How to Do Jelqing Exercises Properly


hand prepared for jelqing session

Recently, there has been a lot of focus on using various devices to lengthen one´s penis. Because of this trend, the typical techniques using just your own hands, known as ‘jelqing’ or ‘milking,’ have largely fallen out of favor in the public eye.

However, there are still many men who have reported that this all natural method has given them good results. Jelqing technique is composed of three different phases, and each one is crucial! You will master this art in no time, TRUST ME!

Although Jelqing is simple and effective in male enhancement, it can be potentially dangerous to your health if done improperly. Therefore, you should follow each and every instruction below very carefully.





man doing warm up


 You will need privacy, access to hot water, and towel
Do warm up before any PE exercise except Kegels
There are various ways to warm up (some better than others)

The first phase plays a crucial role in the effectiveness of jelqing. It is called a warm-up. You have to do this if you want to make your phallus larger and avoid injury at the same time.

There are various ways you can heat up soft tissue inside your penis. The most popular methods include using a wet warm washcloth, a moist heating pad, a microwaved rice sock, or an infrared lamp.

Although not being the best option, I prefer using a hot, wet washcloth. If you want to try it as well, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Take a warm shower.
  2. Grab a small towel or a washcloth.
  3. Soak it in a hot water to make it all wet.
  4. Pay attention not to burn your skin.
  5. Achieve 30-50% erection.
  6. Wrap your penis in a warm towel for about 15 minutes.
  7. Pour warm water over your towel if you feel that your towel lost too much heat.
  8. Keep this in mind – do not burn your skin.

Only after you fulfill all of the above instructions you are properly warmed up and can continue to the process of milking.


The warm washcloth method is not the best option because it doesn’t distribute the heat long enough
Pay attention not to burn your skin with hot water
Not warming up properly may result in injury & lack of gains

man with size issue

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Wet Jelq Step 1

Wet Jelq Step 2

Wet Jelq Step 3

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 Achieve between 50-75% erection
Never jelq your glans
Start with small number of repetitions (20)
Gradually increase the number of repetitions per session
Stop as soon as you start to feel any discomfort

Improves: Girth & length
Difficulty level: Beginner
Risk of injury: Low
Time required: 1+ Minutes

Finally, it is time to start “milking” your buddy. This time, all you will need is a lubricant and your own hands. Keep in mind that you need to have 1/2 – 3/4 erection to see nice gains and avoid injuries.

Once you get that semi erection, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Take your time for a proper warm-up phase (instructions above).
  2. Lubricate both your hands and your shaft well (use oil based lube).
  3. Achieve desired erection level.
  4. With your right hand grasp the base of your cock between your thumb and index finger with an “OK/Okay Grip“.
  5. Place your grip as close to your pubic bone as possible to avoid uneven gains (baseball bat shape).
  6. Tighten your grip so you will painlessly trap the blood in your shaft.
  7. Slowly slide your hand (it should take you 2-3 seconds) up to the glans and apply enough pressure with your grip to force blood up your penis.
  8. Stop sliding your hand just before it reaches your glans (at this point you have finished one jelq).
  9. While still holding your one hand right before your glans, use the other hand to “Okay Grip” the base of your cock.
  10. Again place your grip as close to your pubic bone as possible.
  11. Release your first hand that is gripping right before your glans.
  12. Return to the step #6 and continue until you reach the desired number of repetitions.
  13. Do not forget to take your time to go through a cool down phase.

As a beginner, consider a lower number of repetitions per single session and then increase this amount gradually.


Jelqing your glans may result in loss of its sensitivity
Jelqing with a flaccid cock will achieve no gains
Jelqing with a 100% erection may often result in a soft tissue & nerve damage (loss of sensation, disfigurement, scarring, tearing a blood vessel, etc.)

