Often more common among men that are aged between 40 and 60 years old, Peyronie’s disease (PD) is a medical condition that affects the shaft of the penis.

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If left without diagnosis it can gradually worsen, causing a bending of ones cock, pain and difficulty either getting an erection or maintaining one (impotence).

What Causes It?

The male reproductive organ is more of a complicated structure than it would first appear, and it basically has three separate sections, or cylinders, which are covered by levels of body tissue and then skin.

On each side there is the Corpora Cavernosa, a cylindrical structure that allows for erection by becoming filled with blood. This then makes your phallus more rigid by filling the gap between the Corpora Cavernosa and the Tunica Albuginea, the inflexible outer covering.

When a man is suffering from PD, lumps of hard and fibrous material form inside the Tunica Albuginea enlarge and can become tender to the touch. During an erection, this causes penile shaft to enlarge unevenly and hence the typical bending appearance.

These Are Its First Signs

Typically, the initial signs that a man will be able to notice are:

  • Discomfort – A certain level of discomfort or pain in their dick.
  • Slight bending – Or you may notice a bend in the shaft that worsens overtime.

Or you can start to notice both these main symptoms simultaneously. There is no real definitive answer to why some dudes suffer from this disorder, and others do not, however, experts believe that there could be a genetic link for some cases.

This issue also seems more prevalent among guys that have suffered an injury of some kind to the penis, as well as those who have high-blood pressure and diabetes. More precisely, it affects, on average, about 0.5 to 1% of the adult population, although it has been stated that for those aged over 40, that may rise to 4%.

The Symptoms

There are three main indications that you might have this nasty condition:

  • Lumpy shaft – One of the first warning signs that a man should look out for when it comes to PD, is a lump, or a series of these inside penile shaft, although this may not happen rapidly, and it can take as long as a 18 months to peak.
  • Pain – An additional symptom and one that 2 out of 3 men will encounter is a pain in their cocks. This can vary from mild to severe, however, in a lot of cases, it should subside without the need for serious medical attention.
  • Bending – The third and final symptom, and one that can be the most inconvenient, is the bending of your dick.

How Peyronie’s Disease Can Affect The Sufferer

Apart from the pain and discomfort associated with the disorder, there are a number of additional problems that can arise:

  • Captain hook – The first is the cosmetic appearance of ones reproductive organ, as this can cause it to bend quite dramatically. Aside from the fact that it does not look particularly aesthetically pleasing, it can affect the ability of the sufferer to have sexual intercourse.
  • Impotence – This is another side-effect of PD that can range in severity, from mild to severe. A lot of dudes will notice that they may have problems maintaining an erection, whilst other may not be able to achieve it at all. Again, this can cause problems with completing sexual intercourse satisfactorily, or even render the act impossible.

Its Effective Treatment

Getting rid of Peyronie is a point of contention among some medical experts, and this is due to the fact that there is limited evidence of the effectiveness of possible solutions and cures for this disease. That being said, any remedy for sufferers from PD whilst it is still in its early stages is certainly worth considering.

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These are valid to situation when PD is still only a lump on your phallus, and treatment should be targeted at:

  • Reduction of its size.
  • The discomfort and pain.
  • The deformity of your phallus.

1. Basic Medical Substances

(Do not try to self-medicate yourself and always consult any cure or method with expert and medical professional).

One of the first treatments involves:

  • Potassium Aminbenzoate & extra vitamin E – Although this method has not been clinically proven to show a marked improvement, in some cases there seems to have been a noticeable reduction in the size of the lump, in addition to which there are no side-effects.
  • Tamoxifen – One of the better medicines that are currently being used is Tamoxifen. This medication has seen significant improvements in the early stages of this disease, with over three-quarters of men noticing a drop in the pain and discomfort. A third of these have noticed a reduction in the deformity and the lump size within their Tunica Albuginea.

2. Surgery

Three Surgeons Doing Penis SurgeryFor those dudes who are suffering from PD for a significant amount of time, surgery can be the answer to severe deformity of their shafts.

However, this should be limited to those who suffer from it for more than 12 months, with no noticeable change in the condition for at least three months.

Cutting out the lump is one way to go, however, if the curvature and impotence still persist, then the only course of action will be the insertion of a penile prosthesis.

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In Conclusion

It seems that Peyronie’s disease varies, from case to case, with a lot of guys not requiring treatment, nor will they discover that they have problems with their sexual performance.

However, there is a propensity for such dudes to be prone to other outbreaks of this disorder later in life.