Sex is probably one of the most enjoyable activities you can engage in and it becomes even more so if you try new things! While costumes, role-play, and fulfilling your fantasies will stimulate you mentally, changing up the positions you have sex in can provide more physical pleasure.

Different poses can allow you to touch different areas of her body, which in turn can lead to a greater sexual satisfaction!

Just keep in mind that not everything will work equally for everybody and you need to find those that will provide you with the utmost pleasure. Below, you can find 9 classical and even crazy positions each one with cool variations you should try this year.

Classical Positions with Crazy Variations for 2015

Position #9 – The “Cowgirl”

Simple instructions:

  1. Lie back while she straddles you.
  2. You will face each other.
  3. She will sit upright with her legs folded.
  4. She needs to have her knees on the bed or the floor on the side of your hips.
  5. She can lean forward or back, and even from side to side for maximum pleasure!

Keep in mind: Having her on top of you enables her to take control in her own hands and choose the angle, depth as well as a speed that provides her with the utmost pleasure. An additional benefit, it is very easy for you to give her clitoral stimulation while she rides you.

3 Crazy Variations – The Seated Scissors, High Impact & Reverse Rider

  1. The Reverse Rider – Almost identical to the cowgirl, but differs in the fact that she will face your feet and show you her ass instead.
  2. The Seated Scissors – In the Seated Scissors she takes control over the depth as well as angle in which you enter her. While you are on your back your girl rides you with one of her legs between your and other placed to the side of your hip.
  3. The High Impact – In the High Impact, she straddles you as in the classical cowgirl, but instead kneeling she will squat on you.

Pay attention: When she is on top of you, she can use her own body weight to actually push herself down on your penis!

Position #8 – The Doggy Style

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In this very primal and animalistic position where all the control and dominance will be in man´s hands. Not only that, you will be ale to stimulate her G-Spot and Deep spot very intensively.

Simple instructions:

  1. The girl has to bend over and get on all fours.
  2. She should spread her legs a little bit apart.
  3. You need to kneel behind her and penetrate her with you penis.
  4. You can hold her hips while keeping steady pace.

Pay attention: You can grab and gently pull her hair for additional “dirtiness“, or you can play with her breasts and clitoris to give her something special.

2 Crazy Variations – The Standing Doggy & Roaring Dragon

  1. The Standing Doggy – Instead of kneeling, you both need to be standing in this doggy style variation! She should get her hands on something stable like a wall, chair or any other piece of furniture.
  2. The Roaring Dragon – In this case, instead of kneeling she should be on her stomach, with a pillow under her lower belly to get her butt into air. You should lay on her and by steady thrusting directly stimulate her G-Spot!

Pay attention: Take care with thrusting as if you go too hard, you will cause your girl a lot of pain and issues with her bladder.

Position #7 – The Butterfly

In this position, you will play a dominant role and can give her 2 completely different orgasms by either going for deep thrusts and stimulation of her cervix or by short, shallow, and steady penetration stimulating her G-Spot.

Simple instructions:

  1. The girl needs to lay on her back on anything that is placed at least a foot lower than your penis.
  2. You should stand in front of her and lifting her legs up in the air. She can rest them on your shoulders.
  3. Put your hands firmly under her hips or ass to get the perfect angle for your thrusting!

Pay attention: You can change your thrusting patterns a little bit and mix shallow and deep thrusts.

3 Crazy Variations – The Kneeling Butterfly, Counter Top & G-Spot Sniper

  1. Kneeling Butterfly – Just let her lay on the edge of your bed and will kneel right in front of her. Do all other things as mentioned above. However, do not do this on a carpet if you want to avoid burns on your knees.
  2. Counter Top – There is a difference just in the fact that she will be laying on a table or any kind of large flat furniture that will not be lower than your dick so you will not have to lift her up. It is great for passionate intercourse while watching as things from the table are falling down. 🙂
  3. G-Spot Sniper – You need to pick up her hips and rest them on your own while her legs should stay together and pointing at the ceiling. This way, you will be able to directly stimulate her G-Spot.

Keep in mind: Elevating her waist allows for deeper penetration and for a more direct angle when entering her. I bet she will love this one a lot!

Position #6 – The Cliffhanger

One very simple but good position to try is called Cliffhanger. Whether you are a man or a girl, in this one your private organs are fully exposed for your other half to please you. Your role is rather passive and your partner will do all the work.

Simple instructions:

  1. You should lie down at the edge of the bed.
  2. Let your legs dangling over the side.
  3. Your partner needs to kneel between your legs.
  4. His or her head should directly face your genitals.

Pay attention: You can try to apply these cool tips for eating her pussy. Trust me she will love each and every one!

2 Crazy Variations – The Sitting Cliffhanger & Tilt-A-Whirl

  1. Sitting Cliffhanger – It is the same as the one above but you will not be laying. You can spice things up by grasping his or her head and dictating tempo and pressure. Just make sure to stay within limits that are acceptable for both of you.
  2. Tilt-A-Whirl – This is often done when the couples are in the bathroom, drawing-room or even the kitchen. It usually takes place suddenly and slowly as both of you undress themselves. You should stand few feet away from the wall. While leaning against it your partner should kneel between your legs and give you passionate oral pleasure.

