The Ultimate Foot Fetish Guide: Why People Worship & Suck Toes


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Foot fetishes are widely regarded as being the most common form of sexual fixation for non-sexual objects or body parts. And while you may not be letting your real-freak flag fly for a pair of gorgeous ankles, the truth is that millions of people – all throughout history – have been doing exactly that.

Not only are we going to break down this phenomenon in general, but we’re also going to give you a little bit of background, some information about making the most out of your obsession, helpful hints, and tips for finding willing partners that share same “interests.”

As a special bonus, I will share with you a quick rundown of the many famous men and women who absolutely adore legs.

What Exactly Is This Obsession Anyways?

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A fixation with feet is exactly what it sounds like – a trigger of excitement, attraction, and lust that revolves around the leg (or anything associated with it) acting as an “activator” or anchor.

The scientific definition also includes its anatomy, toes, various types of footwear, jewelry, and a whole host of other details revolving around.

According to, the meaning of foot fetish is:

“The pure admiration or sexual attraction of barefeet. Usually pertaining to men who can become sexually aroused from the sight of any part of women’s feet (including, toes, arches and soles.

Example: Maria told gina the reason the shoe salesman loves his job is because he has a foot fetish.”

What is more, love for heels, in general, has many “niches” or branches that divide deeper into specificity as you go along. Sexual fixations have always existed, and while it seems as though feet are just now exploding in popularity, nothing could be further from the truth.

Without diving too much into its history (will do that more in depth in just a moment), it’s crucial that you understand just how common this phenomenon is.

2 Studies on Its Popularity

Researchers all over the globe have been looking into why this type of fetish, in particular, is so popular. What they discovered is quite surprising:

  1. One study conducted by the University of Bologna broke down information pulled from well over 380 internet discussion groups and found that overwhelming 47% of sampled are “fans of feet and toes” (64% of those were men).
  2. Also, in 2006, AOL (yes, that AOL) released a ton of information about the specific search terms submitted by their users – completely anonymous – and among search queries that used the word fetish, the foot was included nearly 86% of the time.

Pay attention: If you thought that the popularity of foot fetish is a relatively new development – really only exploding in the last 20 years or so – you were wrong. It can be traced back to ancient times.

Tracing Its Origins Back in Time

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There is research to suggest that feet have almost always been a trigger point for sexuality throughout human history – with ancient arts, sculpture, and paintings all alluding to a kinky love for legs that’s right in line with modern-day obsessions as well.

  1. Ancient Chinese – This culture took an obsession for legs to entirely new (and even painful) levels. Women would wrap their feet with all kinds of different instruments to stunt their growth – horribly disfiguring them by today’s standards, but creating a truly beautiful aesthetic in those days.
  2. Early 20th Century – The most famous example of feet-worshiping artwork is a hand-drawn illustration by Martin Van Maele – titled “The Countess With The Whip”. It clearly depicts a young Countess with a satisfied face having her toes worshiped and kissed suggestively by what appears to be the hired help.

As the artist was only the premier French illustrator in the early 20th century, it shows you just how far back into past this specific fixation reaches. As you can see, it’s not even the oldest example of such work!

2 Reasons Why This Fetish Became so Popular

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Aside from the usual sexual excitement and anticipation that comes from embracing something else outside the norm, there are two main assumptions why obsession with feet became so popular these days:

  1. Epidemics – Researchers at Ohio State University have discovered that foot fetish exploded in popularity at the same time as the major outbreaks of sexually transmitted diseases such as syphilis (16th and 19th century), many epidemics during both world wars, gonorrhea, and AIDS (20th century) have occurred.
  2. Neurological proximity – There is a number of neurologists who believe that this type of sexual arousal is caused by the fact that both feet and genitals occupy adjacent areas of the somatosensory cortex in the brain.

Keep in mind: Both assumptions may be a result of trying to interrelate entirely unconnected events to one another just because of the coincidences in time and scheduling. However, many researchers and professionals fully believe that the two are interlinked.

Feet Worshiping, Toe Sucking & The Ubiquitous “Foot Job”

There are only about a million and one ways anyone can embrace their obsession with feet. However, it seems as the overwhelming majority fall specifically into two categories:

  1. Arousal Trigger – First group of people perceives feet as a sexual trigger. In extreme cases, just a thought or a sight of legs can bring someone to the orgasm.
  2. Non-Sexual Obsession – Second group of people is focusing on feet and legs in a nonsexual way. They obsess with their overall aesthetic look, shape, form, cleanliness, and footwear.

If you think your partner is little obsessed with feet, try soft toe sucking and even maybe a foot job the next time you will have a fun time. You may be surprised by hir or her reaction!

