Premature ejaculation (PE) is a very serious sexual issue that can cause strain on your relationship, or even make it difficult to have a child.

Even with that being said, you may be surprised just how common this problem is among men.

If you are looking for more information about PE, what it is, its signs and symptoms, how it may affect couples, its possible solutions, and many more, this article is exactly for you.

Therefore, you should read on to find out more about this condition and get a better picture about what you are facing.

Definition of PE
This is basically a term for the condition where a man tends to orgasm more quickly than intended, or earlier than his partner would like. There may be several causes of this.

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Because there is no agreed common medical definition, other organizations may also define PE as:

  • Inability to resist direct sexual stimulation of the penis.
  • Very little stimulus will make a guy ejaculate.

While some say this should occur within 15 seconds of penetration, others believe it may be any time an climax occurs up to a minute into intercourse.

Relativity of this term: Of course the term “premature” is quite relative. For some guys, this may occur very, very quickly. For those, who feel they are more experienced, they may claim that anything short of their usual “time” is too soon.

Who Is at Risk

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There are several factors for losing control over your ejaculations. Trust it or not, age is not among these. Many may mistakenly believe that either too young or too old men are at more of a risk for PE.

However, this is simply not true, as its occurrences are spread nearly equally throughout all sexually mature males. Elements contributing to this may include:

  • Erectile dysfunction (ED) – Men with ED may try to hurry through intercourse because they have trouble getting or maintaining an erection.
  • Particular medications – Although it is rare for pills to play a role there are some drugs that influence your brain chemistry (also known as psychotropic) that may cause PE.
  • Stress – If you are stressed out, either emotionally or mentally, you may find yourself having trouble focusing and relaxing during sex, which could lead to PE.
  • Other health issues – Finally, other problems that are present (such as heart troubles) may force men to hurry through intercourse, or rush to ejaculate.

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History of Premature Ejaculation

This is definitely not a new concept. Records of this condition date all the way back to the Indian ancient text, the Kamasutra, from the 4th century. Historians say that this has been known about and studied for over 1,500 years.

Whereas some see PE as a medical problem, many biologists believe that it is simply a trait typical to other mammals designed to better help males to reproduce and pass their genes on to another generation.

2 Different Types: Primary & Secondary

In order to better identify symptoms and consequent treatment, you must first determine what type of PE you suffer from. There is only one small difference between these two:

  • Primary – Is classified as a lifelong condition.
  • Secondary This (also called acquired) is the same as the above one, but with the difference that it only happens after you have had fulfilling sexual intercourse in the past.


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Indicating conditions for both types of PE, as already mentioned, are largely the same, with one exception. They have in common:

  • Every time – Not being able to delay cumming on all or almost all penetrations.
  • One minute man – Male climaxing that nearly always happens within one minute of vaginal intercourse.
  • Stress – Bad psychological state ranging from stress, frustration, and low self-esteem, to the avoidance of any kind of intimacy with others.

Secondary, or acquired early ejaculation, also has all the same symptoms as listed above, but with the one difference:

  • Fulfilling past – The patient has had satisfactory sex life in the past without such negative experience.

Potential Causes

There may also be a number of possible elements causing early male climaxes, no matter what type you have been diagnosed with. The main cause is very hard to determine, and as of this time it is not known yet.

Doctors believe it has something to do with both psychology and physiology of the patient. Anxiety, especially that surrounding sex, disputes between you and your partner, and erectile dysfunction may all be other major contributing factors.

Biological Issues

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Several physiological problems may force guy to develop or have PE. These include:

  • Certain thyroid issues
  • Unbalanced hormone levels
  • Inflammation of the urethra or prostate
  • Unusual reflex activity of the system that controls ejaculation
  • Inherited traits & genes
  • Unusual levels of neurotransmitters (a specific chemical in your brain)

Sometimes (rarely) other factors may also contribute. These may include:

  • Withdrawal from mental health medications
  • Damage to the nervous system (surgery or trauma)

Psychological Issues

Normally, these represent the biggest element causing PE. Over time, these may be really hard to change as you grow older:

  • Guilty feelings – These may make males try to rush through love-making.
  • Public place – Situations in which men must hurry in order to orgasm to avoid danger of being discovered during sex may also play a factor.

If you have these sorts of troubles over a longer period of time, along with other biological contributors listed above, you may be at serious risk for PE.

The Effects on Relationships

Effects Of Premature Ejaculation On Your Relationships

  • Increased tension – This health condition may also have serious negative effect on your relationship causing high levels of tension. This may come from lack of sexual release and pleasure for both partners.
  • Higher stress – Additionally, anxiety may be experienced by both of you. What is crucial to realize is the fact that this may cause relationships to break down, and may require counseling along with treatment of this condition.