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Dry Jelq Step 1

Wet Jelq Step 2

Dry Jelq Step 3

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 Achieve between 50-75% erection
Never jelq your glans
Start with small number of repetitions (20)
Gradually increase the number of repetitions per session
Stop as soon as you start to feel any discomfort

Improves: Girth & length
Difficulty level: Advanced
Risk of injury: Low
Time required: 1+ Minutes

The “Dry Jelq” is almost the same as the exercise above. Again, you will need to achieve 50-75% erection to experience any size gains without harming yourself.

However, there are small differences you need to pay attention to:

  1. Take your time for a proper warm-up phase (instructions above).
  2. Achieve desired erection level.
  3. With your right hand make a loose “OK/Okay Grip” and place it in the middle of your shaft.
  4. Pull the skin on your shaft back by moving your loose “OK/Okay Grip” in the direction of your body.
  5. Place your grip as close to your pubic bone as possible to avoid uneven gains (baseball bat shape).
  6. Tighten your grip so you will painlessly trap the blood in your shaft.
  7. Slowly slide your hand (it should take you 2-3 seconds) up to the glans and apply enough pressure with your grip to force blood up your penis.
  8. Stop sliding your hand just before it reaches your glans (at this point you have finished one jelq).
  9. Release your right hand and return to the step #3, but this time use your left hand.
  10. Continue until you reach the desired number of repetitions.
  11. Do not forget to take your time to go through a cool down phase.

As a beginner, consider a lower number of repetitions per single session and then increase this amount gradually.


Jelqing your glans may result in loss of its sensitivity
Jelqing with a flaccid cock will achieve no gains
Jelqing with a 100% erection may often result in a soft tissue & nerve damage (loss of sensation, disfigurement, scarring, tearing a blood vessel, etc.)

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Watch this video to learn all about slow squash jelq and see the demonstration of this exercise. Pros of this method inside.


man doing warm up


 You will need privacy, lotion for dry or damaged skin, access to hot water, and towel
Massage your shaft right after a workout session
Use fragrance-free lotion for a massage

After you are done exercising you need to take a couple of minutes to massage and warm down. This will let your penis tissue to heal and your body to rebuild and create new cells.

This will also help you to prevent further injuries or trauma to your soft tissue. All you need to do is follow these steps:

  1. Right after completing your workout, grab a moisturizing lotion.
  2. Apply it to your penis and massage it into your skin with deep circular strokes of your thumb and index finger.
  3. Do this for 1-2 minutes.
  4. Then grab the small towel/washcloth you used in your warm-up phase.
  5. Soak it in hot water to make it completely wet.
  6. Pay attention to not to burn your skin.
  7. Wrap it around your penis.
  8. Relax and keep it covered for 5-10 minutes.

If you are still not sure about this exercise, I highly recommend looking for more guidance from professional programs such as the Penis Advantage or PE Bible.

This whole technique is based on a process of cell division that is initiated if your tissue is exposed to intense pressure and tension for an extended period. Scientists even proved this!

BTW: If you want to see 16 great tips that will help you increase the size of your dick in 2017, make sure you read this: 16+ Quick Ways to Make Your Penis Bigger Right Now!

Promising User Results

“Wow, this thread is making me feel better. I´m thinking the average time frame to see results is between two ad three moths. I´m on my 5th week, and I have more veins and a better flaccid but definitely no erect gains. Falo, is it true that between your 4th month and your 6th month, you gained 1.2″ in length? I hope I have a gain like that to look forward to.”

User Samurai from

“Do longer duration strokes (5-10 sec), that´s what helped me. Also, don´t expect 2″ gains because that happens very rarely. Keep 1″ as the goal. Don´t forget jelqing is great for your sex life overall because even if one doesn´t gain size, in most cases it helps improve erection quality and sexual stamina.”

User Batman from

“Today is 5 months and I grew a total of 1 1/4 inch in length and about 3/4 inch in girth (never thought it would happen). I am very happy and I would like to get 3/4 inch length and 3/4 girth more. Man, I would be very happy. Good luck to all you guys.”

User Old Reliabel from

“Basically, I´ve gained a little over an inch in length – most of it in the past month or two.”

