Even though most men’s penises are not too small to pleasure their partners, many men still desire something longer. Penile dysmorphophobia is the scientific term for anxiety over the size of your penis.

This is common in men throughout the world, especially since the rise of online pornographic videos, where every male star seems to have a freak of nature in their pants.

Interesting fact:

Although this is still a very unspoken subject, it’s widely believed that the average flaccid length is approximately 3 inches, whereas the erect average length is 5 to 6 inches.

If you are not happy with your size, using a high-quality penis extender is the best course of action. Surgery, and other things of extreme nature are definitely not worth the effort, especially with the risks involved.

If you are in a hurry, this is the 6/2019 WINNER: SizeGenetics Extender (Click for Deals and Price)

Using a penis extender correctly, for a predetermined period of time, will give you the safest results long-term. However, before we go into detail with our reviews, let’s look firstly at the table with top 7 products on this list.


Product nameOur RatingPriceBest Deals
SizeGenetics (editors choice)top star rating$$$$Product Website

Male Edgetop star rating$$Product Website

Jes-Extendertop star rating$$$Product Website

Phallosan Fortetop star rating$$$$$Product Website

Vimax Systemtop star rating$Product Website

Quick Extendertop star rating$$Product Website

Euro Extendertop star rating$Product Website


SizeGenetics package


SizeGenetics is one of the most comfortable and most effective penis extenders on the market these days. Comfort means longer wearing time and that means better and quicker gains.

SizeGenetics (I have detailed review here) is one of the most popular brands on the market. With several months of continuous use, you can expect positive results. The results from using this device are permanent, which means once you have your desired penis size you can stop using the device.

This isn’t something that you have to use for the foreseeable future. But how does SizeGenetics work? Like all extenders, you will have to put this around your penis.

This then will gently stretch it and will encourage it to grow.

By selecting the correct size on the device, you’ll be able to attain a certain amount of growth every month, although that will depend on how often you use it. Wearing this device for several hours a day will produce the fastest results, although using it for short periods of time will still have some benefit.

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16-Way Comfort Strap
It is comfortable to wear due to its 16-way comfort strap. This means that it can be configured in 16 different ways. Just like buying a shoe, one size does not fit all.

Adjustable Positioning
A lot of devices will only have one or two different ways of wearing it, which can be problematic for those that are not able to put it on correctly originally. Not having an adjustable device can make it very uncomfortable for the wearer and will likely result in them not using it long enough to attain results.

Multi-Directional Angling
It is equipped with multi-directional angling which means that the device will follow the body’s natural curve of the penis, making it a lot more comfortable to wear.

Private Storage Box
The whole package comes in a leather case, and everything inside is wrapped carefully. The box isn’t decorated which means you don’t have to worry about anyone finding out about your purchase if they catch a glimpse of the box.

Locking Travel Case
The travel case has a locking key feature which again is ideal to make sure that prying eyes don’t see what’s inside. The main device is made from high-quality materials which ensure comfort.

Perfect for Curved Penis
They have stated that medical professionals have certified that this can be used as an effective tool for those that suffer from a bent or curved penis. The exercises that are explained in the manual also can help you achieve these results.

180-Day Money Back Guarantee
There is a need to worry about whether you will be wasting your money if it doesn’t work, as they offer a very generous 180-day money back guarantee. Most devices usually offer only 60 days. If, after a few months you don’t see any noticeable results, you will be able to get a full refund, no questions asked.


Pretty Expensive Option
As this device is one of the most popular, it also carries a hefty price tag. Those who are looking for an affordable option may be put off as this is a fairly expensive product.

Long Wearing Time Required
This device isn’t for those who are trying to add on and inch within a week. In order to achieve the results that are guaranteed, you will have to dedicate several hours a day, for a couple of months, in order to achieve your desired length.

User testimonials have concluded that this device is comfortable to wear and that it’s so subtle that you can wear it while out of the house. Within the first three months it’s likely that you would have grown half an inch, and by the end of six months, you should have grown at least another inch.


