Nowadays, almost every couple enters a routine, which can, at first, be exciting, but then becomes boring after months or years. Thankfully the solution is not too difficult and only requires taking a step outside of your comfort zone, to try new and potentially awesome things.

One such way to enhance sexual feeling is through the use of Ben Wa Balls. ‘Ben What’ you may ask? Well, these have been around for a very long time and have been recorded even throughout Asian history.

Let’s take a look at exactly what this product is, how it can improve your love life, how to use it, and what kinds are currently on the market. With any luck, we will find you a fun and interesting way to spice up your night!

So, What Is Hiding Behind This Weird Name?

Watch the Video Above and Learn All About This Sex Toy

This adult female toy is composed of individual round objects that are a little bigger than a marble. They are normally hollow on the inside.

Also, many carry weight or smaller round objects within to help stimulate movement. They are attached to one another via a cord that strings them at an equal distance away from one another.

Keep in mind: At one end is a handle, while the other end stops with one of the balls.

Used for Improvement of Your Love Life

Since ancient times, these have been used as a form of female stimulation. They are inserted into the woman´s vagina, and consequently, they need to use their Kegel muscle to keep them in place.

  • Pleasure – The act of doing so is highly stimulating. Additionally, some versions come even with small vibrators, that increase intensity, and enjoyment.
  • Good for foreplay – What is more, this product can improve your libido because they make an excellent foreplay device. Using them, as well as other techniques help relax the female body and prepare it for actual sex.
  • Relaxation – For many ladies dealing with tightness problems, it aids to relax slowly their vaginal muscles, as well as stimulate their wetness. Exercising pelvic floor assists her body to tighten and release pressure, resulting in a more enjoyable and relaxed sex & orgasms.

Finally, these balls feel great and are incredibly stimulating. With all of that, it’s hard not to go out and buy them right now!

Instructions on How to Use These

If you are considering to get this toy, then the first thing you should know before your purchase are instructions, to make sure you will be able to use them and know what the process entails.

They come in a variety of shapes, materials, ball count, and sizes. However, the vast majority currently on the market is almost identical and used in a similar way.

  • Relax – The first step is relaxing your Kegel muscles and increasing stimulation to the vagina. This can be done in numerous ways, and there are a few who prefer vibrators beforehand. However, the goal is to loosen yourself up, while also creating enough lubrication.
  • Insert – The next step is wrapping the handle end around your finger, and slowly inserting balls into your pussy. Begin with the ball furthest out, and gradually push them in.
  • Use them for stimulation – Their usage involves tightening the Kegel’s muscles. While tightened, apply pressure to the handle, trying to get it to pass out of you. Also, if they have either a vibrator or smaller, movable weights inside, any action on your part will cause them to shift, stimulating your vagina even further.
  • Pop them out – Finally, pop these out one at a time, applying a fair amount of pressure with your PC muscle to stop them.

Available Types of Ben Wa Balls

Many Types Of Ben Wa Balls For Women

The wide variety of models that are currently on the market is truly amazing. These range from ancient versions that date back hundreds upon hundreds of years, to ornate ones made of gold and delicately crafted.

For individual use, there are three major types available and composed of following materials:

  • Stone & Glass – These versions have a greater weight and heft, making them ideal for pulling out, as they increase the sensation and requires much greater resistance from your muscles.
  • Metal – On the other hand, the metal balls are often hollow and filled with smaller, movable weights. This enhances the pleasure caused by their presence in her pussy.
  • Plastic – Finally, there are the plastic models, which are sold more frequently and come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The most common involve roller weights inside plastic casings that mimic the metal models.

Vibrating feature: Also, some models include tiny built-in vibrators, that also increase the pleasure of using them.

Best Ben Wa Balls to Choose From in 2017

Best for Kegel Training: Ami by Je Joue

Ami by Je Joue

The Ami by Je Joue is one of the best kegel exercising kits for women. It is made out of the softest type of silicone that is very comfortable to wear for extended periods of time.


  • Three different sizes
  • Various levels of difficulty
  • Very easy to clean


  • Usable only with water based lube
  • The loop may be irritable
  • Too big and not heavy enough for some users

The size of each individual piece is as follows: Ami 1 – 4.75″ length / 1.5″ diameter / 1.65oz weight; Ami 2 – 5.75″ length / 1.25″ diameter / 2.75oz weight; Ami 3 – 6.25″ length / 1.125″ diameter / 3.73oz weight.

Pay attention: The official price for this set is $59.00.

Je Joue Ami Pelvic Floor Exercise Balls

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Best Vibrating: HULA Beads by Lelo

HULA vibrating balls

The Hula by Lelo is the best vibrating pleasure bead you can get these days. It is made out of FDA-approved body-safe silicone for ultimate comfort and peace of mind. These beads rotate and vibrate at the same time for incredible pleasure.


  • Waterproof
  • Easy to clean
  • 1-Year warranty & 10-year guarantee
  • Fully rechargeable & lasts for 2 hours


  • Expensive
  • Remote control may be loud
  • May feel clumsy and uncomfortable

The size of each individual piece is as follows: 3.9″ length / 1.5″ diameter / 2.4oz weight.

Pay attention: The official price for this toy is $189.00.

Best Made from Metal: Stainless Steel Ben Wa Balls by Zensation

Stainelss steel zensation

Made in the USA, stainless steel balls by Zensation are manufactured from finest metal giving them smooth, silky finish. While these balls are simple, they come with a lot of advantages.


