Have you ever felt like you can no longer achieve orgasm? Are you noticing that it takes you almost forever to cum?

If this is the case, you might have issues with delayed ejaculation (DE).

However, keep this issue in mind as this can be a very serious concern that many men struggle with.

Let me show you all about this condition, its possible symptoms, causes, treatments, and more. We will also talk about why it’s so important to seek medical attention if you think that you might be effected.

What Is This Sexual Problem?

Basically, DE is a situation where a man needs a prolonged period of intercourse to achieve orgasm and ejaculate semen from his penis. In rare cases, a man may not even be able to climax at all!

Depending on the circumstances this might be:

  • Temporary
  • Lifelong condition

Believe it or not, this may seem like it’s a quite uncommon in comparison to occurrence of premature ejaculation, but some men do have a problem with not being able to cum. Although the causes and severity may vary from person to person, you are not alone if you think that you may be suffering from this.

Here, we will talk about how you can identify this condition, as well as things you may be able to do to alleviate it. In some cases, this can actually be a side effect of some medications, or of a deeply embedded psychological issues.

Symptoms of Delayed Ejaculation

The underlying signs of this sexual dysfunction may vary from patient to patient.

  • No climax – In severe cases, some men can never blow their load.
  • Conditioned one – Others may only be able to do so with oral or manual stimulation.
  • Very long intercourse – Last group of dudes may be able to cum only after a very prolonged period of sex (over 30 minutes).

Based upon your symptoms, medical professional can determine whether you have a lifelong or acquired DE, whether it happens with all sexual partners, or if it’s just because of your current situation. In some cases you may not even have to seek out doctor at all.

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You should seek out assistance, if:

  • Disputes – It becomes a complication between you and your partner.
  • Various problems – If you might have other illnesses or health issues.
  • Other – If you exhibit other symptoms that do or do not seem to be related.

What Causes It?

There are three main factors that come into play including:

  • Medications – There are various substances that can initiate your inability to cum.
  • Psychological issues – Anxiety, or relationship problems can also play a role.
  • Physical conditions – These are very individual upon each patient.

You should have a conversation with your doctor to help them to determine what the actual cause may be in your case.

It’s Not Just Myth

This can be a very difficult to solve for both yourself and your partners. Therefore, do not be afraid to discuss your situation.

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In many ways, this can help, especially if the underlying issues are psychological. Both your physician or counselor can possibly assist you to cope and deal with DE.

Please note: It will put less stress on you and your relationship if your partner knows more about this and what might be causing it!

How DE Can Affect Your Life

There are few ways in which this nasty condition can affect life of a dude:

  • Psychologically – For some men, it can even seem that they are losing one of the most fulfilling things in their lives. You should not let this deter you, however, from seeking out advice and being open with your partner about your situation.
  • Socially – In many cases, it can create real stress among sexual partners in a relationship. It can make anxiety, body image or depression issues even worse.

Even if you feel there may be little hope, there may still be solutions that can help you with reclaiming your orgasms.

Possible Treatments

There are two main cures for delayed ejaculation in men. These includes:

  • Medications – If your complications are related to some physical conditions, then pills will most likely be prescribed. Many of these are actually used to treat other illnesses. These capsules may include Buspirone, Amantadine, or Cyproheptadine.
  • Psychotherapy – However, if you suffer from inability to achieve climaxes because of underlying psychological issues, you will most likely be urged to visit a sex therapist or psychologist. These visits may be useful for you.

Please note: In some cases, it may even be best if you go to these appointments for counseling together. Determination of the appropriate solution should be left to experts!

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See Your Doctor Today!

If you believe that you may have real problems, you should talk to some experts, ASAP.

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  • Get tested – They can perform several different types of tests and examine your health history and current medications to determine its cause and severity.
  • Take advice – Professional can also work with you to help identify what route of treatment may work best for you in the long run.

Be initiative! Only you have the power to tackle this problem. If you want your sexual life back, or want it to be what it once was, before you had these issues, definitely talk to your medical expert today.