Click on the Image to See User Results on Official Website


SizeGenetics comes with three price options:

SizeGenetics™ medical type 1 device – 1” & 2” Elongation bars – Comfort pad & strap – Instructional DVD

SizeGenetics™ medical type 1 device – 58 Way ultimate comfort system – 3 Sizes of elongation bars – Instructional DVD

Everything in comfort package – MDA multi-directional angling headpiece – NEW 3M advanced comfort plasters – Leather case – Lock & key – Travel case – Plenty other bonuses

SizeGenetics package

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male edge device


Although it is not built out of such durable materials as SizeGenetics, it is a very effective extender that is still comfortable to wear. The MaleEdge offers great value for the price.

The Male Edge (I have detailed review here) is the spiritual successor to the Jes Extender, which was one of the first penis extenders that was built in the 90s. The Male Edge was released in 2008 by the same company and has some slight improvements.

How does the Male Edge work? By using traction, the Male Edge can stretch your penis to make it wider and longer.

If used on a regular basis, the results from this traction can be permanent. While your penis is under tension, the cells will start to multiply and over time will allow your penis size to increase.

To achieve the best results it’s important to be consistent. Try and aim to use the device for at least 5 to 6 days a week for at least four hours a day.

Just like training your muscles at the gym, it’s important to take one day off in the week to allow your penis to rest and recover.


Click on the Image Above to Watch the Video


Permanent Gains
The increased length and girth gained by using this device will be permanent, and will remain with you for the rest of your life.

Fixes Penis Curvature
Curvature correction allows this device to help those who have a bent penis.

Easy to Adjust
Extending this device to the required length does not require much effort at all. Simply rotate the rods clockwise at the same time as pulling them outwards to your desired length.

Various Pressure Settings
The Male Edge gives you a lot of control over the amount of pressure that is applied when using the device. You can choose between three different settings, whereas most extenders will only have the option for one setting. This is perfect for those who want to ease into using the device, as well as those who are happy to start off at the most extreme setting.

One Size Fits All
This device is perfectly suited for any penis size regardless of how small or big it is. The front piece is able to be turned around if the penis is below 5 inches.


Material Not That Durable
The device is plastic, which means it will not be as cold as metal, but it definitely won’t be as strong in the long run.

Requires Some Practice
It can take a little time to get used to using this device; however, that is common with all penis extenders of this style.

Those who have used this device have noticed that after two weeks you will be able to see the size difference in your penis, even when flaccid. This is without using any additional methods or techniques, and by just using the device for at least three hours a day.

These testimonials have reported an average increase of 28% in length, as well as an average of 19% increase in girth. These gains are permanent. Curvature decrease by as much as 90% has also been recorded from using this device.


The Male Edge comes with three different price options.

Penis enlarger – Ruler – Product box – Rubber strap – Official programme – 1 Extra rubber strap

Penis enlarger – Ruler – Product box – Rubber strap – Official programme – 2 Extra rubber straps – 1 Protection pad

MALE EDGE PRO ($199.99)
Penis enlarger – Ruler – Product box – Rubber strap – Official programme – 4 Extra rubber straps – 2 Protection pads – 1 Cohesive gauze – 1 Instructional DVD

Male Edge Basic device

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original jes extender package


Jes extender has plenty of choices, when it comes to package deals. As of writing, there are six different packages that are available, which suit all ranges of income to allow this device to be as affordable as possible. We recommend either going for the cheapest option or the second most expensive, as you get the most for your money with those two.

The Jes Extender (detailed review here) is one of the original penis extenders from the 90s and has helped thousands of men since its release. This is the same company that released the Male Edge also.

This device enables the user to increase their length and girth of their penis. It can also help to treat other penal problems, like curvature. It’s FDA approved and has all of the basic attributes like comfort and convenience.

How does the Jes extender work?

Originally developed by Dr. Jorn Ege Siana, this device works through the process of making use of the body’s natural ability to divide and multiply cells from the pressure of gentle stretching. This is the same practice that plastic surgeons used to lengthen body parts that are shorter than their counterparts, like hands.


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Everything Supplied
You won’t need any other equipment or medication to get the desired results when using this device. Everything that you need will come with your supplied package.

Great Long-Term Data
As this is one of the oldest devices, it has the most data associated with it. Circumference has been seen to be increased by approximately 30%, as well as length up to 44%.

No Side-Effects
As long as you use this device within the recommended guidelines, there will be no side effects. No additional surgeries or medication will need to be taken. Once you’ve achieved your goal size, you can stop using this device altogether.