  • Two sizes to choose from (1″ & 3/4″)
  • Premium-quality surgical grade material
  • Will last for many years
  • Sanitizing is a piece of cake
  • Satin storage bag


  • A lot of counterfeits
  • Not hollow with other objects moving inside
  • There are complaints about quality of material used
  • May be harder to remove and pull out

The size of each piece is as follows: 1″ or 0.75″ diameter.

Pay attention: The official price for this toy is $11.95.

Best with Adjustable Weight: Luna Pleasure Beads by Lelo

lelo luna beads

The LUNA Beads by Lelo secretly vibrate in response to your body´s movements. Made out of ABS plastic and silicone with a glossy finish, these are best in the category of adjustable weight.


  • Two sizes to choose from
  • 1-Year warranty
  • Satin pouch
  • Easy to clean and sanitize


  • White plastic connector may be rough
  • Beads are big
  • May fall out in some cases

The size of each individual piece is as follows: LUNA Mini – 1.1″ diameter, 2×1.0oz (petal pink) or 1.3oz (powder blue); LUNA Classic – 1.4″ diameter, 2×1.0oz (petal pink) or 1.3oz (powder blue).

Pay attention: The official price for this toy is $59.00.

Luna Beads Kegel Exercise Balls

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Best from Glass: Large Crystal Premium Eggs by NS Novelties

Cristal glass eggs

The Large Premium Glass Eggs by NS Novelties are made from 100% borosilicate glass. They are very discreet and look more like an artistic gem rather than a sex toy.


  • Silk storage bag
  • Discreet
  • Detailed instruction manual


  • In some cases smaller than expected

The size of each piece is as follows: 2.0″ length, 1.5″ diameter, 2oz weight.

Pay attention: The official price for this toy is around $25.00.

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ #1: Do kegel balls work while you’re laying down?

Yes, Kegel balls work even when you are laying down. However, this is the easiest position for you to take. If you want a bigger challenge, try holding one in while sitting or standing.

This way you will have gravity challenging you a bit more. The bigger the challenge you can hold in, the stronger your vaginal and pelvic floor muscles will become.

FAQ #2: How to use these during sex?

Before you try to use ben wa balls during sex, make sure you are comfortable using them by yourself. However, even then this is something that is more suitable for advanced and experienced users.

Here are some tips and tricks to make your intercourse much better:

  • Go for one larger ball instead of several smaller
  • Use enough lube before insertion
  • Always start slow and do not go for fast movements
  • If you feel any discomfort stop and remove it immediately

Pay attention: You can have sex even when using a model with a string. However, go for toys that have a very thin type of cord (avoid thick silicone retrieval cords).

FAQ #3: How do you keep these balls inside your vagina?

To prevent balls from falling out, you need to tighten your pelvic floor muscles. If you are failing to do this while sitting or standing, then you may need to switch your position and lay down.

Pay attention: If you still have issues holding these balls in you may have a set that is more challenging than you’re ready for. Try going for bigger plastic-based balls.

FAQ #4: Can I use Ben Wa balls after pregnancy?

Yes, you can and should use these sex toys together with kegel exercises after the pregnancy. This way, you will regain your vaginal elasticity and strengthen your pelvic floor muscles.

Pay attention: You need to be through your post-labor recovery period, and you should consult this with your doctor first!

FAQ #5: Can these help with a vaginal prolapse?

The answer to this question is rather complicated and depends on the severity of your health issue. Therefore, you should always consult using these balls for vaginal prolapse with your doctor.

However, doing Kegels and using these sex toys will definitely strengthen your pelvic floor muscles. The stronger your muscles are, the lesser is the chance that you will experience vaginal prolapse in the future.

FAQ #6: How long can you keep them in?

Theoretically, you can wear these toys for several hours a day. However, you need to build your tolerance to this number gradually.

Firstly, begin with five-minute sessions. Then go for ten minutes.

Keep in mind: Everyone’s body is different, and not everyone will be ale to hold onto these balls for longer periods without causing soreness, irritation, and pain.

FAQ #7: How should I clean them?

You should always clean these balls before and after each use. The way you should do so depends on the material they are made of and the way they are designed:

  • Separate balls – Easiest to clean. Run hot water and wash them with antibacterial soap. Then rinse all soap off of them before drying and putting them away.
  • With string – Little harder to clean, but the process is the same. The only difference is to pay extra attention to get around the connection points between strings and balls.
  • Metal – These are easiest to clean. Usually, these can withstand high temperatures. Therefore, they can be placed into boiling water for easy sterilisation.

Pay attention: Always follow product instructions you receive with your purchase.

FAQ #8: Can these sex toys cause me harm or any health damage?

In general, no. However, if you buy poorly made products from low-quality materials, or you will not clean your toy properly, you may face following complications:

  • Infections because of poor cleaning habits
  • Allergic reactions to chemical materials
  • Irritation, pain, and cuts because of sharp edges

Pay attention: If you buy high-quality products, then there is just a minimal chance of experiencing any adverse side-effects.

Final Verdict: Must Have Product for Stronger Orgasms

I can only recommend you this sex toy as it will provide you with new sensations and ability to reach much stronger orgasms. Most online kinky adult stores will have at least some types of these orgasm balls.

The thing to look out for is quality and user reviews. Don’t hesitate to spend more than the cheapest model available, as the quality of material matters!