9 Types of Female Orgasm You Have to Know


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Who doesn’t want to be the best lover on the block? Well, if you want to become her sex god you need to learn about all orgasms your lady can experience!

Luckily, we have collected quite a bit of information here about the nine orgasms that almost every woman can experience!

But first, do girls cum? – Yes of course (Helpful comments from Reddit)

“From my understanding, the reason why there is pee in the fluid that was squirted is because both urine and the cum/liquid that comes out during squirting come out of the same hole and thus traces of urine are found in the liquid. As a girl who squirts during sex I am 99.99% sure it is not pee.

After sex I always pee (for sanitary reasons) and despite a good amount of fluid coming out from there via “squirting” I can always pee and trust me the two look and smell nothing alike.

As a girl who was beyond freaked the first time it happened thinking I had peed on my bf, I read up on this quite a bit with varying results. Also people’s perceptions are skewed because of the images seen in porn of girls squirting across mass of amounts of liquid across the room, which from my own experience is not a true/accurate representation.

Although to better answer your question, in some ways it can be explained as a woman cumming as it normally happens at the height of arousal/orgasm.”

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Did you know that in couples who are looking to have children, the female orgasm can be a powerful way to make conception more likely?

The Female Orgasm Explained – Great Video

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9 Types of Female Orgasms You Need to Know About

Type #9 – The Clitoral Orgasm

the clitoral orgasm

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A clitoral orgasm is one of the easiest orgasms to achieve on this list. Often, all you need to do is to stimulate her clit – the main nerve center of female reproductive organs!

You can find it at the top of her outer labia and stimulate it in a wide variety of ways, using toys, fingers, friction, and vibrations!

Pay attention: Did you know that younger women reach clitoral climax much more easily? If your lady has problems to achieve pleasure peaks, in general, try to use sex toys or encourage her in masturbation to take the edge off and know her body better!

Learn more about clitoris here: Female Clitoris: Surprising Facts and Tips You Have to Know

Type #8 – The Vaginal Orgasm

the vaginal orgasm

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The second orgasm on this list is called vaginal. You can give it to her during regular sex or while playing with a vibrator. Powerful on its own, this can be even multiplied in its strength when paired with clitoral stimulation to create blended climax (see the type #8 at the end of this article).

Keep in mind: Older women are more prone to having this kind of a climax. However, in most cases, it will take you a lot of time and experience to make a woman experience a pure vaginal pleasure peak!

Type #7 – The Famous G-Spot Orgasm

the g spot orgasm

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G-spot is another fantastic way for you to explore pleasure potential of your girlfriend´s body. The first thing you need to do is to locate the Gräfenberg spot inside her vagina.

The easiest way for you to give this type of climax to your girl is to use your fingers or a special G-spot sex toy!

Please note: In some cases, you will need to use vibrators specifically designed to reach this place as it may be hidden further back in her vagina! Therefore, it may take some serious exploration before you discover it but believe me that it will be worth your efforts.

Video Guide to Her G-Spot

Awesome tips on G-spot are here: The Ultimate Guide to G-Spot

Type #6 – The Uncommon A-Spot Orgasm

the a spot orgasm

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The fourth type on this list is also known as the deep spot orgasm. The area you need to stimulate to achieve this climax is located on the anterior wall of her vagina, very deep from its opening!

Therefore, you may have problems reaching it in traditional ways unless you have an enormous penis! Therefore, you should try various toys that are specially meant for its stimulation.

My extra advice: Your girl should firstly try to achieve it alone before she will introduce it to your bedroom play! There are even efficient penis enlargement techniques for permanent gains!

Type #5 – The Simple U-Spot Orgasm

u spot orgasm

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The u-spot represents the opening of the urethra in her vagina. To locate it, massage the spot right below the clitoris gently, while following these tips:

  • Do not apply too much pressure and she should be swooning in no time.
  • Use your tongue or the tip of your penis for stimulation

My extra advice: The best way for you to stimulate this area is with extra lubrication and clitoral play!