Approved By Doctors
This device has been medically approved by doctors. As this device has been out the longest, it has been trialed and tested the most and has been approved by doctors in several studies.

Comfortable & Safe
The protection pad added to this product ensures increased protection and the comfort strap enhances the comfort when wearing it for long periods of time.


Long Wearing Time
Due to the nature of this device, users will have to wear it for several hours a day consistently for 3 to 6 months, in order to achieve decent and permanent results.

Old-School Design
Technology has come a long way since the 90s, so while this is an effective product, it’s also the most primitive.

If using this device regularly for six months, you can expect to gain anywhere between 1 and 3 inches. As an average, most men achieved approximately 30% increase in their penis size after a 52 week period.


The Jes Extender comes with the most amount of purchasing options we have ever seen for this type of product.

Class 1 Medical Device – 2 Sizes of elongation bars – Rubber strap – Comfort pad – Instructional DVD

Everything in light standard – Special key for easy adjustment – Extra elongation bars – Wooden box

Everything in original standard package – 3 Sizes of titanium plated elongation bars – Aluminium case

There are three more expensive packages that offer various other bonuses and items.

jes extender logo

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phallosan forte package


Although the Phallosan Forte offers clinically proven gains thanks to its innovative technology, it is easier to harm yourself. However, it is a well-made product for its price.

This device is a lot different from the other ones that you’ll find in this guide, as the design has a condom-like sleeve and cap, rather than the clamp style that we are used to seeing. This device uses a three-way valve to make specific adjustments in pressure.

How does the Phallosan Forte work?

This device can be worn for at least several hours a day, due to the orthopedic belt which will stretch when needed. The penis gets lengthened due to the suction from the vacuum that this device creates.

The protective cap gets placed on the head of the penis to make sure no irritation is caused, as well as to help create the vacuum seal. The user then places his penis into the bell-shaped device, and then should extract the air out of it to create the seal.



Click on the Image Above to Watch the Video


Potential to Wear During Sleep
Although most penis extenders are comfortable enough to wear, they will still limit you to what you can and cannot do while wearing one. The manufacturer states that this device is safe enough to wear when you have gone to sleep, as it will not fall off when you toss and turn in the night. The rubber skin may need replacing overtime, though.

Fits Any Penis Size
This device is comfortable enough to wear during the day, and it also accommodates all penis shapes and sizes, so there is no worry that it may not fit.

Clinically Tested
This device has been out a while, and studies and clinical tests were conducted in 2005 with positive results. Therefore, this product is clinically proven to be effective.


Higher Risk of Injury
It’s important that during the first week when using device, you don’t add too much tension on your penis. Too much tension can cause long-term injury.

Need of Regular Readjustment
It’s imperative that you adjust the device now and then throughout the day, as the bell cap can sometimes get a little too tight.

Can Make Squeaky Sounds
When adjusting, it can sometimes make strange squeaky sounds. There is nothing to worry about it doesn’t mean that there is anything at fault, but is understandable that if a device is making a noise near your manhood that it can cause concern.

Results will vary from person to person, especially as this device can have a lot more user error than others in the same category. However, user testimonials have shown that the average growth should be between 1 and 2 inches after a six month period.

Again, these results are permanent.


The Phallosan Forte has only one price option, which is refreshing to see. They package everything that is essential into one option.

Elastic belt – Foam-rubber ring – Buckle – 3 Sizes of suction bells ith sleeves – Protector cap – Tension clip – Suction ball – Instructions – Measuring template


Vimax Extender


Vimax offers the most primitive device without any bonuses. This makes it incredibly affordable but it lacks various comfort options that are crucial for long-term usage.

This product is popular for a different reason than most. It’s incredibly primitive and has no added bonuses, which makes it one of the cheapest options available. While it may not be the comfiest, it will certainly get the job done.

How does the Vimax Extender work?

This device will achieve results by adding constant pressure to the penis, which will allow the tissue to stretch. This will allow cell division to take place and over time your penis will become longer and wider.

It’s a long process but the gains will be permanent. During the first week or so it’s advisable to only use this device 30 minutes a day. After the initial first weeks, it’s safe to add an additional hour a day to every week that you use it until you reach up to 8 hours a day.