User Newbie from

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man with erection issues

I am dealing with the issue of penis enlargement for some years now and I have analyzed many different ways of adding inches to your size. Sadly, not each and every one worked.

However, there are some that can be combined with your jelqing routine to offer very promising results:

  1. Adding seven other natural exercises and workouts similar to jelqing.
  2. Boosting your blood flow & size with these male enhancement pills.
  3. Incorporating various stretching devices & penis extenders.
  4. Boosting your size through hydro-based pumping.

Thanks to these tips, you can make your final growth even more impressive than it would be with just jelqing alone. There are many forums on the internet where you can find testimonials of real people who combined various techniques for the best results.

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jelqing faqs

FAQ #1: Does jelqing actually work for permanent penis enlargement?

Like many other exercises I have analyzed on this website, even jelqing works well for penis enlargement. It can visibly boost both your length and girth in the first six weeks.

The best part?

Your gains are permanent. So when you manage to increase your length and girth overall, it will stay at that size even in the future.

FAQ #2: I have heard that jelqing helps to last longer during sex. Is that true?

In this case, you have heard right. Although premature ejaculation and penis enlargement are two completely separate issues, you can fix the issue of inability to delay orgasm by jelqing.

Pay attention: You will only fix it if your primary cause was an overly sensitive penis. If other issues are causing your inability to perform during sex, then jelqing will not help you.

FAQ #3: Is it safe? Can I injure myself?

As with any other exercises, jelqing is safe unless you jelq incorrectly or you overdo your workout session. However, if you do not follow general safety recommendations, you can face following health complications:

  • Baseball bat effect – In this case, a penis starts to look like a bat because of uneven gains and pressure during jelqing (experiencing length gains at the base while girth gains concentrate towards your glans).
  • Donut effect – This issue may happen (especially among circumcised men) when you overdo your jelqing session, or you are too intense with it. The bodily fluids are pushed toward the glans and collecting in a ring around it (looking like a donut).
  • Red spots or discoloration – This is the most common side effect of jelqing, especially for beginners. The red spots (also know as “Newbie spots“) on your penis mean tiny bursts of capillaries and in general, they disappear during 24-48 hours (it is a sign of poor warm-up phase or too intense grip).

Pay attention: Start slowly, always warm up before and cool down after your session, and increase your exercise routine gradually.

FAQ #4: When can I expect first results?

Guys, I am not going to lie to you. Jelqing is no miracle solution that will make you big in just a few days. If you will do jelqing exercises properly and will follow a reasonable regimen of daily exercises, it will take a couple of weeks (six to eight) to see first results.

Pay attention: It is common that during first few weeks you may not see any measurable results. Just do not put yourself and your penis under too much pressure. Results will come in the end!

FAQ #5: How often and for how long can I do jelqing?

If you are just beginning with the jelqing and whole penis enlargement, then I highly recommend you to follow this basic routine:

  • Warming up for 5 minutes
  • Stretching your penis for 5 minutes
  • Jelqing for 10 minutes
  • Warming down for 5 minutes

Follow this routine from two to three times a week in the beginning, and then rise this number gradually up to five days a week with two rest days. The optimal five-day week regime is to work out three days in a row, then have one day off, then jelq for two other days, and then again take one day off.

Pay attention: You can follow this routine for as long as you want. While you will receive the most gains during your first year, you can perform jelqing even afterwards, but your gains will be significantly lower.

FAQ #6: What erection level should I jelq at?

This is one of the most important questions you should be asking when starting with jelqing. The minimal level of your erection should be between 40-50%. The optimal levels are between 50-65% of your maximal erection.

In the beginning, you should not jelq while having more than 80% erection. There is one rule you should know about – a higher level of your erection will results in lesser length but greater girth gains and vice versa.

However, if you jelq with too low erection level, your gains will be very uneven (at the beginning of your jelq you will have low pressure while at the end a very high one) and will result in a baseball bat shape of your penis (more girth gains towards your glans).

