UPDATE MAY 2015: I have added sources of user testimonials and video comparisons to Penomet in the second half of this article!

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Also known as male enhancement pumps, these products are still considered by a broad public as a taboo subject! Therefore, these products are often missing thorough reviews and tests. As a result, many knock off and even dangerous gadgets have entered the market.

So where does Bathmate fall on the spectrum of terrible to useful? You will find out your answer in just a few minutes.

IN SUMMARY, Here Is What You’ll Discover in This Review:
  • What Is Bathmate Hydro Pump?
  • Who Created the Product?
  • Thing You Have to Know Before You Buy It!
  • How Does It Work? + Detailed List 5 Popular Models
  • 9 Great Accessories
  • Tricks and Techniques You Just Have to See!
  • 6 Tips and Instructions: How to Use This Pump Properly
  • My List of Pros vs. Cons
  • Video USER FEEDBACK with Positive and Negative Reviews!
  • The Best Place to Get It!
  • Further Resources That Will Help You!

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Design & Main Features of Bathmate Pumps

BathMate Pump Description

This penis pump falls into the category of male enhancement products that will gradually improve your width and length from both short-term (temporary) and long-term (permanent) perspective!

It is composed of several parts, including an elongated cylinder that is connected to a rubber circle that is often called gaiter. The cylinder features an opening at the far end through which you will insert your penis inside.

Pay attention: The main reason this pump is so much safer and effective than ordinary vacuum pumps is the fact that it uses water to distribute the suction power of vacuum evenly across your penis!

5 Models You Can Choose!

Model #1 – The Hercules ($109.93)

BathMate Hercules product specifications

This is the most affordable and longest selling hydro pump suitable to use both in shower and bath! Many users recommend buying the Hercules model first before moving up to something larger.

Pay attention: There is a general idea among customers to start small, and slowly work your way up to bigger models to make your size grow effectively!

Model #2 – The Goliath ($193.00)

BathMate Goliath product specifications

The second model on this list is basically the same. The only difference is in its measurements, as Goliath is 30% larger!

It was developed in response to the customers who requested a larger penis pump that can be easily used by lucky guys with the size over 9 inches.

Pay attention: This model is made from stainless steel, quality polycarbonate, and rubber materials. Although it is more expensive, it is still a product worth investing in.

Model #3 – The Hydromax X30 ($158.00)

BathMate Hydromax X30 product specifications

The Hydromax is the newest versions of a Bathmate pump on the market right now that has over 50 new features in comparison to original models. Although X30 is almost the same size as the Hercules model, its water capacity is slightly higher.

Pay attention: Thanks to the innovations made to its gaiter and valve, Hydromax version has significantly more suction that makes your efforts 35% more effective.

Model #4 – The Hydromax X40 ($193.00)

BathMate Hydromax X40 product specifications

There is almost no difference between both X-versions. The Hydromax X40 (as X30) has all the new features and is offering the ultimate hydro technology for the most effective size gains.

It is 15% bigger than the original X30 model and is made only from the high-quality materials!

Pay attention: Hydromax models are based on the Bellows Pump system that offers 35% better suction for better gains and more comfortable use.

Model #5 – The X30 & X40 Xtreme ($299.90 – $349.92)

Image of Bathmate Hydromax Xtreme X40 & X30
Source: BathmateDirect.com

This company has released even the Xtreme versions of Hydromax models. These packages include everything you need to achieve maximum growth in the most comfortable way!

Both X30 and X40 Xtreme packages include:

  • Hydro-pump (X30 or X40)
  • Black discreet case for carrying
  • Shower strap
  • Comfort insert pad
  • Hose attachment with handball pump
  • Sponge for cleaning
  • Security lock
  • Lube
  • Measuring gauge

However, you have to expect to pay more for Xtreme packages as the X30 costs $299.90 and the X40 costs $349.92!

Pay attention: With a globally patented design, these are the most powerful pumps made by this company! There is also a vast array of discounted packages you can choose from on the official website.

9 Great Accessories to Make Your Use Comfortable

The company sells a lot of items that can be used to enhance the basic Bathmate models. They cost between $10.00 – $49.99 per item and include:

  • Capsule Cases & Comfort Pads
  • Measuring Gauge & Various Inserts
  • Lube & Cleaning Kit with Brush
  • Shower Strap & 3 Pleasure Rings

Pay attention: Trust me and get your hands at least on the shower strap, measuring gauge, and comfort pads. These will make your usage much more comfortable, and the price of each is not that high in comparison to actual pump!

7-Step Instructional Guide to Use This Pump Properly


Click on the Image Above to Watch the Video

To use your Bathmate with success, you need to follow these simple steps:

  1. Take a shower or a bath.
  2. Submerge your pump under water. Wait until it is completely filled.
  3. Once it is filled and while still keeping it under the water surface, insert your member in it.
  4. Press the end of this gadget to your pelvis to ensure as much of your shaft is inside as possible.
  5. Start pumping and check out whether you are losing any suction. Trust me that it would be noticeable!
  6. If pressure holds, continue. You will feel the tension growing inside your penis, and you may need to re-pump every couple of minutes to sustain it.
  7. Wait for no more than 20 minutes before releasing!

The visual effect should be immediate and last for a few hours. You could try using this product before sex to increase pleasure for you and your partner. What is more, it is common for users to do this once per day as part of a long-term routine to permanently increase their penile size!

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4 Pros I Love About This Pump

  1. Safe pressure levels – A pure vacuum does not cause the suction itself. Therefore, it should not build up to a point where it is unhealthy or dangerous.
  2. Permanent growth – Many people around the internet reports significant temporary enlargement of both their penile length as well as girth that gradually becomes permanent with consistent use!
  3. Fast temporary results – In just around 15 minutes of its usage you can see impressive temporary gains!
  4. Working ejaculation – Finally, no issues with cumming and orgasms are reported.

