Every guy knows that a first date is your one and only chance to make a great first impression. It sets the stage for the future and determines whether or not the relationship has the potential to go anywhere!

Make the wrong move or say the wrong words and you may ruin any chance you have of landing a second rendezvous.

Just avoid these 8 first date mistakes most of us men do and you may save your next relationship!

Mistake #8 – Being Too Nervous & Not Just Yourself

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One of the biggest mistakes that you can make is being too anxious. When you’re nervous and worried about how it all will go, you can’t be yourself.

It’s natural to be nervous when meeting somebody, but keep in mind that she’s probably anxious too!

If you let nerves get in the way and can’t be yourself on your first date, you can expect future problems in the relationship. Once you finally do get comfortable with her, she may find that you are the person she initially fell in love with.

Keep in mind: On the other hand, your nerves may make you seem so cold and rigid that you completely turn her away and demolish any possibility you had of landing a second chance!

Mistake #7 – Being a Bad Listener

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If you spend the entire time talking about yourself, you’re not showing any interest in her. Being a bad listener will not be good for you in the future. Ask her questions about herself, and get to know her.

Give her a chance to share her stories and interests!

Otherwise, you’ll come off as arrogant and uncaring. It’s okay to talk about yourself if she asks you questions but make sure that you reciprocate and ask her about her interests and life too.

Pay attention: Sometimes, nerves can cause you to talk too much. Again, this goes back to the previous point. You need to get your nerves under control, or you’ll have a hard time getting past the first date!

Mistake #6 – Not Making Eye Contact

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To connect with someone, you have to make eye contact with them. Looking in her eyes is even more important in the dating world.

It’s an unconscious way to communicate and helps you build attraction!

Maintaining this shows her that you’re worth her time, and you like her. If you are not looking into her eyes during your date, she may start feeling like you are not paying attention or not interested in her.

Keep in mind: No matter whether you are talking or listening, make direct eye contact with her as often as possible. This without any hesitation shows your confidence and ability to control and lead.

Mistake #5 – Focusing Way Too Much on Sex

guy telling dirty pick up line

If your sole intention is to get her in bed on the first rendezvous, you probably won’t have much of a future relationship. If you’re focused too much on sex, and you are too aggressive about it, you will turn her off leaving her feeling disrespected!

Give it some time to see if it’s going anywhere!

Keep in mind! Don’t – by any means – give her the sex guilt-trip or be too pushy. She will let you know when she’s ready. If you show her the respect she deserves, she may be ready sooner than you think.

Mistake #4 – Bringing up Your Ex-Partners & Past Relationship Drama

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Bringing up ex-girlfriends is, by far, the worst thing you can do during your first rendezvous. Talking about your ex will only give her the impression that you are still not over her!

When you talk about another woman, you are not focusing your attention on your date!

If she asks about your ex-girlfriends, follow these 3 tips:

  • Be as brief and vague as possible.
  • Do not compare her to your ex – even if you’re giving her a compliment.
  • Mentioning past relationship drama may make her question whether or not she wants to continue to the second date.

Keep in mind: Putting these negative experiences out in the open leaves you vulnerable and makes you more likely to mess things up and get rejected. Leave this stuff where it belongs – in the past!

Mistake #3 – Being Too Cheap or Too Extravagant

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In the world of dating, there’s a fine line between being too cheap and too extravagant. Neither one makes you look good, and either one may be disastrous for your future relationship.

Being too cheap shows her that you don’t care about her enough to take her someplace nice! Being too extravagant and spending too much money is also a problem. In your mind, going over the top will impress her, but in hers, spending an excessive amount of cash shows that you’re putting too much effort. This unintentionally comes off as insecurity.

Of course, you do not have to take her to the most exclusive restaurant in town, but you do need to go for something more original than the drive-thru at McDonald’s.

Just take her somewhere casual and fun that won’t break your budget!

Mistake #2 – Complimenting Her Too Much & Always Agreeing with Her

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On a first date, it’s okay to be generous with compliments but try not to go overboard! A guy who is over the top with compliments often comes off as creepy or a “puppy dog.

Contrary to what you may have heard, women do not want this type of guy!

This just presents you as insecure and desperate; two things you don’t want her thinking while being with you. If you constantly agree with her, she may start thinking that you do not have your opinions.

Pay attention! Tell her that you disagree with her if you do and have a real conversation with her. Otherwise, you may not make it to the second meeting with her!

Mistake #1 – Leaving Nothing to Her Imagination

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First dates are a great time to get to know each other, but you do not want to put all of your cards on the table right away.

Leave something to her imagination. Be a little mysterious!

Women love a man full of mystery, but you don’t want to take this to an extreme when you come off as cold or guarded. Know when to share and when to hold back.

By leaving some things to her imagination, you minimize your chances of messing up the relationship early on. Some aura of mystery will also keep her interested and thinking about you!