How partners can help “prevent” premature ejaculation: Your loved ones can play crucial role to lower negative feelings associated with PE by not emphasizing sex so much. They may also be able to assist you to relax during intercourse, and encouraging you to take things slowly. Easing stress around the home may be another way they can assist.

Other Types of Ejaculatory Problems

Other varieties of issues have also been identified:

  • Delayed climaxes – This is the term used when a man cannot reach orgasm. You can read more details about it here.
  • Retrograde ejaculation – This is an health problem where the semen leaks back into the bladder during climax instead of exiting through the penis. This is another, very rare, stuff that worries men.

1. Home Remedies

There are several remedies and tricks that may delay your climaxes. Some of them may be mental while others may be physical:

  • Mental distraction – One technique includes thinking about things that are not “sexy” during intercourse.
  • Condoms – Putting these on your dick before intercourse will not only protect you from STD´s, but it can significantly cut down on the sensation you will feel throughout lovemaking as well.
  • Numbing products – Some over-the-counter numbing products are advertised to reduce sensation of your penis which should consequently make you last longer.
  • Masturbation – Doing this before making love may aid you to decrease the level of intensity.
  • Other positions – Different positions may also lessen friction that could do the trick.

2. Recognizing Climax

One of the most powerful tools a man can have in his arsenal for PE is being able to recognize when they are about to orgasm. Through a series of techniques, you can better learn to control that.

Try these methods listed and detailed below, whether you are alone or with a partner. However, be patient, as these may take some time to master:

  • Stop Premature Ejaculation With Squeeze MethodThe Squeeze Technique – This may be employed alone. Simply squeeze the frenum of your penis when you feel close to climax. It is strip of skin that connects your glans to the shaft underneath your phallus.
  • Kegel Exercise – You may also be able to control your PC muscle to help you postpone your pleasure peak. Find it by pretending that you are urinating, and then stop yourself. You will notice it tighten. Exercise it regularly, if possible according to this plan.
  • The Start & Stop – This is another way how you can delay blowing your load too soon. You may do this alone. Bring yourself nearly to climax, and then pause for a while. Calm down, and then increase your excitement back upward again. If you are doing this with a partner, signal her to stop when you think you may orgasm. This process may take a few weeks or even months, so do not feel like it will be amazing for the first time. You have to keep up the work! See more about this technique here – Edging Will Make Your Orgasm More Powerful.

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2. Commercial Stuff

Some supplements may give you better control over your climaxes, as well. These are found over-the-counter, and should be able to decrease your sensation. Most of these are meant to be taken before intercourse, and not on a regular basis.

However, before you start with any pills or products, be sure to ask your doctor whether they are right for you, or if they would possibly interfere with any other medications you are taking.

3. Other Tips

  • The mind-over-matter technique – This is great way that some dudes have found to control their orgasms. This is just a general tip about how you should “feel” before sex. Just imagine yourself satisfying your girl, lasting a long time, and doing a good job.
  • Combination with supplements – Men often find that this works really well for them, especially when used in conjunction with other substances, and practice of one of the techniques mentioned above.
  • Discussion with expert – You may also want to talk to medical professional, as he or she can provide you with the best assistance.

What Your Doctor Can Do

Ask For Help From Your DoctorFirstly, he or she may be able to prescribe you some medicine to overcome PE condition. Even if you feel that this is only temporary, you should still go see expert, as PE may be tied to other, more serious, health problems.

Your visit may even include tests. What is more, they may help you more on what precise techniques and supplements you should use.

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However, before you go to your appointment, there are some things you should make note of to aid with proper diagnosis and subsequent treatment.

  • History – Be sure to write down your symptoms, sexual and medical history.
  • Timing – It is important that you know how long you normally take during penetration to ejaculate, and if you seem to cum too soon.
  • How often – Think about any other times when you have had this negative experience, with whom, and what were circumstances that lead to your early climax.

Last but not least, do not forget to ask your doctor about tests, causes, treatment, how long until you can see any change, if the problem may happen again, what kind of improvement you might see, if there are any generic medicines and if they have any additional materials that may be useful for you.

PE Is Nothing to Be Ashamed of

Finally, remember that you should not feel shame because of PE. It is experienced by men from all ages. In studies, nearly 30% of dudes report having PE during the period while they are sexually active. The best thing for you and your partner is to seek out professional help, and work together on this issue.

With patience, time, medical advice, and more, you may be able to overcome any problems with premature ejaculation you have had in the past. As talking with health professional is the first step in real recovery, do not be ashamed.

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They have already helped dudes through this trouble, and your worries are no different than many they have seen before. Also, remember to be open and honest with your girlfriend about this issue.