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Position #5 – The Famous “69”

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According to the article Cosmo Kama Sutra, the 69 position is among the most adventurous as it enables both of you to give each other oral stimulation at the same time!

Simple instructions:

  1. You should lay on your back while she should straddle your chest.
  2. She needs to face your toes.
  3. She can either be on all fours above you or lie on you so you can start having fun.

Pay attention: By leaning forward and straightening her legs she should get the most comfortable access to your penis while her “V-zone” should be easily accessible for you too!

3 Crazy Variations – The Standing 69, Spinner & So-Fa Soooo Good

  • Standing – If you are strong enough to hold the woman’s weight, a standing 69 will definitely be a fun. To make it happen, you need to lie back on the edge of the bed first, with your feet on the floor. Your girl will crawl on top of you as during a 69 and then while holding her you should slowly sit up, moving her body with you. She should wrap her feet over your shoulders and grab at your thighs for extra stability.
  • Spinner – A spinner is also fun. This technique details the way your lady spins while you are lying relaxed. She should take your shaft into her mouth and then gradually shift the angle of her face, first turning herself to the left and then continues slowly up to the 12’o clock position. Eventually, you will end up in classical 69 where you can finally “repay” her the favor through licking and sucking of her clitoris that should end in one big simultaneous orgasm.
  • So-fa, Soooo Good – You need to lie down with your back against a sofa. Your girlfriend then should kneel on to you and enact the 69. This one is also slightly adventurous and can be an amazing change from the usual routine.

Pay attention: Adding these oral sex positions to your repertoire will spice things up and reignite that old-forgotten spark of passion!

Position #4 – The Doggy Goes Oral

The oral version of doggy style is great and very sensuous while seizing your female partner with your tongue from behind.

Simple instructions:

  1. Firstly, your girl needs to get down on her hands and knees.
  2. At the same time, you need to approach her from her back.
  3. Then lower your face and start licking her from behind.

Keep in mind: This works best for women and allows even for simultaneous anal penetration as well.

1 Crazy Variation – The Sliding Under

  1. Sliding Under – She should be in the original doggie pose. However, you should lay on your back and slide under her. In this way you will face her genitals and could bring her easily to climax. If she feels like it, she can easily straighten herself up and ride your mouth. Believe me that she will love it!

Keep in mind: This variation is great if you do not want to be If you do not like to be that close to her butt.

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Position #3 – The Spoon

This one is great for anal as both of you will be relaxed. What is more, it leaves space for you to play with her breast and clitoris as well.

Simple instructions:

  1. You need to lie next to each other, with the woman facing away from you.
  2. She should relax and get on a place that is comfortable for her.
  3. Additionally, she should lift her top leg or move it forward to make your entry much easier.

Keep in mind: You should lie down yourself right behind her and gently (with lots of frequent lubrication) enter her anus!

2 Crazy Variations – The Afternoon Delight & Curled Angel

  1. Afternoon Delight – An easy position to try, as you have to lay on your side and face your girl.  She can lie at a 90-degree angle with her anus close to your penis, her legs over your side.  A small pillow under her hips can help you feel much better.
  2. The Curled Angel – Almost identical to spoon, however, this time she should bring her knees closer to her body.

Keep in mind: Spooning may become a little bit boring after you do it too often so consider these changes as well.

Position #2 – The Waterfall

If you and your partner are a little bit flexible, then the waterfall is a good one to try. It is one of more unusual positions on this list that will satisfy your needs.

Simple instructions:

  1. You need to lie on the border of bed and allow your back to fall backwards.
  2. Your head needs to be near the floor, while your legs still on the bed.
  3. Your girl will stay atop of you.

Pay attention: This position gives you the added sensation of the blood rushing to your head and can also add to the sensation you will get in your hips and upper body!

1 Crazy Variation – The Opposite Waterfall

  • Opposite waterfall – You should sit in a chair or on the edge of the bed and she will be on your lap, leaning way back so that her head nearly touches the ground. You may need to hold her hips so she doesn’t actually fall out of your lap, or you might hold her hands while she plants her legs on the chair to help with thrusting.

Position #1 – The Wheelbarrow

This position is a favorite of many young couples, but it does call for some physical dexterity on the part of both partners!

Simple instructions:

  1. Your girl needs to face away from you and leaning forward, with hands on the ground.
  2. Her legs should be wrapped around your waist as you enter her from behind.
  3. It might be easier if you start it near a bed or piece of furniture that the woman can rest her feet on while you sit.
  4. Then, you can gently guide her legs up and around your waist while still using the bed for added support.

Pay attention: If she doesn’t have the arm strength, she might lean forward so that she is able to rest on her elbows rather than her hands.

1 Crazy Variation – The Reverse Wheelbarrow
  • Reverse Wheelbarrow – Another fun position that calls for some dexterity. She will lie on the floor on her back. She can then lift her legs and her hips off the ground and keep them together while you will lean over or kneel down and enter her. You may need to help her get off the ground and should keep holding up her body for balance, or she can drape them over your shoulders.

Pay attention: This is the easier version of the figure mentioned above!