Are you familiar with your lady’s clitoris? It can be your golden ticket to helping your woman get off like she has never thought possible before!

Spice up your sex life:

Here, we will look at how you can discover her clit, some strange facts about this body part, talk about the best ways to stimulate it and much more!

The Female Orgasm Explained – Great Video

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The Roadmap to Female Clitoris

clitoris anatomyAs you already may know, the female clit is the most powerful sexual organ in women when it comes to arousal. However, many inexperienced guys often ask themselves this question:

Where the heck is her clit hidden?

Luckily, you can find it just above the outer labia of her vagina. It is above her vaginal opening and is covered by a layer of skin called clitoral hood!

Pay attention: Usually, it appears as a nub or a bump, and its size may vary as every girl has one that is a little different! Although just only a little bit of it is visible, it is much larger, hidden under her skin and connected to very powerful nerves!

7 Facts About Clitoris That Will Shock You!

Fact #1 – The clitoris gets larger as women age. It never stops growing!

Fact #2 – Female clit is home to more nerve endings than any other part of her body.

Fact #3 – The clitoris is the only organ in the body of a woman that was created purely for sexual pleasure and nothing else!

Fact #4 – When women become aroused, this organ gets erect just like a tiny penis!

Fact #5 – Various animals including the bonobo ape, the laughing hyena, and chimps all have clitorises. However, only apes use these for sexual pleasure.

Fact #6 – The hyena gives birth through her clit!

Fact #7 – By stimulating the clitoris during vaginal penetration women can achieve orgasm more quickly!

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Best Ways to Play with Her Clit!

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Once you have located it, start off slow by gentle caressing, fondling, even kissing, and licking. Stimulating her clit is not very hard, but might take a bit of patience, especially if you are new to the game.

In general, you can begin with your:

  1. Hand & Fingers – I highly recommend two techniques: The Clit Rubber and The Pussy Slider. (Read more here: 4 Powerful Techniques to Make Your Woman Squirt)
  2. Tongue – Just try The Clit Flicker and The Basic Move techniques. (Read more here: Eating Pussy 101: Become Her Master with These Tips and Tricks)

Start soft, and then become more aggressive with it as she approaches her climax. As you continue do not forget to pay attention to her: Rate of breathing, heart rate, and even coloring of her cheeks.

Keep in mind: Always begin slowly and observe reactions of her body. This will tell you what she likes and hates. After some practice, you will learn how to stimulate her in a way that will give her very powerful orgasms.

Great Fingering Techniques to Blow Her Mind!

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4 Tips You Need to Try for Her Ultimate Experience!

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If you are looking to give her much stronger orgasm, then do not be afraid to try new things, including:

  1. Vibrators – Mini bullet vibrators are the best option for the stimulation of her clitoris!
  2. Pussy pumps – I highly recommend you to give these clitoral pumps a try! These sex toys will make her pussy much more sensitive to your stimulation.
  3. Use your tongue – Trust me, as men love blowjobs women love cunnilingus! Here is my guide for giving her the best oral sex with some very useful tips and techniques!
  4. Mutual masturbation – It is a good idea to try this as a part of intense foreplay! She may show you what she likes and what she wants you to do to her clit!

Before you experiment with any of the above stuff, don’t be afraid to have an open and frank conversation with your partner about it! She may already know what she likes!

Awesome Tips from Our Reader

“I love when the man’s face is sideways, so as his tongue goes up and down, it’s stimulating my clit side-to-side. This is the ONLY way I can cum. Also it hurts if you try to rub it dry, guys!! Use lube, spit (don’t hock a luggie, just gather some spit on your fingertip), or your cum, to wet that clit before you touch it!

SOFT GENTLE SLOW. DON’T imitate porn, porn is retarded. The clit is very sensitive (Its not a circumcised dick). If you attack it with too much stimulation, it loses sensitivity and then will take longer to make her cum or even destroy the chances of her cumming.

If I’m horny enough the touch of a feather can make me cum so hard. Never smack it. Ow. Light tapping on the clitty feels good and makes it swell up more, but smacking it is like smacking a man’s nutsack. Don’t do it lest you look like an inexperienced porn-jacking loser idiot.

Biting, clawing, fast-rubbing, with lots of pressure just hurts and pisses me off and make me take longer to cum. Again, you’re not gay, I’m not a dude, it’s not a dick, so don’t treat it like one.

And personally, I HATE duel stimulation. It’s harder and takes longer to cum if he’s fingering me. It’s just distracting. Please pay attention to the clit, PLEASE, forget my vagina for a minute unless I ask you to put something in there.

Bite, kiss, breath in my ear. Hold my titty. Caress my lower abdomen. mmm

And don’t stretch the lips apart. That doesn’t feel good. (Again, stop copying porn lol I can’t stress this enough. You’re just humiliating yourself when you do, I promise.)”

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