3 Cons I Really Hate

  1. Need to re-pump – To maintain proper suction power, you will need to re-pump frequently during the use of this product in your tub.
  2. Requires water – You have to use it in a bath or shower as if you will use it without liquids, your results will be smaller.
  3. Time-consuming – The whole process can become boring after some time as doing this will take you a lot of your time.

Pay attention: There are some side-effects and health issues you can experience, but these are seen only after misuse or overuse of this product!

Top 3 Sources of Bathmate Results, Testimonials with Before & After Photos

UPDATE November 2014 – I have added testimonials for this hydro pump from various forums and youtube videos.

Source #1 – Video on Week 4 Results with Before & After Pictures (3:17 Minutes)


Source #2 – User Larrypinball from MattersOfSize.com

mattersofsize bathmate user feedback

Source #3 – User Vincent Van Cock from ThundersPlace.org

Thunderplace feedback

There is little feedback that is negative besides the price and the fact that there is no way to try the device out before making your purchase!

Pay attention: Although it may shock you, the vast majority of user feedback I was able to find is positive. Many guys provide info on their gains over the course of months, showing a trend of permanent slow growth over time!

The Best Place to Get These Pumps with Huge Discounts!

This water based pump is for sale on many e-shops around the internet. However, there are reports that many scammy websites sell you counterfeit and potentially dangerous versions of this product.

Therefore, I can only recommend getting Bathmate only from its official website! Not only will you be able to choose from 3 cool cylinder colors (blue, red, and clear), you will get the best customer support system for your pump as well.

Available discounts and coupon codes:

  1. T0IG4 – $25.00 Saving for visitors of Canadian website Bathmate.ca who purchase the Hydromax Xtreme model.
  2. K3L$P33D – Save up to $15.00 while making your purchase on Bathmateshop.us!

Pay attention: I have not tried any of the above offers so I can not ensure you that they will work and that you will receive the original product. Be extremely careful when purchasing from a second-hand sellers or online sites like eBay. Beware the numerous forgeries!

Final Verdict: Does Bathmate Work & Is This Pump Worth Your Money?

bathmate last offer image

From my personal point of view, I have to conclude that Bathmate is among the top elite penis pumps on the market these days. It works very well from a short- as well as long-term perspective and offers quite cool results.

I personally am not afraid to spend my hard-earned money on this product. However, I suggest to buy it only from the official website to be sure to avoid being ripped off!

With all available research saying that Bathmate is either a good or neutral product and the company´s 60-day guarantee, you risk absolutely nothing with your purchase!

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ #1: Can I use Bathmate without water?

Yes, this pump can be used even without water. However, for a successful penis enlargement, it is rather pointless to rely on this method.

Not only is it significantly less effective, but this way also makes it much harder to get a proper seal to create air vacuum.

Pay attention: There is one model – Hydromax Xtreme – that comes with a ball pump making the creation of an air suction a breeze.

FAQ #2: Is there a time limit to how long I can pump each day?

Yes, guys, there are limits to your pumping sessions – especially if you are a beginner. To not get injured, follow these general rules for best results:

  • Pump no more than 15-20 minutes per session
  • Use it five days each week with two days off
  • Take around 24-hours pause between each pumping sessions

You should not overdo your sessions as your body needs enough time to regenerate and grow your penile tissues. If you do not take enough rest time, you will see no changes.

FAQ #3: Help! How can I stop my testicles from getting sucked into the tube when pumping?

This is a very common problem among beginners who are experimenting with this pump. Luckily, there are several things you can do to prevent this from happening:

  • Stretch your scrotum so your balls will hang below the gaiter
  • Try universal pumping sleeves ($14.99) from Xtreme Restraints to stop the suction of your balls completely

Keep in mind: You never want to put your balls in the pump. This may cause some serious pain and health issues if done improperly.

FAQ #4: Will the Bathmate work for me even if I have 5 inches or less?

There is a general rule to follow – if you have a smaller starting size of your penis, you should go for a smaller model (such as Hercules or a Hydromax X30).

As you will follow a daily routine, you will gain in both girth and length. In the end, you will need to switch to a bigger unit (such as Hydromax X40 or a Goliath).

FAQ #5: What lube can I use with this pump?

In general, there is no need to use Bathmate with lube. However, some guys prefer to add some on its base for a perfect seal against your skin and on glans to avoid irritation.

You can use it with almost any type of lube, but experts recommend a brand called Pjur.

FAQ #6: Does it hurt to use Bathmate?

No, you should not feel any pain when using this pump with common sense and not applying too much pressure.

Remember that this product is made of high-quality materials that minimize the risk of injury.

Pay attention: If you experience any pain or an uncomfortable tension, you should stop your session immediately.

FAQ #7: How should I clean the Bathmate? Does it need special care?

Cleaning your pump is a very easy process. All you have to do is fill your sink with water. Then you need to put your pump inside (make sure the whole device is covered with water) and add a sterilizer tablet.

Then let it sit for about 20 minutes, rinse your pump with lukewarm water, and dry it with a clean towel. No other special care is needed.

FAQ #8: My Bathmate Hydromax X30 is leaking air through the valve! Is it broken?

If your device is leaking any air or water through the upper valve, you may have a defective product or a stuck vent. It can be fixed by placing Bathmate on a table (any flat surface will suffice).

Then you need to pump all air out until it sticks to it. If this does not fix your issue, then you may have a permanently damaged product.

FAQ #9: How about shipping? Is it discreet and worldwide?

Luckily, the official product company ships this product worldwide. The package they are using is very discreet, and nothing indicates its content.

All orders should be shipped in just two working days and your delivery time will depend on your location.

bathmate last offer image

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