Low Price
The main advantage to use this product over any of the others that we have listed previously, is that it’s incredibly cheap in comparison.

Still Comfortable
Regardless of its low price, you should experience no pain at all when using this device. It will be comfortable enough to get the desired results that you are looking for.


Lacks Comfort Customizations
Unlike other options, the Vimax Extender does not come with a lot of comfort customization. It is possible to add additional foam yourself, though, to cut costs.

Frequent Use Required
Just like other devices of this nature, to receive optimal results, you will need to use this device almost every day.

This device works as well as some of the top of the range penis extenders, as long as you follow the instructions properly. If you work up to using this device for up to 6 hours a day, you can expect to receive a 28% average increase in size.

The statistics are very comparable to products that are over twice the price, so it’s up to you whether you want to use a basic product or whether you want to splash out on something that has a little more comfort. Either way, you will receive good results.


This device has one purchasing option but will allow you to buy two different types of pills that will help you in your goals. The pills aren’t required, and can be deselected.

Extender device – Various extension rods – User manual – Extra rubber strap – Extra protection pad – Travel package

Vimax pills featured image

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quickextender pro


The Quick Extender Pro is one of the better brands on the market these days. It offers a variety of packages and delivers very promising results. The bad side is that it uses noose based system for stretching.

Quick Extender Pro is a US made device that claims to be the best selling penis extender in the whole world. It uses a double strap support system which is essentially two medical grade silicone tubes, which will hold your penis into place for additional support and comfort.

With this type of extender, support is often lacking. How does the Quick Extender Pro work?

This device will achieve results by stretching penis tissue via pressure that is applied. This will encourage new cells to grow and the result will be a longer and thicker penis. If used correctly, the process is completely pain-free which will mean that it will be comfortable to wear in the long term.

Although there are two different programs to choose from, it’s important to note that the best results come from the amount of hours you are using the device, not just how many days.


Click on the Image Above to Watch the Video


More Comfortable System
The double-strap system makes what is essentially a basic concept, a lot more comfortable and versatile.

Medical Grade Materials
The device is manufactured using medical grade high-quality materials which makes a very sturdy product and allows for hours of continual use.

Various Packages
There’s quite a wide spread of prices in this product line, which allows people on a budget to purchase the bare essentials.

Attractive Guarantee Policy
There is a six-month money back guarantee as well as a lifetime guarantee on workmanship.


Replacements Parts Are Scarce
Although two straps is an advantage for comfort, it’s a disadvantage when you need to sort out replacements.

Replacement Parts Are Expensive
It’s easy to order replacements although they are quite expensive for what they are.

User testimonials have shown that it’s possible to add approximately 36% onto your total length within a six month period. Within the first couple months, it is common for men to add an inch. Girth has also been reported to get increased, but not in the same ratio as length.


There are three purchasing options available with this product.

Device – Instructions – Carrying case – 2 Silicone tubes – 2 Foam pads

Device – Instructions – Carrying case – 6 Silicone tubes – 6 Foam pads – Rizer XL™ pills – Bonus DVD

Device – Instructions – Carrying case – 12 Silicone tubes – 12 Foam pads – Rizer XL™ pills – Bonus DVD – Spare parts – 5 Bonuses


main package of euro extender


The Euro Extender seems like just an average option. It does not seem like it excels in many aspects. The material used and comfort provided is average. Some people report complicated set-up and usage.

This device comes packaged with an enlargement pill and exercise program, not just the device itself. They claim that this will allow your penis to grow up to 4 inches in length with a girth increase of 35%.

This device works similarly to other extenders and will allow your penis size to grow by gentle stretching. The pills will then improve the blood flow of your new size.

How does the Euro Extender work?

As is the standard with extenders of this caliber, you have to wear this device on a regular basis. It will apply a small amount of pull to your penis which will allow it to expand the tissue.

Using the male enhancing supplement that is provided will also help with blood circulation, as well as to improve your testosterone levels. The package also includes several penis-related exercises that have been proven to help reach your goals a lot faster.


Complex Approach
It’s possible to achieve 2 to 4 inches by using this product, with the help of the pills and exercises.

Girth increases of 35% as well as length increases of 33% have been recorded.

Sex Drive & Stamina Boost
Using a combination of everything in the package, your sex drive and stamina should increase. The pill that is packaged has been reported to help with premature ejaculation.