Type #4 – The Deep-Spot Orgasm

the deep spot orgasm

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This location is technically the same as the A-spot. It is located near the deepest point of the anterior wall of her vagina. Its stimulation usually leads to a significant production of natural lubrication and a very intense pleasure!

Keep in mind: You could practice its stimulation on a daily basis to make it more likely your girl will cum! You may give her this type of pleasure either by classical intercourse (if you have a large penis) or you can use a toy!

Type #3 – The Well-Known Squirting Orgasm

the squirting orgasm text

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Yes, even girls can squirt like us – guys! This occurs when fluid is ejected from her vagina during incredibly intense orgasm. However, this fluid is not urine, as some people have speculated, but, instead, sexual fluids!

To make her squirt, you both need to have a lot of experience and a precise knowledge of all her erogenous zones! The sensitivity of both her g-spot and clitoris will also play a huge role.

Keep in mind: For some girls, squirting may take quite a bit of practice while for others it is easily achieved after having few climaxes of other types already. You should read my review of incredible video lessons to making her squirt easily!

Type #2 – The Blended Orgasm

the blended orgasm

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If you can combine various types of climaxes from this list at the same time, you will give her the blended orgasm! Most often, this happens as a combination of clitoral and vaginal pleasure peaks!

Although it may take some effort and practice on your part, the insane pleasure your girl will experience when she finally reach it may very well pay off.

Pay attention: It is just up to you and your skill! Do not limit yourself to only the one combination as there is huge variety to choose from.

Type #1 – The Multiple Orgasms

the multiple orgasm

If you can give her more climaxes during sex, she will achieve multiple orgasms! This can be reached by stimulation of more erogenous zones on her body.

With some women (who are extremely orgasmic) it is very easy to reach while with others it is more problematic.

Keep in mind: Sometimes, achieving multiple climaxes can take years of sexual practice. You can increase its likelihood by incorporating toys, or striving to make her cum at least once in some other way before actual sex.

5 Tips for Easier Climax!

In general, if you want to make your girl cum much more quickly, you need to apply these tips:

  1. Use heavy foreplay!
  2. Talk dirty to her!
  3. Learn what she loves and fantasize about!
  4. Get the best sex toys for women!
  5. Be willing to try new things and experiment!

Just don’t stop at comfortable. Be willing to push each other to experiment with various new things, either alone or together!

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        One tip that works for me whenever I am very close to ejaculating is to think about a soccer match! It may sound funny to some but I instantly stop being excited in a sexual sense and I postpone my ejaculation. I can do this several times in the same night. The trick is to make sure I do it before the point of no return 😉

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      That is great point John! If you try to play with her A-Spot, then do this slowly, carefully and gently!

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      No Lebron you are right. I have heard a lot of claims that women love the stimulation of the upper right side of their clit.

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  • AnonymousCowardess

    Squirting comes from the Skenes glands, not the vagina, and may or may not involve climax. But will usually precede a good orgasm.

    Ant the urethral opening is not I repeat not in the vagina, it is above the vaginal opening, below the clit.

    Shocked you did not mention the anal orgasm. Done right, anal can hit the tendrils of the clitoris and the back of the g spot simultaneously, causing intense orgasms.

    It goes without saying that there will be anatomical differences, so not every orgasm is reached by every woman.
    Case in point: been with my partner for 9 years now, and have a very healthy sex life. Been sexually active for 12 years, and just last week, in the most unexpected moment ever, I managed to squirt all over both my hand and his manbits during sex from behind. We’ve done it hundreds of times, so I was both shocked and embarrassed when it happened. I quickly told him it was not pee, but he was already well aware of it, and quite into it.
    Now, I can seem to relax to that point nearly every time. In the 6 times since, I’ve squirted 4 times. It always precedes an intense multiple and combined orgasm by about 3-5 seconds. But that’s just me!