If you are looking for the craziest pizza pick up lines then you will love this article. Although you may never use these in real life if you are a real pizza lover, you will laugh a lot.

We have created a huge list of ready-to-use examples you can use in both verbal and electronic communication.

Pizza Lines

Choose One From Examples Below

1. “When I look at you I suddenly felt the hunger that even pizza could not satisfy.”

2. “Don’t want to be cheesy but, if you have a good topping, I have good sausage.”

3. “Are you pizza? Because I have this huge crust on you.”

4. “I want to taste you like I wanted to taste pizza right now.”

5. “Will you be the extra cheese to my pizza?”

6. “If you were a pizza and I was cheese, I’d melt over you.”

7. “Are you the pizza man? Because you sure can deliver.”

8. “I only love two things: pizza and you.”

9. “I can eat pizza, and you non-stop and never get tired of both of you.”

10. “You make me feel all giddy and satisfied like only a box of pizza can.”

11. “Just like this pizza, my tongue will also go straight to your thighs.”

12. “You are hotter than boxes of pizza or dozens of them combined.”

13. “I’m like Domino’s Pizza. If I don’t come in 30 minutes, the next one is free.”

14. “Are you a pizza? Because everyone wants a slice of you.”

15. “Eating pizza is my favorite thing to do next to eating it with you.”

16. “Would you like sausage on that? On your tonsils I mean.”

17. “Want to come over? I’m having pizza, and it tastes better when you are with me.”

18. “Pizza and beer only work fine if I also have you as my company.”

19. “Baby you got through my heart so easily as only a pizza could.”

20. “I have only two addictions: pizza and you.”

21. “You are my favorite topping in the whole wide world.”

22. “You’re like a pizza… Even when you are bad, you’re good.”

23. “Are you a pizza eater? Because there’s a party for two at my house tonight.”

24. “You’ll love the taste of sausage on a pizza I have at home.”

25. “I’m available with or without sausage.”

26. “I would snag you and drag you out of the box really fast so I could get to put my mouth on you.”

27. “A piece of you is not enough; a whole box of you might be.”

28. “I would definitely melt over your hotness right now.”

29. “Is your name pizza? Because I feel hungrier whenever I look at you.”

30. “I know this is cheesy, but I think you’re SAUCY!”

31. “I could never get tired of my life if you are the topping on it.”

32. “Do you like Pizza Hut? Because I want to stuff your crust.”

33. “You are like pizza, spicy and cheesy.”

34. “I want to have more small infinities with you over a box of pizza.”

35. “Do you work for Papa Johns? Because you’re a fine pizza ass.”

36. “I could eat pizza and you at the same time.”

37. “Don’t shake me, don’t turn me upside down. Just treat me nicely, and then EAT ME.”

38. “I would definitely say yes to the idea of you eating pizza and me tonight.”

39. “Want to hear a joke about pizza? Never mind; it’s too cheesy.”

40. “Hey babe, how about a pizza and some sex? (No!) Why not? You don’t like pizza?”

41. “Your size and thickness will not matter baby, just be with me tonight.”

42. “You make my life better as only a calzone could.”

43. “Wanna sample my breadsticks? I’m sure you’d like the “sauce” that comes with ’em!”

44. “Come on baby; sex is like pizza: Even if it’s bad, it’s still pretty good.”

45. “Eating a pizza is like having a little infinity, and it will be better when eaten with you.”

46. “Hey, I will give you pizza in exchange for your number. Game?”

47. “Are you craving some Pizza? Because I’ll gladly give you a pizz-a this dick!”

48. “You are awfully cold like my pizza, but I would still definitely eat you.”

49. “You’re the only topping I need on my pizza.”

50. “My tongue delights in all these flavors, but it’ll delight more if I tasted you.”

51. “You are nice like mozzarella cheese, and others put together to create my favorite.”

52. “Are you a mozzarella di buffala? Because you make my life cheesier and creamier.”

53. “I love you including the charred parts of your soul.”

54. “Thin crust or thick crust doesn’t matter because I will definitely eat you.”

55. “I’d like to encase you in a crust with you drenched between it.”

56. “Having pizza time with you is great. It is like having a cuddling time…”

57. “I would gladly give you my heart made up of pizza.”

58. “You make my heart go thump, thump like only a box of pizza can do to my heart.”

59. “You are a lovely kind of sight, lovelier than a box of pizza.”

60. “Baby you have this effect on me I only feel when I eat pizza.”

61. “Baby I will not let you enter the stage of sogification because I would eat you right away.”

62. “I only eat two things: pizza and you.”

63. “If I am going to flirt with you I am going to do it over pizza.”

64. “I would snag you and drag you out of the box really fast just so I could get to taste you.”

65. “You and pizza have something in common, both of you are cheesy, and I love that.”

66. “A dough has to be kneaded first to taste better; so are you.”

67. “I want you to spread your sauce all over my dough.”

68. “You have stolen a pizza my heart.”

69. “What do me and Little Caesar’s Pizza have in common? We’re both hot and ready.”

70. “If you’re the pizza pie, then I’m the pizza sauce because I’m all over you.”

71. “Your pizza is $16.69, but I’ll throw in my number for free.”

72. “Are you a pizza box? because I can’t wait to get your top off.”

73. “Babe you’re hot enough to burn the roof of my mouth.”

74. “Yea I’m like pizza. You can have me all at once or save me for several days.”

75. “Man this pizza smells good! Oh wait; that’s you.”

76. “Girl you’re like a pizza. I want like three more of you, and I don’t wanna share.”

77. “Are you the pizza delivery guy? Because I want to give you more than a tip.”

78. “I’m just like a pizza. I’ll fill you up tonight and still be there in the morning when you’re ready for more.”

79. “I want to give you olive my love.”

80. “I spelled out your name with the pepperonis.”

81. “Do you like mushroom pizzas? Because I could mush you in a room.”

82. “Well, it’s not my fault that you stole a pizza my heart.”