This is How Ladies Feel About Guys with Foot Fetish

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“I have an equally weird but tame fetish, so if a boyfriend had a thing for feet I would let him do whatever he wanted as long as it didn’t hurt me or something else (like the squashing variant or whatever it is).

Even better if he would be submissive, I could tell him to paint my nails or something and hit two birds with one stone.”

Source: Reddit

“I don’t mind if he wants me to touch him with my foot. A mild foot fetish is fine, but if his whole sex life revolves around feet and he needs feet involved then it’s a big no.

This one kid from my high school would text me after we graduated always asking for pictures of my feet in different poses saying he needed it for art references. Would someone with a foot fetish do this? He was very persistent and didn’t think Googling images of feet would give him the references he needed.”

Source: Reddit

“I’d probably do my best to accommodate if my partner was into it, but I’m a little weirded out about people touching my feet so I’m glad he’s not.

Also for whatever reason it feels like people with foot fetishes often seem to feel the need to talk about them more than people with other fetishes, so I’m definitely put off, but if you’re respectful/don’t share about your fetish inappropriately then I would neither know nor care.”

Source: Reddit

“If I get to be the passive partner (having my toes licked/sucked, being asked to wear certain shoes in bed, whatever), then I’m totally fine with it! I happen to think I have pretty nice feet so I certainly wouldn’t mind having them appreciated. They are pretty ticklish though.

I don’t think I’d be very interested in having to handle other people’s’ feet. It might be something I’d be willing to try, but my instinct is leaning towards no.”

Source: Reddit

Famous “Foot Lovers”

There is an incredible amount of people who have been described as “foot fetishists” and self-proclaimed members of this community.

While this list is nowhere near complete, it will certainly give you an idea of some of the most famous celebrities throughout history that have fallen in love with feet:

  • Singers (Britney SpearsMarilyn Manson, or Elvis Presley)
  • Writers (James JoyceJohann Wolfgang von Goethe, or Francis Scott Fitzgerald)
  • Directors (Quentin Tarantino)
  • Artists (Andy WarholBrooke Burke)
  • Dancers (Dita Von Tess)
  • Actors (Christian SlaterJay Leno)
  • Sports professionals (Alex RodriguezRex Ryan)

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Keep in mind: If you’ve been looking for an exciting way to add just a little bit more fun into your love life, you should look to raise your interest in the legs and toes.

Even if you’re not 100% on board with this train, you might find that your partner wouldn’t mind a little bit more attention that might help spice up your bedroom activities more than you could even imagine right now.

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  1. I know I was surprised by how many dudes like toes. But then there’s me…I find them to be disgusting. XD I remember during one of my single nights, a dude went on all night going on about he wanted to buy me all sorts of socks. I’m pretty sure he had obsession. =P

  2. I had no idea that so many celebrities had this type of fixation!! Wow. I also always wondered why humans have it or how this sometimes smelly part of our bodies could possibly turn them on. I guess it makes sense now. Thanks for explaining :).

  3. Definitely cool to learn about why people have this obsession. Interesting none the less! My boyfriend is one of them and I was just researching to find out why.

    • Well in order to fulfill his fantasies you need to have an open and communicative relationship where both of you will share their fantasies. I bet you can have a lot of fun in this new kinky world.

    • Well it looks like he has a little crush on your fingers. However, there is nothing wrong on his needs as well as on the fact that you refused to do it. There is thin balance of respect you need to maintain.

  4. lol Tarantino is more than obsessed with his foot fetish, obsessively sneaking in feet shots in his movies xD
    but no really, i don’t get the shame behind this particular fetish. it’s just another body part, as long as it’s cleaned and well groomed, use it to get sexual pleasure as much as you want.

  5. I had an ex highschool mate who got SO MUCH shit when it was found out he has a foot fetish. So many jokes, it was awful. It surprises me there’s this much stigma and people see it as dirty. It’s just your body, jeeze! Who cares what you use to do the job as long as s/he comes?

  6. To all saying it’s filthy and disgusting: why exactly is that? If the nails are trimmed, the skin groomed and everything clean, how is it more disgusting than say….eating pussy or sucking dick? If anything, it’s more hygienic and safe, if you want to play it that way. It’s one of the most harmless fetishes out there!

  7. I never was into it, but once while teasing each other, I touched my bf’s dick with my foot and things went forward from there into a foot job. He seemed to enjoy the view, but was neutral to the whole use of the foot thing. It was interesting to say the least 😀

  8. Oh gosh, I had an ex who had it. He broke up with me because I just couldn’t contribute with that in bed, I just find my feet disgusting and am insecure about them :

  9. Its Real. It’s not disgusting its more of girls not wanting their feet touched and thinking its “gross”
    It is much more widely accepted in other countries more so than in America where it feels almost frowned upon unfortunately.

    The psychology behind STD epidemics and foot fetish is what I find most interesting


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