Sex games can add a little spice to your love life and kick things up a notch in the bedroom. From playing out fantasies to daring your partner to do something kinky, there are so many fun and exciting ways to get both of you in the mood.

Just go for these 7 crazy sex games for couples and you will see a significant change in your love life.

Naughty Version of Truth or Dare

Game #1

Turn the classic Truth or Dare into an adult bedroom game. Take turns asking each other naughty questions or daring each other to do kinky things.

You can be as wild, or tame, as you want.

Just make sure to set some ground rules first, and that everyone knows where to draw the line. The actual game is simple.

All you have to do is to follow these instructions:

  1. Each one will be asked to choose truth or dare.
  2. If truth is chosen, they must answer a dirty question.
  3. If a dare is chosen, they must do whatever kinky thing their partner asks them to do.

Just start it off slow and try not to get too naughty right off the bat or you’ll ruin the mood. Also, keep the questions entertaining and kinky and stay away from asking extremely personal stuff or bring up the past.

Just have fun and ask questions that will heighten the mood as the game progresses.

Crazy Role Play

Game #2

couple in rabbit costumes

Role-playing is one of the most exciting things you can play in the bedroom. You can kick things up a notch by wearing a costume that fits your character.

Ideally, choose a costume and a role that your partner fantasizes about.

The most frequent roleplays are:

  • Cowgirl & cowboy
  • Naughty schoolgirl & teacher
  • Kinky cop
  • French maid
  • Geisha
  • Sailor pin-up

There are thousands of characters to choose from. Experiment to see which roles and costumes really get your mate going.

With so many different possibilities, you can have sex with a new persona every night of the week.

Wait for It

Game #3

This game is all about anticipation. Set a timer for however long you wish. While the timer’s running, the two of you can tease each other and build up anticipation.

There is only one rule here – no penetration is allowed!

Try dressing up in sexy costumes, and use this time to drive each other wild. Only kissing, touching, and rubbing is allowed. Our advice is to focus on the following erogenous zones to drive each other wild.

The anticipation will make the actual intercourse even more exciting and exhilarating.

Sensual Food Tasting

Game #4

Teasing is the key-word of this game. The sexy food-tasting can really turn both of you on, especially if you use a lot of aphrodisiacs.

This way, both of you will get in the mood pretty easily:

  1. Blindfold your partner to heighten his or her sexual experience and other senses.
  2. Slowly feed him or her each food.
  3. Gently caress the chosen food across their lips and let them guess the texture and smell.
  4. Let them have a small bite very teasingly and let them guess what food it is.
  5. Then you can switch your roles and exchange the blindfold.

Our personal favorites for this game are chocolate, strawberries, bananas, grapes, and truffles. Just do not be mean and stay with food that is tasty and pleasurable.

Old-Fashioned Strip Poker

Game #5

strip poker with wine

No other game gets you in the mood quite like strip poker. This naughty twist on its classic version will leave one of you in your birthday suit.

Instructions you need to follow:

  1. First thing’s first, make sure that you set some ground rules that everyone can agree on.
  2. Think of pieces of clothing as money.
  3. To make it fair, both of you need to start with the same amount of clothing.
  4. Choose between five-card drawn and Texas Hold’Em.
  5. Deal the cards and begin playing hands just as you would in any other poker game.
  6. You can either see that bet, raise it or fold.
  7. If a player wants to stay in, he must see or raise that bet (put more pieces of clothing in risk), just as in regular poker.

Here’s the catch – if you lose a hand, you lose the garments you bet. If you win you get to keep them on. You can also play a variation where the winner decides which pieces of clothing you will lose.

Fantastic Mirror

Game #6

Sex is all about pleasing the other, and experimenting is the best way to discover what he or she likes. Try mirroring each other’s moves to see what really gets your lover going.

Simple instructions for a fun time:

  1. Start the game off by doing something to your partner that you enjoy.
  2. He or she will then do the same thing back to you and vice versa.
  3. This is a fun way to try out new things and find many pleasures that you never knew you enjoyed.

Remember to take your time and really enjoy each other.

Kinky (BDSM) Coin

Game #7

Dominance is the name of the game that uses a lot of BDSM elements. This bedroom play is not for the faint of heart, so make sure that your partner is comfortable with some bondage, submission, and dominance.

How can you play it? Simply follow these instructions:

  1. One person will take on the dominant role while the other will take on the “slave” position.
  2. The dominant one will be Master if male or Mistress if female.
  3. Flip a coin to get it started, and pick a side.
  4. Heads mean your partner is the “slave” and tails means you will be in a submissive position.
  5. Make sure that you set some boundaries ahead of time and establish a safe word.

If it gets to be too intense for either you or your partner, saying the safe word will put an end to the game. So, do not forget the safeword.