Please read next section very carefully!

Never do jelqing while having 90-100% erection. In the best case scenario, you will see no gains from this exercise, and you will just lose time. In the worst scenario, you will experience a lot of pain, and you will cause yourself an injury with tissue damage.

Pay attention: If you get a full-blown erection during your jelqing session, stop and let it go down slightly before continuing. If you feel like you are going to ejaculate, you need to pause for a bit to let this feeling subside before continuing.

FAQ #7: How should I warm up and cool down my penis before and after jelqing?

Warming up and warming down phases are the most important steps in jelqing as they will loosen up your connective tissue and increase the blood flow (with necessary nutrients) to your penis. Both should last around five minutes each.

Luckily, there are several ways you can warm up and cool down your penis before and after jelqing:

  • Hot wet towel wraps
  • Warmed up rice-filled sock
  • Heating pad
  • Hot shower
  • Water cup
  • Alladin´s bottle

Pay attention: I recommend choosing a method that will fit your daily routine the best. Not everyone has easy access to all methods, and it is up to you which one will work the best for you.

FAQ #8: Should I use lubricants? Which one?

Guys, while beginning with jelqing I always recommend to use enough lube to avoid excessive skin irritation caused by friction. There are two main groups of lubes you can find on the market:

  1. Water based (Astroglide, KY Jelly, Udder cream)
  2. Oil based (Canola oil, Coconut oil, Vaseline, Emu oil, Olive oil)

Pay attention: My advice would be to use one that fits with your skin the best. However, choose one with a high viscosity and that allows for multiple uses. Never use shampoo or soap as it may irritate your skin.

FAQ #9: How about ejaculating during jelqing?

While nothing bad should happen, I can not recommend you trying to ejaculate while jelqing. During ejaculation, your body goes through a lot of physiological changes.

These include an immediate drop in testosterone levels and tightening of connective tissue in your penis. Both these changes will affect final results you will achieve during your jelqing sessions.

FAQ #10: How about jelqing and pain with soreness? Is it common? What should I do?

Particularly for beginners, a slight soreness and discomfort are very common in the first stages of jelqing. Luckily, once your body gets used to jelqing routines, these will pass.

But pay attention if you feel any pain!

If this is the case, stop doing your exercises immediately as you are probably doing these exercises in a wrong way or too often. Take a rest from your daily routines for a few days and maintain regular hot wraps for a faster recovery phase.

FAQ #11: How should I know when I should make my jelqing routine more intensive for continuous growth?

All your bodily tissue will adapt to the stress during exercising. It is the same for penile tissue and jelqing. Your penis will get bigger and harder. However, to keep the growth, you will have to increase the intensity over time.

To know the exact moment when to advance in your jelqing efforts, you should follow this recommendation:

  • If you experience better and firmer erections gradually, you can keep improving your routine with more sets and more intense techniques.
  • However, if you experience weaker erections, and plateaus in growth, you should slow down, make your sessions easier and take enough rest days.

Always pay attention to the quality of your erections. Your penis will tell you whether it is exhausted or it can do more!

Hey folks! My pen name is James Buzinko (a.k.a. Stallion) and I want to make this THE GREATEST place for every guy to master the arts of love, dating and attraction! I am young, free and my motto is "Carpe Diem".
  • Mark Fisher

    Huh, this sounds pretty cool. I can’t say I’m ready to believe just yet, but if I can get my dick to be bigger, I’m all for trying it out at least. Normally I’m skeptical, but I will give it a try. I used to try kegel exercises in the past, which gave me a stronger erection, but it didn’t increase my size sadly.

  • Jerome

    This is the first time I’ve heard of this. I heard about milking ones prostate, but I didn’t know about this technique. It sounds promising though and I am interested in giving it a shot. I used to be a bit fat, and when I lost the weight I noticed I had an increase in length, it was quite nice to observe this. 🙂

    • James Buzinko

      Great! Shedding belly fat is the best and healthiest way to visually gain some inches. Have you tried trimming your pubic hair as well?

