You’d be hard pressed to find a man in this world who doesn’t like receiving oral sex.

Regardless of whether you are inexperienced or you simply want to change up your technique, being able to cast your man into the throws of pleasure with just one simple act can be a powerful source of pride and empowerment.

If you are looking to turn up the intensity in the bedroom, oral sex is easily one of the most effective ways to get him in the zone.

Despite the name, giving a blowjob shouldn’t feel like a job!

It should be something that you enjoy. Sex is about having a positive bonding experience with your partner. It should be fun, not feel like a chore.

A surprisingly large number of women refuse to give fellatio. Some say they don’t enjoy it, while others are insecure about their technique.

Before you write it off completely, try following these simple steps. Putting in a few minutes of effort can have a drastic effect on both your and your partner’s pleasure.


Step #1

Although it seems simple, communication is the most important part of the entire fellatio. We can give you every tip in the world, but nobody is going to know your man’s body as he does.

Before you go to bed, ask him lightheartedly what he likes and what he doesn’t.

Men are often happy to share, and you’ll still be able to surprise him when you bust out his favorite move a few days later.

This is also a good time to address your own feelings.

If you are inexperienced or insecure, let him know how you feel so he can encourage and support you through the process. Because sexuality is viewed as such a taboo topic, many people tend to keep their thoughts and desires bottled up.

In many circumstances, avoiding an open discussion can make small problems feel much larger than they are. So if you have any insecurities regarding oral sex, a quick comforting chat can really help to put your mind at ease.

Take Charge

Step #2

When things are heating up, it’s time to let him know who is in charge. You want him to know that his pleasure is in your hands.

Begin the blowjob with authority.

Position him where you want and make sure you find a comfortable way to sit. Acting with initiative demonstrates that you’re pleasuring him because you enjoy doing it.

For a man, knowing that a woman is enthusiastic about pleasing him is a major turn on.

There is no need to be shy and quiet, tell him bluntly that you need his cock in your mouth, and watch him squirm.

The thrill of this is that you have full control over his orgasm. While he may try to control it, ultimately it’s you that decides when he gets to come. His only option is to sit back and wait for it to happen.

Tease Him

Step #3

There is no need to immediately take all of him. Start things off slow, tease a bit and let the tension build. As you work your way down his body, kissing his neck and slowly removing his clothes, pay attention to his body language.

As you get closer to the mark, you’ll start to feel him tense up or squirm around a bit.

You want him to practically beg for it.

Once you get his pants off, start by kissing his shaft and balls. Move slowly towards the tip of his penis and give it a quick flick with your tongue. Make sure he thinks that you’re on the verge of taking him, but then back off.

A few minutes of teasing will drive him wild, and make the experience much more intense and enjoyable for him once you take the plunge.

Moan & Maintain Eye Contact

Step #4

Surprisingly, a survey among a lot of men has shown that the best thing a woman can do during a blowjob is maintaining eye contact. So the next time you are blowing him off, give him some deep looks into his eyes.

Another thing men love is audible cues. As you start to slowly lower your mouth over his shaft, be sure to let out a little moan.

Verbal signals tell him that you are enjoying it, and help him relax. There is no need to go over the top, but a few small audible confirmations can be very assuring and incredibly erotic.

Use Your Hands

Step #5

While women have most of their sexual nerve endings centered around a few different points, men have nerve endings more evenly spread throughout the penis.

Although the head of the penis is very sensitive, you shouldn’t focus all of your energy here. The base of the penis is another one of his sensitive areas.

Grip the base of his shaft firmly with your hand and move opposite your mouth to meet in the middle. The penis is very tough, so don’t be afraid to use pressure.

To smooth out the process, use some of your spit or a flavored lube to keep his entire shaft slick.

This technique is especially useful for guys of a larger size, which you may find to be a little more than a mouthful. Regardless of his length, paying attention to the entire shaft is essential to maximizing the pleasure he receives.

Listen to His Feedback

Step #6

As you gradually increase the intensity of your blowjob, pay attention to his arousal, so you know when he is about to cum. While some men will tell you verbally, many are quiet.

For these scenarios, you can pay attention to his breathing to find out where he is at. If he likes what you are doing to him, he’ll probably moan a bit. When his hips start to move up into you, you know he’s getting close.

At this point, pay attention to his tension. Rest a hand on his thigh; when you feel the muscles start to clench up you know he’s about to have an orgasm.

Dispose of The Evidence

Step #7

If you want to swallow, pull your head back a bit and aggressively suck his tip. You can use your hand to compensate for the reduced depth. This will make some space in your mouth for his seed, and prevent you from choking.

If you’d prefer not to have him cum in your mouth, you can wait until he’s just on the verge and finish him off with a handjob. He should still be slick from your saliva, so this should still be very enjoyable for him.

Since you’re going to be moving your hand much more quickly, don’t use as much pressure as you were before. Loosen your grip a bit and let your hand quickly slide up and down his shaft while he lets loose.

Once he’s shot his load, you can give him one last deep oral stroke to help him make the most of the final few moments of his orgasm.

