Love, lust, comfort, joy and, yes, even jealousy are all part of our relationships. The last emotion has a special place in any healthy couples! It’s the reaffirmation of dedication and commitment. 

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Some ladies will not realize they have an interest in someone until they feel that bite of envy when he receives attention from other girls. But how can you make her jealous and not lose her interest entirely?

Well, it isn’t as tough as it sounds thanks to this simple 6-step guide.

Step #1 – Firstly, Pay Some Attention to Her

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Without establishing a first connection, trying to make her feel jealous is useless. Therefore, you have to spend a little extra time focusing just on her.

Make sure to give her compliments, smile at her and make her laugh!

Let her know how important she is to you (either as a friend or girlfriend) and how special and unique she is. However, you should not come off clingy or desperate. Keep it just sweet and sincere!

Pay attention: This alone will help your relationship. It’s important to let someone know where they stand in your heart, even if it is not the route you are shooting for!

Step #2 – Talk to Other Girls for a Few Minutes (Make Sure She Sees It)

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This is a step that must be taken cautiously for 2 key reasons:

  1. Insecurity – Firstly, for the girl you are trying to make jealous. If she thinks you are overly flirty with too many other ladies, she may write you off as a player that will bring more heartache than love.
  2. False hopes – Secondly, for the other chicks you are talking to and spending time with. Please note that you are speaking to them not flirting with them! You could mislead them into thinking you are interested in them (this may be unfair and even hurt these girls).

Keep it simple and just showing her you have other female friends is enough here. Be friendly, tell jokes, and mention them from time to time in conversations with her. Let her know you have taken an interest in their lives!

Step #3 – Go Out with Your Pals & Tell Her How Much Fun You Had to Make Her Jealous

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This shows that while she is important in your life, you still have a lot more going on. Talk about your friends by name, inform her of the great things that happened while you were hanging out and make sure she knows you can have lots of fun without her.

This by no means indicates you should dismiss her!

Pay attention: Use it as a tool to make her know you are a funny guy that others want to be around. Let her know you have a full schedule in your life! Later on it will mean much more when you make lots of room for her in it!

Step #4 – Tell Her About Other Girls You Like

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Talking about various chicks with her is a sure way to make her green with envy. If done carefully and well, it can also win you big points as a decent guy.

Example #1:

If you have an upcoming project due date that is shared, mention something like this:

– “Yes, Amy said she already started working on it, and it wasn’t as bad as everyone made it out to be.”

From this simple sentence, you showed her not only you have been talking to Amy, but also you listened and remembered what she said while not being immature or obvious.

Example #2:

Or, you could be a little more direct. Something like:

– “I like Kathy’s new haircut; it’s pretty on her.”

It is a common sentence a nice guy would say and shows that you pay attention to the women in your life without objectifying them.

Step #5 – Harness The Power of Social Networks & Sites


Social media allows people to connect with others and publicly communicate. It’s a great way to create a small level of jealousy in any relationship.

Just pay your shared female friends small, but thoughtful compliments on their photos!

Tell them they did a good job in last night’s sports game or ask for aid on a project while saying how smart they are.

Pay attention: Not only will it create a friendly atmosphere with the ladies in your life, but it will make that special woman take a little extra notice of the amazing dude she already has!

Step #6 – Do Not Overdo This If You Want to Keep Her!

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Women do not want guys who are insincere or seem likely to stray. If you constantly flirt with other girls, stalk them on social media and tell her how great they look compared to her; you stand no chance of winning her affection!

If anything, all this will do is make her turn away and inform her friends how disingenuous you treat other ladies. Be honest but not obvious, bear in mind how awesome she is and why you are doing this in the first place!

Keep in mind: A little jealousy is necessary – a lot ruins any happy relationship.

9 Quick Tips to Make Her Jealous and Want You

1. Try to be friendly on Facebook with other hot girls, like their pics and post comment on their sexy pictures.
2. Don’t forget to mention the sexy body of your new neighbor or coworker.
3. Pay for a female friend’s cab in and tell her about this.
4. Notice little cute things about other girls and mention it in conversation.
5. Post a status on Facebook about how great your last night was.
6. Post selfies with other girls.
7. Do something you’ve always wanted to do and tell her about it.
8. Get in shape and let her know that other ladies like your body a lot.
9. Let her see you with other girls during the day
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