Good Warranty
This product comes with a six-month money back guarantee, as well as a lifetime warranty for breaks.


More Complicated to Use
Some users have reported that this device is a little bit more complicated than other extenders. If someone finds it difficult to use and operate, they will likely end up not using it for the required amount of time.

You Need to Take Pills
Some may be put off by having to take an additional pill to improve results.

User testimonials seem to show an average increase of approximately 2.5 inches when using just the device. Some customers have reported gaining more than 4 inches when using this extender with the additional pills that are provided with the most expensive package.

However, there is no safe way to proof these numbers. From my own research, the realistic medium-term gains you can expect are between 1-2 inches.


Although there are two purchasing options, the second one doesn’t have any additional equipment and is just for the pills and a few spare components.

DEVICE ONLY ($99.95)
Enlargement device – 2 Extension bars with tension springs – Comfort strap – Instructions

Enlargement device – 8 Extension bars with tension springs – 2 Comfort straps – Instructions – Sinrex pills – Penis enlargement exercises – 2 Memory foam pads – 17 Bonuses


new sizegenetics last offer image

Click Here to See Before & After Pictures from Official Website

There is a lot of evidence and testimonials to support the success that these devices can give you, because at first glance it’s likely that you would assume that anything related to penis size is a con.

Junk mail box, I’m looking at you! What is also nice to see is that all devices, regardless of their price, will yield similar results.

Few shopping tips:

  • The additional price that you pay for these products is usually down to the quality of materials and the amount of comfort present when wearing it.
  • Another factor to consider is that some of these packages either have enhancement pills in as standard, or as an added extra.

These pills do seem to give greater results; it’s important that you consult with your doctor before taking any supplement, especially as each company seems to have their own supplement brand.


Have Loose Clothing
It’s possible to wear penis extenders throughout the day, as long as you have loose clothing.

Increase Wearing Time Gradually
Although best results are achieved from wearing it for up to 8 hours a day, please work up to that amount of time. You wouldn’t try and lift the heaviest weights in a gym the first time you went, would you?

Avoid Noose Based Devices
Try to avoid noose-based devices as these are not safest for penis enlargement.

Aim for Comfort
Comfort is the most important thing to think about, so try and purchase the most comfortable product that you can afford.

Avoid Wearing It in Bed
It’s possible to get your bedsheets caught when wearing your device during the night, so it’s advisable to only wear it during the day.

Take Break
Just like training your muscles, you need to give yourself a break once a week to allow yourself to recover.

Avoid Sores
If you see sores, don’t be alarmed. That simply means that you are trying to do too much too soon. As soon as you take the extender off, the redness should go.



Click on The Image Above to See Demonstration of How to Use MaleEdge Device

Before you use any device, it’s important that you make your penis semi-erect. This way you will be to be able to fasten the device on properly.

Here are few simple steps you need to follow:

  1. Once you are semi-erect, place the device over the penis.
  2. The plastic ring base should anchor onto your pelvis and is the first thing to secure.
  3. Then put on the silicon ring around the head of your penis.
  4. Adjust the two bars that run down the length of your penis to achieve the correct level of traction.

It’s likely that you’ll feel uncomfortable, but as long as it’s not painful then it has been set up correctly.

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There is one easy example to illustrate how these devices work. Just imagine a weightlifter lifting weights. The more he lifts, the heavier his weights should become.

This will allow his muscles to become bigger and stronger.

Lifting weights will cause micro tears in the muscle and allow for cell duplication. As the muscle heals, it will become stronger and larger and be able to hold more blood.

Penis extender tools work in a similar way.

Luckily, you won’t be curling weights with your manhood.

After applying one of these devices to your penis, it will constantly apply a gentle stretch. This painless stretching will cause micro tears within your soft tissue. During the minor healing process, your body will create new healthy cells.

This will allow your penis to become larger and be able to hold more blood. This means that you will enjoy harder erections too.

Keep in mind that every device has different traction ratings. Although it’s no surprise that the higher the traction, the quicker the results. Yet it’s important that you don’t go past any of the manufacturers recommended usage. Doing this could permanently damage your penis.

It’s also worth knowing that by using these extenders the results you gain will be permanent.


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