Most people fantasize about having sex in the shower. The erotic nature of having water run down your bodies while standing and touching each other underneath that hot streams…

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Yes, there’s definitely a reason why a lot of us have those fantasies. Though, the reality is often different. It’s slippery.

Sometimes, it’s too cramped in there, making it hard to do, well, anything. And, some of us just don’t like that unshakably clammy feeling you get when you stand under the water for too long! But… why not experience it from time to time?

6 Main Reasons Why You Have to Try Shower Sex

Steamy Sex

Below, you will find the best reasons why you should try this type of intercourse at least once in a lifetime!

Although many people who tried it say it is not that great, if you apply the tips I am going to share with you below I guarantee your experience will be warm, cozy (as long as you make it) and very erotic!

The reason why is because a shower is probably the most intimate place you can make love, and:

  1. It’s steamy & clean!
  2. You are completely naked!
  3. It presents an incredible opportunity to touch during washing!
  4. You have plenty of opportunities for foreplay that can easily lead into sex!
  5. It’s also pretty convenient, too. If you don’t have the time, just wash together. It’s just that simple!
  6. If you are sleepy after orgasm, you are already clean & ready to bed! You just need to dry yourself and get comfortable.

So, if you already think that making love in a shower is a great idea, that’s awesome! Though, if you want to learn a little more about how you can prepare, keep reading…

Tip #1 – Prepare Lot of Silicone Based Lube

silicone lubes

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Before the foreplay and even the ‘preparation’ of your shower for the occasion, you have to get the lube. And, if you’re planning to have sex in there, you definitely need a silicone based lubricant.

While some people probably question not using water based lube, there’s a good reason. This lubricant is known to wash off, making intercourse rather uncomfortable for both parties.

Silicone based lubricants, on the other hand, are much slicker, don’t wash off that easily and simply last longer. This type of lubricant even works great with condoms.

Tip #2 – Use Accessories for Extra Fun & Comfort

best shower sex accessories

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Do you need some accessories to steam things up? Of course! There are always a few ‘tools of the trade’ you should keep around, in case you plan a weekend romp in the shower with your partner — or just a quickie before bedtime.

Let’s take a look at 4 must-have tools:

  1. Shower handles – You know those handles that help get you in and out of a bathtub? The sturdy ones are great. Trust me that if you plan on having shower sex, you or your partner will need something to hang on! Find a handle that’s sturdy, broad and resilient enough to support your weight.
  2. Footrests – These can not only help raise your legs when you’re standing, but they can aid you to achieve a better angle and new positions! Look for foot rests that will support you and your partner’s weight!
  3. Waterproof chairs – If your shower doesn’t come with seating, a waterproof chair will fill in that void. You can use it not only for the ‘Cowgirl’ and classic ‘Missionary’ positions but for a standing “show”, as well.
  4. Handcuffs – You can even use handcuffs to try more adventurous teasing, touching… and lovemaking angles. Most water-friendly handcuffs have suction cups and are typically made from neoprene or other types of rubber.

Tip #3 – Best Positions & Angles You Have to Try!

Wet Clothes OnOf course, you can’t talk about shower sex without recommending the ‘best’ positions for the occasion. While these are pretty much subjective, here are 3 suggestions that might work great for you:

  1. Standing facing each other with her leg around his hip – This position can put either person’s back to the showerhead, as both people face each other. The man lifts the woman’s leg – either one – balancing her leg against his hip. He should hold tight onto her, ensuring she won’t slip while trying to find balance on one leg.
  2. Standing doggy – This position can be done with the man’s back facing the water stream, preventing it from splashing both of your faces. This position is simple, as he bends over her, holding onto her hips to prevent her from slipping. The woman should hold onto something, whether a wall, chair or handle, to hold herself in place better.
  3. Push her up against the wall – One of the easiest and, subsequently, most comfortable positions involves the man resting or pushing the woman to the wall. Here, she’s able to keep her legs wrapped tight around his waist, while he keeps himself balanced with her against the wall.

Extra tip: Keep a towel on the floor to prevent slippage! Alternatively, a bath mat might do the trick.

Tip #4 – Spank Her to Spice Things up!

hot woman talking dirty

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A bit of spanking never hurt anyone in bed! Actually, some people love a little bit of kink during sex! Therefore, you can not be surprised that it works well in the shower, too.

Just keep in mind that it might hurt your girl more than usual! This is caused by water which sometimes makes slapping your hand against her skin more stingy and painful!

Tip #5 – Just Keep Your Shirt on for Awesome Sensations!

There are other ways you can ‘spice’ things up — ways as adventurous as adding in a few new shower heads to as simple as using new seating.

However, you can also try make love under streams of hot water with just a few articles of clothing on.

While some people don’t like the idea of getting their clothes wet, some do. After all, the notion of pulling off wet clothes from your partner can be incredibly erotic after a long day of work!

Final Words – Get Ready to Try It!

Some people think that shower sex involves too much work. Couple that with the fact that it can be outright difficult to have it, and you have a pretty good case against it.

Though, there are also a lot of awesome reasons to have this awesome kinky experience, too. After all, anything can be great when you take the time to prepare!

So how was your experience with “fun time” in your shower? Did you love it or was it a bad one? Please share with us in the comments section below!

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