys, let me tell you one thing. There is nothing worse than having sex in some stinky, NASTY place. Throw out all that junk in your trash can, remove those awful socks lying around your living room, and take care of your hygiene.

Women, in general, are much more perceptive than us men. They are very sensitive to smells, whether these are pleasant or not. Therefore, I am going to share with you a strategy that will help you a lot.

Just light a scented candle.

Yes, it is that simple and it works wonders. Candles were used even in the ancient Egypt to set the mood, to prepare the place for pleasurable lovemaking session and to make a girl fall in love.

According to AskMen, the perfect scented candles you can use to boost her mood are vanilla, patchouli, musk, peppermint, ylang-ylang, and jasmine

Place them in your bedroom, bathroom (next to your bathtub), living room, or anywhere else you think she might appreciate the PERFECT scent.


couple dancing romantically

Dancing to a slow, sensual song is a great way to get her juices flowing. You might want to play some old, erotic songs I have mentioned in the Bonus #1 above.

A thing to keep in mind is that you should touch her slowly, caress her hair and keep your bodies really close. You should dance in a natural harmony and enjoy the tunes.

Trust me:

This will definitely set the mood, and after 1 or 2 songs, you can throw her on the bed in a playful way, and your lovemaking session can start.

Guys, just remember that girls can predict your sexual skills from the way you dance according to one article from SelfGrowth.com:

“It is commonly discussed among women that you can gauge how a man is in bed by his dance moves. If he’s shy, reserved and tends to stand lifeless on the sideline, then he may be more conservative and unadventurous in bed.

If he’s awkward, uncoordinated or seems insecure, it may also reflect poorly on his sexual expertise. You can sense his level of self-confidence and if he’s audacious and naturally outgoing, as the more genuinely secure and uninhibited he is, the chances are good he’ll be a mighty fine lover.

Sometimes however, the shy quiet ones can be surprisingly amazing in bed – you just never know! : )”


Click on The Image Above to Watch the Video Demonstration


attractive woman on sofa


She prefers soft dirty talk that leads to her being submissive:

“I like to be very submissive, so anything that makes it seem like he’s in control (“that’s my girl”, “you want it, don’t you? That’s good, because I’m going to make you take it either way”, “don’t move”).”

However, she likes a little bit of change from time to time:

“I like it really rough sometimes, and really sweet and passionate other times. But even during those softer times, a little rough movement is fantastic. Like if I’m moving a certain way and rather than telling me to stay still, he just roughly grabs me and holds me there while he continues.”

The best way to turn her on is to show you completely enjoy her body:

“Anything that makes it seem like he’s thoroughly enjoying my body for his own sake, not for mine. I’m one of those girls that doesn’t get much pleasure from things happening to me – almost all of my pleasure comes from watching and listening to him enjoying himself. So if it just seems like he’s doing things because he thinks I’ll like it, that can be a turnoff for me.”


Go slow and tease – especially when you can see she really wants it:

“Take it really reeeeaaaalllly slow. If she has her hands all over you or she’s trying to undress you, grab her hands and hold them whilst you gently kiss her from her lips to her neck. Take a second to look into her eyes.”

Be vocal:

“Hearing a guy “Mmm”, “Aaah” and “Ohhh” during sex or foreplay is so incredibly hot. Hearing him moan whilst receiving oral or something he likes is good reassurance that he’s enjoying himself and enjoying what I’m doing. So many guys stay quiet during the whole thing, and it’s kinda lame. Even porn is so much better when you hear the guy loving it just as much as the girl.”

Don’t be afraid to be a little dominant – just make sure your girl is into it first by:

“I don’t know, turning her around in the kitchen, pulling her close and kissing her hard or pushing her against a wall and pinning her hands down before kissing her. If she seemed to enjoy it, just do similar things in bed. It’s nice to have a little dominance in bed – like you can’t wait any longer, and you have to have me, and you are going to show me how. And just be reminded of how much stronger you are than me, so so sexy.”


Click on The Image Above to Watch the Video Demonstration of G-Sport Orgasm










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