  • Terrance

    I have tried the wet towel technique, but I just wasn’t sure if I wanted to continue it. I read some horror stories online about mishaps and I decided to just stop. I just find it hard to believe you can increase your size by doing this. I suppose it’s possible, but I’m really skeptical.

  • Jacob K.

    I really wonder if it actually works. I am going to try milking myself tonight, and maybe I will fail, who knows, but ima gonna try. Anyways, thanks for sharing this.

    I agree with alternatives of losing weight, cutting the bush and so on. It really does make you look bigger.

    • James Buzinko

      Yes, but these are just visually making you look bigger. However, if you are having problems satisfying your girl due to lack of length, then you need to go for real solutions to your problem!

  • Mick

    So wait, there’s actually a method called “milking” to gain inches? I am hesitant, but I am considering giving it a shot. I am the type to try something at least once, if it fails, it fails, if not, I say it’s something I may continue to do. I will surly follow the rules on how to do it to the best of my abilities.

    • James Buzinko

      Awesome. After some time it would be best if you could share your gains with us!

  • TonyV

    I’ve always been nervous about using devices on my “little buddy”. What if something goes wrong, you know. I started looking for alternatives a few months ago. Tried some weight workouts, but I wasn’t crazy about that either.

    Then recently I read about milking on an enlargement forum. I wanted to do some more research, which is how I found this site. You’ve got some great info here. I like the fact that you promote safe ways of doing this. I’m definitely going to try it and see what happens.

    • James Buzinko

      Thank you Tony for your supporting words.

  • Regular NYC Joe

    In all honesty, I don’t want to be the next Long Dong Silver! I went to school with a girl who had a boyfriend with a huge cock, and she constantly complained that he was too big for her. I think that’s just as bad as being too small.

    I’m a little less than average sized and I just got out of my first long term relationship (5 years). Even though I know how to satisfy a woman, I want to add a little bit of length for my own self-confidence.

    I’ve never heard of this technique, but I’m looking forward to trying it out. I’m just wondering how long before you start seeing some kind of results?

    • James Buzinko

      Hey Joe,

      it is really hard to tell you exact time when you should see your gains as each individual is different and unique and therefore will react to these exercises at a different pace. Just be patient and try to be as consistent as possible.

    • Marvin

      I know exactly what you mean! Extra long thick cocks are great in porn but not all women like it a mile long. Yeah, size matters a lot but it doesn’t have to be King Kong to do its job. I’m average in the cock department and my girlfriend likes this because it lets us try complicated positions successfully.

      • James Buzinko

        Sure, each size has its advantages as well as limitations.

  • Rick

    Okay, I’ve tried jelqing on and off for the past 4 months. I would do it maybe 7-8 times a month. Josh is right about taking care not to hurt yourself. It’s important that your penis is only about 50% erect. You really want this to be a relaxed exercise, not like jacking off.

    I have seen a bit of extra length. But more important for me, I’ve gotten some extra girth. I used to be kind of thin, but since I started jelqing my mass is steadily increasing. Just make sure you follow the directions and you should be good to go.

    • James Buzinko

      Thanks for pointing this out Rick.

  • Jason

    This is just like any other exercise. If you go into the gym and work out for 5 hours on your first day, you’re going to wear your muscles out. Same thing goes for penis enlargement exercises like milking, so take it easy guys. I normally stretch for 10-15 seconds or so. And I only jelq for about 5 minutes total. I’ve heard guys go longer, but I wouldn’t risk it.

    • James Buzinko

      I think this approach “better be safe than sorry” is really good choice. Do not forget guys that you could gain much but you could do yourself a serious harm if you overdo this workout!

    • ballick

      Jason, ca you please share the results with us? When you started doing this and low much did you gain. I’m a bit shady about using the towel, it seems a bit much. It has to be used or I can go on without it? Thanks for being so specific because I really wondered how long I had to jelq.

