8 Great Oral Sex Tips for Men


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Want to give your girl the best experience of her life? Maybe I should rephrase this question in words, who doesn’t?

A great sex (including oral) is a key to giving your partner what she wants, and consequently getting more of what you want. It is an important component of any relationship.

In following paragraphs we will talk about eight top oral sex tips for men and give you some serious set of tricks to make you an awesome lover when it comes to cunnilingus! Try a few of these and really knock her socks off even today!

Tip #8 – Avoid “Lazy Hands” Syndrome

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When you are giving her oral sex, do not hesitate to use your hands. Believe it or not, fingers are a great way to stimulate several of her erogenous zones at once!

I highly recommend you to use following techniques:

  • Labia Explorer – While licking her clitoris, think about using your fingers to tease her labia and vaginal opening.
  • The Curious Caveman – You can gently explore an area of her anus (with lubricated finger) to add extra stimulation.
  • Clit Flicker – While concentrating on her vaginal opening and labia with your mouth, use your hand for extra clitoral stimulation.
  • Mountain Climber – While eating her out you definitely should move your hands around her belly and up to her breast to stimulate these very sensitive erogenous zones as well!

Just keep in mind that stimulating more than one erogenous zone will help you build that sexual tension inside of her and she will be more likely to achieve climax (the more areas you stimulate, the stronger and more probable her orgasm should be).

Tip #7 – Try to Add Sex Toys

lelo Mia 2

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Just like your fingers, toys can also be used to stimulate more than one erogenous zone. Vibrators are particularly helpful such as the one in the image above called Mia 2 made by LELO company.

Think about investing in one, if you have not already. Here are 2 great tips you should follow:

  1. You may want to start off with using very small vibrators to make you both feel more in control.
  2. Try using a vibrator directly on her clitoris, or her labia.

A vibrator can go a long way in really getting her engines revving. This can make cunnilingus (and vaginal intercourse) more pleasurable for both of you!

Tip #6 – Change Your Moves!

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Don’t be afraid to bring in something new. This is especially true if you happen to be with a new partner as every lady likes something a little different.

Therefore, you have to go for various techniques and moves in order to find what works best for your girl. Even if you have only just thought of pulling a particular move and have never done it, you may want to try it the next time you are eating your girl out!

My advice: You should have an open and frank discussion about what she loves and hates in the bedroom before you go down on her as communication is the key to great sex!

Tip #5 – Listen to Her Reactions!

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Be sure to listen to her body while you are going down on her. Stuff like noises, a pace of her breath, body language, and much more can tell you when your woman is about to achieve climax, as well as what she really likes.

Be sure to listen to what her moves are telling you as you try new things & experiment with various techniques of giving her oral stimulation. Things to look out for are:

  • Curled toes
  • Noises
  • Arching of her back
  • Words of encouragement

Remember that every lady is different. While some might really love clitoral stimulation, others may thrive on vaginal or labial stimulation. Just experiment and do your best to determine what seems to really do it for her.

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Tip #4 – Always Try Something New

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You should both be open enough with each other that you are willing to go for new stuff. If your lady mentions something that you have never tried or done before be sure to follow her imagination.

No matter if she brings up things like soft bondage or blindfold, you may just want to think about doing it for her the next time you are both in the bedroom!

Extra tip: Don’t let your own personal preferences or thoughts hinder the kinky experience for either her or for yourself. Get in there and try something different. Even if it seems wacky, it might be devastatingly sexy for her.

Tip #3 – Build up Her Pleasure & Tension!

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Remember that the process of female climax is very gradual. When you are licking her pussy, you should:

  • Let her first relax, get comfortable, and start out very slow. Think about exploring and teasing her with both your tongue and hands.
  • Then, as her body language directs you, keep giving her what she really likes.
  • As she seems closer to orgasm, remember to increase both speed and pressure with either your tongue or fingers.

This could take some time, as most girls do take a while to achieve pleasure peak through cunnilingus alone. Just concentrate on having fun the first few times, not so much on getting her off.

Tip #2 – Give Her What She Wants

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Believe it or not, almost all women love cunnilingus. If you are not entirely sure about if she would like this, feel free to ask her beforehand, but, chances are, she will really like the idea.

Oral sex, whether used as foreplay or just to help her achieve climax, can mean a lot to a woman, and can be a lot of fun for many men. Consider it a challenge to just focus on pleasing her for a bit, instead of worrying about your own needs.

Then, talk to her about what she finds sexy when being licked. Her answers might just surprise you! You can use that knowledge and feel free to let loose as soon as you are both alone together.

Tip #1 – Always Be Willing to Experiment

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We have talked about, in this article, quite a few ways you can give her great oral pleasure. Just remember that you should always be willing to experiment, explore her body, and try new things.

Your willingness to go for something different with her may open to both of you many other doors that you had no idea about. So, with that being said, you should definitely put some effort to change it up the next time you are alone, whether by trying another position, using your hand or a toy!

Or you can just talk to her beforehand about what things she finds most sexy. If you are open with her you may just also find that she is more than willing to fulfill some of your fantasies as well!

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  • Amy W.

    I am huge on my boyfriend listening to my body. If you can’t get the signals
    right then please don’t bother, because I tend to find that guys who cannot
    clue into your body language just aren’t as good in bed. So this is a big one,
    and probably is for most women. If you know when your girl needs you to go
    faster, harder, or become more sensitive – then you’ll definitely please her

    Breathing tends to give it away the easiest – as it often comes first. But
    then definitely look for that arch in the back and the tensing of the muscles.
    And definitely talk to her (if you’re mouth isn’t busy that is), because this
    also helps with the stimulation. Having a man who knows how to read the cues,
    and will then take control of them to make it an ever more heightened and
    enjoyable experience is a huge turn on for us women.

