Some people just can’t find Ms. Right, and others want to marry an exotic beauty from another country. When this takes place, a person may turn to ordering a wife.

Let’s explain what this actually is because, obviously, not all foreigners are going to be mail order brides.

What Is This All About?

These are women that place themselves in catalogs or on online destinations for marriage. Many of these girls want to get out of their current country or living situation and wedding is the ample opportunity to do so. With this arrangement, a person will be able to now become a citizen of their husband’s country and will be cared for by him.

Essentially, this is no different than an arranged marriage. While it is different in the fact that it is not forced, it is essentially a person looking for someone to wed. There is no more or less to this concept.

Legal Issues of Mail Order Brides

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The legalities of of this issue are always tricky. Technically speaking, most countries do not impose any restrictions or laws forbidding mail order brides. This is because the couple will be two consenting adults and will, therefore, be impossible to impose one adult from marrying another adult no matter what part of the world they may be from.

The one legal issue a person may face deals with age. In the United States for instance, an individual is only deemed an adult after they have reached the age of 18. These women will need to be at least 18 years old for guy to marry her within the US. If the bride is not 18 years old, she will not be able to get married especially if they are significantly older.

There are, however, ways to gain consent in some cases, but this is a matter best handled by a lawyer. The other issue deals with visas. Many countries limit the amount of fiancé visas that are permitted to one person. In the United States, you can only obtain 2 of these. Subsequent ones may be permitted, but this is not a guarantee.

A few countries have also put rules in place to help protect brides. These rules include:

  • Sex offender checks
  • Criminal background checks
  • Questioners

Lots of Documentary Movies
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There are a lot of documentaries, but some of them are comedic in nature and really do not provide a realistic look into the real world of mail order brides. However, there is one Netflix movie which has recently come out that has been deemed very good.

This movie follows men as they meet and marry beautiful women from around the world. You can watch it on Youtube at the moment, but it may be taken down at any time. You can also watch it on Netflix if you have a subscription.

Usual Countries of Origin

These women are often seen in a select few countries. These are places wherein the bride wants to leave to find a better life. For instance, the three most popular regions of the world that produce these are:

  • Russia
  • Ukraine
  • Belarus
  • Southeast Asia
  • Latin America

These ladies will sign up with agencies that work to help them find a man to marry. The one striking common factor seen in these marriages is that the woman comes from either a country that is poor, they are poor, or their living conditions are below standards.

Places to Get Profile Photos of Mail Order Brides

Screenshot of MailOrderBrides WebsiteIf you want to view profiles of these women, it has become quite easy thanks to the Internet. In fact, people from all over the world have found that they can actually choose a bride of their dreams right online.

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The following destinations allow you to view pictures of potential partners:

  • Mail Order Brides – This is a site featuring dozens of women. You can view their profile and can join to further see pictures and start communicating with your potential mate. Just see for yourself at
  • Rose Brides – Another website that was mostly dedicated to Russian female. Now, you can find ladies from America, Canada and numerous other countries from around the world. This site allows you to browse through new and top rated ladies to see which one you would like most. This is a full social network setup and it is very easy to follow. All this is available at

You can do a search online for your respective bride type and you will find a lot of sites that cater to special needs. There really isn’t a shortage of websites to choose from, but you will find pages that are merely dating ones. Before paying for anything, ensure that you know what you are getting yourself into.

Usual Costs & Prices to Expect

As you can imagine, the cost of this arrangement will vary greatly from one bride to the next. The major factor will be the location of where she lives. If she is from Latin America and you are from the United States, the costs will be much lower than for a woman that lives in Russia.

The following factors need to be considered when understanding the costs incurred by ordering a bride:

  • Plane tickets – This may be her ticket to move to your country only, or it can be a ticket to not only move, but for your first encounter. This may be several thousands of dollars. The cost of her move may also be expensive if she is bringing any major items along with her.
  • Website memberships – While minor, you may need to pay to actually speak to her on the website where you found her.
  • Agency fees – Some agencies will charge fees. This can be hundreds or thousands of dollars depending on the agency.
  • Visa application fees – Filing for a fiancé visa within the United States is $240. The prices in other countries will vary. If you are visiting her, you may also need to obtain and pay for a visa depending on her country of origin.

You should expect to pay several a lot of money in total to be able to finally marry your wife-to-be.