      • James Buzinko

        Knowing that data would be really beneficial for all of us!

  • Jorge

    I do the jelqing exercises, but I also bought the Penis Enlargement Bible to learn how to do it right, and for the other tips. Prior to that, I spent $150+ on Cialis and the exercises I learned in the PE Bible have been way more helpful. Plus the Cialis gave me hard on way past the sex, which I didn’t like.

    I’ve learned that you should mix up your routine so you don’t overwork yourself with the same exercise. Think of it like standing on the right leg everyday for an hour. You’d wear that leg out much faster than if you alternate from right to left leg.

    I have learned a lot from the Penis Enlargement Bible and I’m growing. That’s all you can ask for.

    • James Buzinko

      That is awesome to hear Jorge. By the way, can you post here some more detailed numbers with regards to your growth?

  • Mike

    I’ve heard a little bit about this, but never really believed that it actually worked. To me it just seems like another exercise with promises but no results. I’ve never come across anyone who has used this technique and had noticeable results.

    But at the same time I think most guys are willing to try anything to make themselves just a little bit bigger and better. It’s all about the man hood and length is a big part of that.

    I think I’ll stick with my Kegal exercises, make myself stronger and perhaps fore-go the increase in size for now until I hear some other people come back with results.

    • James Buzinko

      That is very wise approach to this issue Mike. I bet there will be some results posted here soon!

  • Patrick

    I tried this out once or twice, and I didn’t really take to it. Sure, it might be for some guys but finding the time to do this in an intimate space without having my girlfriend ask a whole bunch of questions can be a little frustrating.

    I also found that I really didn’t enjoy the whole towel thing; just something about it didn’t work for me. So knowing that this was part of the technique I ended up not practicing this any longer as I wanted to make sure that I did it right.

    Definitely lose the weight though if you have any excess because you will notice a huge difference with strength and stamina if you do.

    • James Buzinko

      Patrick you nailed it!

      This workout is great for guys who have a lot of privacy but if you do not want your girlfriend or partner you live with to know this, then there might be a problem.

  • Kyle G.

    I did this for awhile and it did end up helping me increase in size but it wasn’t like a jaw dropping change. It mainly just helped to increase the circulation in blood flow which in turn definitely helped out with the lengthening of it overall.

    I found that my girlfriend actually noticed the difference more than I did, but that’s probably because I had been doing it repetitively that I just didn’t pay enough attention to the actual results.

    Now I do it on occasion but not as much as I used to.

    • James Buzinko

      That is awesome to hear Kyle. Could you please share with us your long term results?

  • Thomas.

    Definitely make sure you’re careful with this one guys. It’s a great exercise and one that doesn’t take a lot of time to execute but if you don’t follow through on practicing the right way with it then there is definitely room for harm.

    The tip of mine is now a little bit desensitized to pleasure/touch, because of improperly doing this technique over and over. Let’s just say I was a little careless and now regret it at times. Just make sure you don’t get to overly obsessive about it, because too much of a good thing can actually be quite bad for you.

    • James Buzinko

      This is awesome point that is worth repeating as many times as possible! Do not risk your health and always do male enhancement workouts the proper way to avoid any damage to your health.

  • Kirk

    I haven’t tried this one out yet, although it sure does look like it could definitely help improve the blood flow which in turn might help us guys look to be more impressive during sexual intercourse.

    I normally just make sure that my bush is trimmed right down because if I don’t I find it gets in the way and just takes away from the whole sexual experience. Plus, it definitely makes me look bigger when it’s trimmed down. You don’t want all that hair there distracting away from the main attraction.

    Thank you for the information though! I am definitely going to try this out and see how it goes with results.

    • James Buzinko

      Hey Kirk,

      you are welcome and I hope you will enjoy even my other articles I regularly update on this website.