    • http://thestallionstyle.com/ James Buzinko

      I can do nothing else here that to agree with you Amy. Guys read his comment over and over again as it is pure gold.

  • Kristin T.

    What I tend to find is that a lot of guys will just use oral as a way to get me turned on faster/wetter easier, so that he doesn’t have to put as much effort into the foreplay that comes beforehand. When this happens I usually get offended, and tend to back away from the intimacy/not enjoy it as much. It means that the guy is really only thinking about himself – about the actual penetration involved with the sex and not so much on myself and what oral can actually do for me.

    Now I do like oral a lot, it feels really good and it can be a great starter to a great night. But sometimes I don’t want it, or am not in the mood – or sometimes I find myself even turned off by the thought of a tongue down there (whereas other times I love it) – so it really just is dependent on my mood. So guys, definitely make sure you talk with your girl and ask her what she wants and what she is in the mood for because sometimes it’s not always what you want/what you think she wants.

    Focus on the communication, the foreplay, and the gradual build up – we’re more likely to respond well to this.

    • http://thestallionstyle.com/ James Buzinko

      Sure, communication is the key. Although you have to admit that sometimes it is really hard to get into head of a girl.

  • Kyle G.

    I love giving women oral, and a key component to that is definitely listening to her body. If you can’t do that, then you’re not pleasing her right because you have to make sure you’re right on cue with her and what she is saying.

    I find that my girlfriend loves it when I use my tongue to playfully lick her while using my fingers for the pressure/stimulation on her clitoris. But I like to switch it up sometimes and that usually brings out a lot of gasps from her. So I’d recommend to any of the guys reading this, definitely listen, and switch it up. It’s not about getting her off, but about playing with her, making her feel that build up, and just overall pleasing her. If she happens to get to that climatic point, then definitely go for it – but have fun with it along the way.

    Oh and throw in a toy or two without her knowing – man can that ever send her over the edge.

    It’s not about the sex – the penetration – it’s about the foreplay and oral is amazing for that. If you can make it all about her, then any sex that does come from it will be ten times more amazing if you’re all about her.

    • http://thestallionstyle.com/ James Buzinko

      Teasing and building up the tension should be your primary goal. The climax will then come as well (and more intense one I guarantee you that).

  • Kacey

    My advice to the guys would be to change it up – the position in which you do it in can be crucial to different kinds of pleasure. So change those positions, and bring in the toys! I know that when my boy goes down on me, I like to have a variety of sensations build me up so being able to use both your hands, tongue, and toys all in the same session really does it.

    Don’t be afraid to talk to us either. Communication is such a big turn on, if you do it right. Not only do you need to talk, but ramp up that foreplay. I know that oral may seem like it would be enough – but if you make it ever more intense – it can make the cunnilingus even better!

    Oh, and if she climaxes after it, don’t be afraid to go down again to get her going again and then use the penetration the second time around. Guys, remember, we can have multiple orgasms and several different kinds!

  • Casey

    A lot of guys just want what they want and don’t want to pleasure women. I’ve been there, some of the guys I dated never wanted to perform orally on me, which was fine, but all he would ask for was a blowjob and every time I said no, he’d flip out on me. Guys, read this and follow it.

  • davey boy

    I’ve tried incorporating this with every girl I dated, and it never sticks with them. Maybe I’m bad at it? I don’t know. I’ve always offered my girlfriend oral for oral or oral for sex. Maybe I go for the wrong women, maybe I should change it up. Oh well.

    I am dating this really awesome chick right now, we haven’t had sex yet, but I am so ready and I hope she is interested soon, she could be the one. 🙂

    • http://thestallionstyle.com/ James Buzinko

      Hey Davey, how it came out with your new girl? Was she happy with your Cunnilingus you gave her?

  • Brian U.

    Whenever I’m about to sex it up with a women, I do one thing and I do it good, listen. I listen to what she wants and I try to deliver. If she wants oral, I’ll give it to her, if she wants anything I’ll give it to her. There are some thing I wouldn’t do, but I don’t feel like discussing those here.

    Anyways, I just listen to my girlfriend. I don’t go for what I want, we both talk it out, we just go with the flow I guess.

    • http://thestallionstyle.com/ James Buzinko

      Brian this is rule number one for each and every guy who wants to master sexual art (as well as relationships). Communication & listening to each other is the key to success.

  • Cheyenne

    Guys, you can learn something from this. I personally like experimenting. It can be odd and it can be fun, but it’s always a new experiment worth trying out. And guys, don’t be afraid to ask use women questions, it tells us that you’re trying, so that’s good. Experiment, try something new, you wont regret it.

    • http://thestallionstyle.com/ James Buzinko

      This is really great point! Guys listen to it.

  • Vince T.

    I was one of those guys that looked out for himself instead rather than attempt to pleasure the woman I was having sex with. I’ve lost a couple girlfriends this way. I finally figured it out that I’d have to pleasure her by other means before I get to get pleasured. Oral is great fun and I don’t mind doing it, and I like trying new things and incorporating toys in to make her enjoy it even more.

    The more you do, the better. Just go with the flow and things will work out for you.

    • http://thestallionstyle.com/ James Buzinko

      That is great to hear Vince that you changed your attitude to sex. I bet that chicks you are with nowadays are much more happy.

  • http://thestalliostyle.com RICHARD ALLEN