I know that almost every man thinks he is the best stallion during sex, but we all should admit that we may be doing some things wrong. Anyway, there is no better way to improve your lovemaking skills than to learn from your mistakes and those of others.

Whether you’re someone in need of a better approach, or just a married man looking to add a bit more spice back into your love life, here are 12 worst and most common mistakes that men make in bed — and what you can do to avoid them.

I bet that you will find at least 4 you are doing as well!

Not Putting Effort into Foreplay

Mistake #1

In each and every sex poll of women you will notice the same thing – they complain about the time we men give to proper foreplay. Although having a quickie is fun from time to time, a majority of women express opposite opinions.

Therefore, you should always dedicate at least 10 – 15 minutes for proper foreplay! This should include everything that your lady loves, including:

  1. Sensual massage to relax both her body and her mind.
  2. Try sexting to prepare her mind for sex by sending her dirty messages.
  3. Talk dirty to her to arouse her biggest sexual organ, her brain!

It should be something special done only for her to set the mood correctly.

Poor & Awkward Undressing Skill

Mistake #2

sexy woman with bra on

All guys should know that setting the mood is important for almost every woman who you are going to have sex with! However, few of us realize that you can kill it incredibly fast with poor undressing skill.

Do not lose hope; I am going to give you some advice to apply even tonight to fix this issue:

  1. The most common mistake we guys make while undressing ourselves is that we leave our socks on.
  2. There is nothing worse you can do to kill her mood than to be lousy at taking her bra off or breaking a clip on it.
  3. Be cautious when you are handling her panties and take them off in a playful and teasing way.

You can even try to get rid of her panties with your teeth, but you will need the help of your hands until you take them below her ass.

Poor Hygiene & Lack of Grooming

Mistake #3

Getting lax with your daily hygiene routine is a surefire turn-off and an easy way to make your woman feel sick, both in and out of bed. Although women love modern beards, they hate them while kissing or when you are giving them oral.

Luckily, avoiding this mistake is simple with these few tips:

  1. Take daily showers.
  2. Use strong and robust perfume.
  3. Shave your facial hair and armpits.
  4. Get rid of pubic hair.

If she is giving you head, I bet that having “bush” down there is not comfortable for her. Therefore, you should always pay attention to your daily hygiene, sweating, odor and body hair.

Having Emotionless Robot Face During Sex

Mistake #4

Being silent while having sex (unless your partner has asked for it) is a quick way to make her feel she is not good enough or that you do not like what she is doing to you. A lot of women complain about it so do not ignore this issue!

They often feel like they are having sex with an emotionless robot, and I bet you would not like that either. Luckily, there are a few steps you need to follow if you want to fix it:

  1. Try to moan if she is doing something you like.
  2. Express your emotions and feelings through your face.
  3. Compliment her in a slow, soft voice if she is doing something you love.

However, you need to realize that too much of moaning can come across as distracting and undesirable in some moments.

Not Taking The Lead During Sex

Mistake #5

best sex story

In most cases, women want to have a leading and stronger partner during sex – the more so if she seems to be dominant in your relationship. Being too passive and lacking spontaneity are very often the main reasons why lovemaking in relationships starts to fade away.

You can quickly fix this mistake by following these tips:

  1. Trust your sex skills and use these tips to maintain a high level of self-esteem.
  2. Try to acquire the qualities of an alpha male.
  3. Lead her verbally by telling her what you are going to do to her a moment you are going to do it.
  4. Tell her what you would love from her and lead her hands where you want them to be.

Although from time to time, each woman will want to take the lead and ride you to orgasm, this should not become the norm. It is a man’s role to take a dominant role during sex.

Keeping Your Sexual Fantasies to Yourself

Mistake #6

Many women complain that their sex life is falling into a routine and that their partner is not experimenting with new stuff. So why not to share your fantasies with her especially if you are in a long-term relationship?

I doubt she will be against it! Want to know the best ways to share your “kinky thoughts”? Here are some tips you can follow:

  1. Just have an honest and open conversation especially if you are in a long-term relationship.
  2. You can even try to throw in your fantasy and see how she will react. If she is not into it, you can always turn it into a joke.

Rushing to Get Inside Her

Mistake #7

Another thing we guys often do that annoys women a lot is the fact, that all we want is to get inside her vagina as soon as possible. However, this often leads to painful and hard penetration that completely kills her mood.

Therefore, you should focus on doing the following stuff first:

  1. Undressing her in a slow and teasing way.
  2. Stimulate her whole body first.
  3. Play with her breasts and nipples.
  4. Try to tease her with vibrating panties first to make her well wet.

Nothing will kill her mood quite as fast as painful penetration.

Ejaculating Too Quickly

Mistake #8

Every woman will tell you that if you don’t have enough sexual stamina to make both yourself and your partner happy in bed, then you’re going to run into some serious issues in your relationship sooner or later.

Therefore, you need to learn to last longer in bed as soon as possible! Luckily, there are many ways to delay your ejaculation:

  1. Stamina and numbing condoms.
  2. Numbing sprays such as Promescent or Stud100.
  3. Edging technique.

Trust me, if you suffer from premature ejaculation, then you need to fix that as quickly as possible, or she will cheat on you.

Trying Too Many Positions

Mistake #9

couple having sex on couch

Women hate switching positions often during sex, as when you stop to change it, her pleasure levels fall too quickly almost to the zero. Not only that, uncomfortable positions and angles can kill her mood in just a few minutes.

So here is my advice:

  1. Set yourself a maximum limit of 3 positions during one sex session.
  2. Always pick 2 that are comfortable for her and one that is new and extreme.
  3. Begin and finish in comfortable positions while you can experiment with the new one in the middle of your session.

Ignoring Her Verbal & Bodily Cues

Mistake #10

This is yet another example of why communication is the key. For many couples, lovemaking grows stagnant not because of a lack of trying, but because someone’s missing signals the other one is sending.

Let´s be honest with each other.

This is usually more of an issue for us men and our ego. Luckily, as long as you are at least a little bit perceptive, you should have no problem to fix this issue. While pleasing her, look for stuff like:

  1. Moaning and expressions of approval such as words like “Oh, yes!”
  2. Arching of her back
  3. Her chest and cheeks getting red
  4. Nipples are going hard, etc.

These are just a few of the most typical signs she is enjoying what you are doing. If you are perceptive enough, you will be able to give her the best sex ever.

Routine & Monotonous Stimulation

Mistake #11

Again, talking it out is the key! Trying new positions, scenarios, and, yes, setting the mood with different forms of foreplay can help to keep things fresh every time.

Just apply these five tips, and you will see a significant change:

  1. Switch the bed for couch or kitchen table.
  2. Try to have risky sex at a public place, or you can do it in your car.
  3. Be initiative and spontaneous!
  4. Use kinky female sex toys.
  5. Try blindfolding her and soft (or even hard) bondage.

Certain angles can enable you to go deeper. Therefore, you’ll want to look and listen for her cues as going too deep will result in hitting her cervix – that is often very painful (to put it mildly).

Ignoring Other Erogenous Zones

Mistake #12

Ladies often express their hate towards guys who are only paying attention to their boobs and clit and not stimulating the other erogenous zones as well. There is a straightforward way for you to fix this.

All you need to do is to take your time and explore what she likes.