  • Zandor

    I have to admit this is the first time I’ve heard about this! Sounds more like cock spa, a relaxing time for your hard worked penis ha ha. I am curious if this turns out to be a successful method for me but now I’m laughing my ass of thinking when it’s the best time to milk myself.

    • James Buzinko

      Sure, it sounds funny but it works like a miracle.

  • zorro

    Because jelqing is basically free I felt tempted to try it but now I’m in experiment mode because I don’t know how much pressure to apply. I’m afraid I will injure myself if I’m a little bit rougher and I’m wiggling it and waiting for the results to see if I have to increase the pressure or keep it this way.

    • James Buzinko

      That is really good approach to these workouts. Just do not hurt yourself – rather be safe than sorry dude.

  • astral1

    Losing a couple of pounds will make a huge difference! I felt uncomfortable and wanted to lose 20 pounds to look more toned but to my surprise my cock felt and looked more “in shape” as well. Dishing the bush also helps because it can help you gain a bit more length.

    • James Buzinko

      That is truth. These effects are really secure and easy to achieve.

  • Jason Brood

    I frequently use the jelqing exercises, and even though I have only been doing them for a month or so, the progression is evident. Whilst I am yet to see growth beyond 3/4 of an inch, it is an improvement nevertheless. Hopefully now that I have a better technique I can expect even better results in the future.

    • James Buzinko

      This is awesome James. Thanks a lot for sharing your experience.

    • Klaus Frey

      You should get better results.

  • Oliver Wilkinson

    As someone who had previously never heard of jelqing before, for me this has been a nice introduction. I am really against using any kind of artificial means of extending my penile length, as more than anything I do not believe that they work or do your body any good. However, I am more than happy to do something that is perfectly natural instead. Cheers!

    • James Buzinko

      Thanks Oliver for you kind words. I hope you will be successful with your results.

  • Matthew Graze

    I’m glad that you take the time to highlight the safety side to these exercises, as once we see results with anything we tend to overdo it. Hopefully the safety recommendations will prevent people from hurting themselves, whilst still being able to use these exercises to get the length they desire.

    • James Buzinko

      I hope that each and every one of you guys will keep safety first while doing anything with your dicks.

  • Sam Turner

    Cheers for the information. I think that there comes a point in every man’s life where he honestly looks at himself, and feels that there does need to be improvement. I am really cautious however of doing anything artificial with my body, but these exercises seem for the most part safe to try out.

    • James Buzinko

      Sure as long as you will take caution while doing these, they should be really safe.

  • George Knox

    I have been jelqing for some time now and the results have been impressive. Although I think there comes a point where you are no longer gaining length and where you are gaining length you are losing girth. I might give this a little break to see if things change, but until this point jelqing has been a big help!

    • James Buzinko

      This is awesome experience! Thanks man for your feedback.

  • Kichcha

    I have bent penis what to do

  • http://Nill Cowboy-Vince Ghabelar

    I just started jelqing but I have a bent penis..I’m sure it will work

    • The Penilizer team

      Bent penis is not a limitation for jelqing, as a matter of fact jelqing will help with that issue.

  • Jeff Ferrara

    Thanks for the article on Jelqing James!

    Your point on making sure to warm-up before actually jelqing is a big point that a lot of guys over look.

    Kind regards,

  • Steven

    I’m 30 and I started jekqing 4-6 years ago. I went from 3 to 5 & 1/2 inches. Granted I was VERY sporadic with it else wise I may be longer by this point.

    Heating and warming up definitely helps but yeah, I seriously second patience when you begin to see results. Patience qorks best with this. Good luck all!

  • Milan Živković

    Jelquing is a individual issue.Everyone should find out for himself how many days to rest and when to excersize,observing the dick is a very important part of the whole thing.I’ve been jelqing for 5 months now,and I gained an inch and a half,and my erections are harder then ever,and even after ejaculation my fella is still standing ready for another attack.So guys no one should tell you whats wrong and whats right,like I said,discover it for yourself,ofcourse the necessary steps needs to be followed,especially the warm up and warm down phases