Remember, this is just a guideline.

Sex is a private bond between yourself and your partner. As you learn more about their desires, you can always mix it up to find something unique that the both of you especially enjoy.

Advanced Techniques

To Bring Him To Heaven

If you apply each and every advice above, you will give him a solid blowjob that he will enjoy and love. However, if you want to be unique and blow him like no one before, then read the following paragraphs carefully.

#1. Add Extra Lube

Lube isn’t just for penetrative sex, a silky gliding action can add a whole new dimension to fellatio. Many lubes are available in different flavors, providing you with a little extra incentive to keep things moving forward.

Based on your online research, the most popular flavors include:

  • Strawberry
  • Vanilla
  • Kiwi
  • Cherry
  • Mint
  • Cinnamon

Of course, the choice is up to you. Just go for a water-based lube as a silicon-based lube can damage condoms and silicone sex toys.

#2. Use Your Teeth

This might sound like a horrible prank, but a tiny bit of tooth action can really help perk up the nerves. Obviously, your goal is not to chomp down on his glans.

All you need to do is to give a gentle nibble on the tip.

Also, you can be a little bit more enthusiastic if you are going to “bite him” into his shaft as it (although being also very sensitive) has a fewer amount of nerve endings.

Some guys are very sensitive about teeth, so you might want to clear this with him first. You do not want to ruin the experience by biting too hard.

#3. Set The Temperature

Have you ever thought of changing the temperature in your mouth before giving your guy a head? This is always a surprise that almost every guy loves.

So, the next time, just before you put him into your mouth, suck on an ice cube for a bit or drink a frosty beverage.

The unexpected temperature change is sure to provide a little jolt of unexpected pleasure. Also, you could do the opposite and sip some tea for the extra heat.

#4. The Magic 8

If you find that you’re getting bored of bobbing your head up and down for minutes at a time, why not change up your rhythm a bit?

Here is our suggestion:

  • Give him eight quick, shallow strokes just on the tip of his shaft.
  • Then follow it up with one slow, long deep stroke.
  • Rinse and repeat.

The stimulation on the tip of his penis is enough to keep things flowing for him, but the anticipation of the deep stroke is really going to send him over the edge.

#5. Put Your Tongue to Use

Some guys can take a while to cum from a blowjob, and there is a lot of opportunities for your jaw to get sore during the process.

How can you keep your man going while giving a break to your achy jaw muscles?

Easy, put your tongue to work.

Raise up to the tip of his penis and swirl your tongue all around his head. This might seem like a pretty basic move, but the sensation is unique and is sure to catch him off guard.

#6. Go As Deep As Possible

Giving him a blowjob to remember means you need to do something that not every girl is willing to do. If you have already heard about the “Deep Throat” technique, then there will be no surprise that almost every guy love to have deep, aggressive strokes.

Sadly, almost no guy realizes how uncomfortable this is for your throat. Fortunately, there is a way you can give him what he wants while keeping your gag reflex intact.

Just follow these steps and you should be fine:

  1. Get into a comfortable position that allows for alignment of your mouth and throat into a straight line to minimize your gag reflex (lying on your back and hanging your head slightly over the edge of the bed, you being on top while doing 69, or kneeling and looking toward the ceiling with your face).
  2. Start slowly and gradually begin taking him deeper and deeper into your throat as long as you do not trigger your gag reflex.
  3. Because doing this for longer periods of time is really difficult, we recommend to let your man to the depths of your throat about a minute before he climaxes.
  4. Usually, all it takes is an in and out motion, but if you want to, you can also turn your head from side to side while moving your mouth up and down on him.
  5. You can also take a break from time to time and continue with a regular blowjob to catch a breath.
  6. Do not worry about gagging, retching sounds your throat will make as we guys find these sounds to be really exciting.

Just keep in mind that going for a deep throat will always be messy. Your eyes will water, your mascara and eyeliner will be all over your face, and there will be a lot of thick, creamy saliva from your throat.

However, all this is a huge turn on for us guys so do not worry about it, we love this stuff.

#7. A View To Remember

A lot of girls seem to forget the fact that we guys are visual creatures who always love a good show. That is why you should not hide under the covers while giving him head.

Actually, this is one of the most common mistakes girls do.

There is nothing better than to watch a girl going down on you with a lot of enthusiasm. Also, while you’re pleasuring him, do not forget to touch yourself a bit.

Not only will this help you get into the mood, but he’ll love seeing you enjoy pleasing him.

#8. Use Your Hands

If you have free hands while giving him a blowjob, how about using them to give your lover extra sensations? A lot of guys appreciate this extra initiative.

You can try:

  • Grabbing/squeezing his butt and pulling him deeper into your mouth this way.
  • Using your nails to gently scratch his chest or lower back.
  • Massaging and playing with his balls.
  • Caressing his perineum.
  • Playing with his anus and massaging his prostate internally.

Trust me that there is not a lot of women who do these so if you add extra effort into giving him head he will have a hard time to stop thinking about you.

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