Beta males are always second in line! They do what other people want them to do and they’re often too nice for their own good. They seek out approval from others, can be passive aggressive and overly sensitive at times.

Dominant guys tend to attract more women because they take charge and assume the leadership role. If you think you might not be alpha, these seven traits may be turning her off.

Trait #1 – The Lack of Confidence

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Lack of confidence is the number one beta male trait that will turn a woman off. On a subconscious level, women want a man that can protect her and make her feel safe. Only a confident dude can do that.

Always keep in mind! If you’re unsure of yourself and your abilities, you cannot give her what she needs.

Trait #2 – Nervous & Submissive Body Language

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Beta males are naturally submissive and nervous. They lack the self-confidence and the self-assuredness that alphas have. Women view this as insecurity and the indecisiveness.

To attract a woman, you need to:

  • Know what you want
  • You need to be assertive (but not aggressive)
  • You need to be confident

If you’re noticeably nervous and anxious around her, she will be more likely to pity you than go home with you. Submissive body language gives her the impression that you are fearful of her and unsure of yourself, both of which will turn her off and destroy your chances of making a connection with her.

Trait #3 – Being Pessimistic

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Pessimism is a buzz kill. Constant negativity will turn everybody off. If you’re pessimistic about everything, it shows that you do not have confidence in yourself and don’t know how to handle everyday situations.

Women want men who are positive and have a plan. It’s good to be honest, but if you are constantly doubting things or finding something negative about everything, she will get turned off.

Keep in mind: Chicks are looking for guys who are sure of themselves and are comfortable taking the confident leadership role.

Trait #4 – Conflict & Risk-Avoider

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Most men are under the impression that women would rather avoid conflict and risks, but this notion couldn’t be further from the truth. Avoiding disputes again displays your lack of self-confidence and is considered submissive behavior.

In the early days of mankind, it was impossible for a man to act as a provider and avoid conflict. Men were expected to hunt, and the act itself puts him in a direct fight with another living thing.

They were also expected to stand up and defend their family and property.

Women want a guy who is not afraid to defend his beliefs and his family, or take risks to better himself or his family. This doesn’t mean that you should take every opportunity to start an argument or take absurd risks, but you should not be submissive. Again, assertiveness and confidence are essential.

Trait #5 – Being a Follower & Not a Leader

lack of self esteem

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If you want to turn a woman on, you have to take charge. Women want a leader, not a follower! They want you to get in the driver’s seat while they ride shotgun.

If you constantly need to ask her what she wants and how to please her, she will eventually get turned off. Instead of asking her where she wants to go, plan the date ahead of time. Trust me! She’ll appreciate you taking the lead and making decisions on your own!

Trait #6 – Approval & Permission Seeker

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Constantly seeking out her approval goes back to being a follower and not a leader. Leaders march to the beat of their own drum and rarely seek out granting or permission from others.

They don’t need this because they are sure of themselves and their capabilities. Women don’t want men who continuously seek out their approval, either directly or indirectly. Does this mean that you should be the one deciding how to invest your savings? No.

There are certain things that the both of you need to discuss on equal ground, but you should not be seeking out approval from her on how you live your life, the clothes you wear, how you conduct business, and things of that nature!

Trait #7 – Being Poor at Communication

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Communication is the key to a successful relationship. Beta males are nervous, submissive and avoid conflict at all costs. This all equates to poor communication, and a relationship that isn’t genuine.

Again, women want men who know what they want and know how to express what they want. If you have an opinion, you should express it. If you disagree with her, don’t be afraid to communicate your thoughts.

By not communicating, you’re showing to her that you don’t value your opinions and values enough to express them to her. A man who cannot communicate will not be able to provide her with the emotional and physical security she desires.

The good news is that beta males don’t have to stay in this category forever. By building up your self-confidence, taking charge, communicating what you want and being positive, you will attract the women you want and live a much happier life.

Aside from the benefit of attracting more ladies, alpha males also tend to be more successful and live more fulfilled lives because they know what they want, they have a plan and do what needs to be done to get what they want. If any of these traits apply to you, you can start transforming them today and start attracting more women than ever before.

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