User level: Intermediate

The Progasm Classic model is one of the largest made by the Aneros brand that has been designed for stimulation by its girth. It is made in the USA and out of FDA approved medical grade materials.

However, will this model be good for you and will it be worth its price?

You will find your answers in following paragraphs of my review. Therefore, read carefully to the end and let me know your personal experience with this product.

The Amazing Design for The Perfect Orgasm

Cool Video by Sinful Featuring Progasm Model (0:31 Minutes)

As you can see in the video above, this model is big and thick. Therefore, for a comfortable usage I suggest to lube it properly and maybe even try to start with a smaller sex toy.

It includes an innovative Kundalini “K-Tab” that adds sensations up and down of your back. The handle does not feature a traditional curve of Aneros massagers but a ball that is softer around your perineum.

Pay attention: If you are a beginner, I highly suggest using other Aneros models that are a lot of smaller.

4 Things I Love About This Model

  1. Aneros prostate massagers are hands-free. You should use your muscle contractions to put this device to work allowing you to enjoy the experience no matter whether you’re alone or with a partner!
  2. The Progasm is the largest model that this brand offer, giving you maximum climax every time you use it!
  3. Its K-Tab feature provides additional sensations up and down your spine for a real full-body orgasmic experience!
  4. It is made out of materials that are FDA approved, so you can rest assured that this product is safe to use in your body’s most sensitive areas!

Stuff I Did Not Like

  1. The makers of Progasm claim that both beginner and intermediate users can use this massager, but I noted that this is a better choice for more experienced individuals.

As always, I highly suggest getting this prostate massager only from the official website (click on the yellow button below to visit). There, you will be able to get a high-quality original product and even free shipping within the US!

Final Verdict: You Have to Try This Model

Aneros Progasm Classic last offer image

If you are not new to prostate milking and massage, then there is nothing you have to worry about with using the Progasm Classic model. Although it may be on the bigger scale, it is easy-to-use and move.

If you’re looking to reach that super orgasm quicker and to maximize your pleasure, the Progasm Classic model is a right choice for you!

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