Spanking is both fun and exciting. If you’re a man reading this, you need to make sure she is into some ass-slapping first, or she may run the other way.

Just remember that her ass is a very sensitive erogenous zone whose stimulation will make her dripping wet with excitement.

Are you new to this practice or want a few tips to improve your techniques? Read on to learn what you should and shouldn’t do.

The Real BDSM: Inside a Dungeon with a Dominatrix

Set The Dominant & Submissive Roles

Tip #1

Each spanking experience will require a dominant and a submissive partner. When you’re the one who is in charge, she will often be the submissive one.

The most often scenario is that she’s been a bad girl, and you are “punishing” her for just how bad she has been.

Discuss which one of these roles you and your partner like the best! All you need to do next is to let your imagination going at full speed with naughty thoughts and scenarios.

Set a Safe Word

Tip #2

Always set a safe word that she will say in a case things go over her acceptable limits. This can be any word, but you must pay attention to it.

Keep in mind that she can act as a submissive who wants you to stop for as long as she wants until she says a pre-agreed safe word.

Some couples even like to play rough and virtually force their partner into various sex techniques when they pre-agree who is going to be dominant and who submissive.

Warm Up Her Butt First

Tip #3

Instead of being too eager and start spanking her hard right away, you want to take it slow at the beginning. Swat her butt lightly so she feels only a soft stinging sensation!

This will allow her cheeks to get used to the spank and act as a safeguard. After a few slaps, you can increase your strength gradually.

Increasing the force behind each subsequent slap gradually will give her an opportunity to tell you whether you are punishing her too hard or not.

Various Spanking Techniques

Build Up Some Anticipation

Tip #4

Slapping her ass too fast can cause significant discomfort that will turn her off in the end. Instead, you want to take a break between each swat.

Let’s look at an example:

  1. Give her 2 or 3 spanks in a row.
  2. Kiss her back, rub her lady parts.
  3. Then slap her ass again.

Although it can be very erotic and fun, when you add in kissing her back, rubbing her lady parts or talking dirty, it will bring this whole experience to a new level!

Provide Different Types of Sensations

Tip #5

Spanking is an art. In fact, the position of your hand and the way you hold it can make a big difference. You want to slap her good, but you also want to change up your techniques to make it a little more fun.

Therefore, you should try these:

  1. Cupped palm with fingers together – This is an excellent way to increase the noise produced during a spank without actually increasing the level of pain.
  2. Flat palm with relaxed fingers – A flat palm with relaxed fingers makes more of a slapping noise, and it also adds to the pain level of a swat. This is where the real stinging sensation will be felt!

Alternating between these techniques is fun. Starting with first and moving into the second works great if you’re trying to build up anticipation or warm up her butt gradually.

Alternate Between Various Techniques

Tip #6

Making spanking exciting and fun experience for her is essential. Therefore, you need to give her a mixture of soft and stinging sensations.

A few great ways to do this is by:

  • Swats or slaps – This is the standard spank we’re used to. You can experience with different techniques for extra fun.
  • Caresses – Grab her ass and caress it. This is great for fun and harder caresses can even get her into a naughty mood.
  • Rubbing – From behind, you’ll be able to rub her butt and vagina. Make this a good way to cool-down or use it as a way to turn her on really hard!

Always alternate between various sensations to make your game more unpredictable and exciting for her.

Experiment With Household Items

Tip #7

Now, if you’re really into spanking and want to get serious, you can do so with style! You can use either professional toys or even just ordinary household items.

These include:

  • Paddles
  • Whips and floggers
  • Long wooden spoons and spatulas
  • Belts for more rough play
  • Wet towels (this will hurt)
  • Plastic rulers (be careful these hurt a lot)
  • Hairbrushes with long wooden ends

If you like dominatrix play, you can also add in leather outfits, ball gags or handcuffs to make your night even more exciting.

Add Dirty Talk to It

Tip #8

Finally, the trick you can use to make spanking a much better experience for your partner is to add a bit of a dirty talk into the mix. You need to realize that you’re “punishing” her for a reason – to be erotic and dominant!

Obviously, she’s been bad, so whisper into her ear something dirty! If she’s submissive, you can also throw in words such as “you like it rough” or “is that what you want?

If you are not sure how to talk dirty to her without ruining the mood, then I highly recommend you to check out this article – The Advanced Guide to Talking Dirty.