Every guy has a girl he wants to speak to and impress, but often just cannot seem to find the right words. I bet you know that situation when you want to do something to impress her, but you have no idea what!

What should you do? It’s easy…

Here are 10 simple tips that you need to follow to make her interested in YOU!

Tip #10 – Focus Your Attention

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One of the best ways that you can impress a girl is to make sure that you provide her with your undivided attention. This might be a little difficult to do at the beginning, especially if you are just meeting her officially for the first time or are in a crowded place.

However, this is one of the best methods how you can separate yourself from the rest of the pack!

Just stay away from all mobile devices while you are talking to her and try not to:

  • Take any calls!
  • Review any text messages!
  • Check your emails!

Pay attention: You may even be able to earn some points on her scoreboard simply by allowing your mobile device to ring or even turning it off in her presence, letting her know that she is the most important thing to you at that exact moment!

Tip #9 – Maintain Direct Eye Contact

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Since she is fully aware that she has your undivided attention, the next step is to make sure that she can see that as well. Maintain direct eye contact at all times!

Here is what great website EliteDaily.com says about eye contact:

“We live in such a removed, cold age. We deeply fear real connections. We’re spending so much time disconnecting and disengaging from the populous by staying in the safe haven of our laptops.

Eye contact strips away all the bullsh*t we’ve become so dependent on. Staring into someone’s eyes allows you to see the real, raw humanity of a person. When you gaze into someone’s eyes, you can see a person without the heaps of endless filters and relentless hashtags. It brings us back to our primal state.

Eye contact is where seduction begins, after all.”

Studies have confirmed over the years that:

  • Observing the ground shows a lack of confidence, which is a major turn-off.
  • Looking around and upwards can reflect a lack of attention or care in what (or who) you should be focusing on at that moment.

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Tip #8 – Show Your Feelings

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Throw away the old sayings that you should never be willing to express your feelings. A woman wants to know that you have emotions and that you are not afraid to show them to her.

Just be sure not to overdo it!

Each woman wants a guy who has a backbone. Therefore, you want a “leaky faucet” of feelings expressed – not a flooded basement!

Tip #7 – Always Be Well Groomed & Dressed

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Your dress and grooming will speak volumes to her even before you can say a single world. It does not matter what you look like. There are plenty of people that do not naturally look like 10s on the Richter Scale of Hotness.

However, you would be surprised at just how far your clothing and grooming will get you in this regard. Therefore, you need to always:

  • Stay shaved
  • Dress sharp
  • Smell fresh

According to PsychologyToday.com, a well groomed look is really important:

“…to answer that question, they presented 117 male and female university students with pictures of 76 partners of the opposite sex, varying in different physical features. They had the students rate the attractiveness of the people pictured and also measured their emotional responses. Then, through statistical analysis, the researchers figured out who was attractive – and why.

Their shocking finding was that, by far, the most attractive features fell under the category of “self care”. These features were changeable aspects like good grooming, neat hair, nice fitting and quality clothing, good posture, and healthy weight.

Essentially, the most attractive features about a person (male or female) is that they put forth some effort to shower, groom, select some nice cloths, stand up straight, and manage their diet a bit. No plastic surgery, major gym time, or extensive overhauling required.”

Keep in mind: Moderation is essential in this regard, and you should not overdo it!

Tip #6 – Be a Gentleman

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Show her that chivalry is not dead with these simple techniques:

  • Open doors for her even though it may require you to let go of your comfort zone.
  • Pull out chairs for her whenever the opportunity presents itself.
  • Offer her your coat or jacket when you know that is cold outside.
  • Master the art of a proper handshake
  • Maintain a classy style with a proper suit, watch & accessory
  • Speak intelligently & avoid swearing
  • Learn how to cook few great meals
  • Always maintain self-control
  • Unleash the power of giving her an unexpected flower

Keep in mind: Just let her know that you are there to cater to her needs and to keep her safe. For more tips on being a gentleman, check out our tips here: Being a Perfect Gentleman: 10 Ways to Revive Chivalry

Tip #5 – Be Social with Her Close Friends

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Her close buddies are very important to her, so make sure that they are important to you as well. Get to know them by starting basic conversations and remembering their names.

This will go a long way because once you get her friends on your side, she will become more committed to you as a result! This is one of those vital tips you can implement today if you want to impress a girl!

Tip #4 – Ask Questions to Know Her Better

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When having a conversation with her, do not get too caught up in talking about yourself! Even if she decides to ask you a question about your life, do not use this as an opportunity to recite the pages from your autobiography.

That is the last thing that you want to do!

Instead, find creative ways to flip the conversation back in her direction – allowing her to talk about herself so that you can get a solid chance to get to know her better.

Here are some helpful questions you could ask her:

  • “What is something you have tried, but will never do again?”
  • “What quirky habit do you have?”
  • “Who is your best friend?”
  • “What is the one thing you did in your past you wish you could undo?”
  • “What is your biggest fear?”
  • “What is the one place in the world you wish you lived in?”
  • “Would you rather be loved or have a lot of money?”
  • “What is the happiest memory from your childhood?”
  • “What is the most embarrassing moment of your life?”
  • “What would your dream date be like?”
  • “What would you change about your personality & look?”

For more ideas on great questions to ask, check out our guide here: 271+ Really Interesting Questions to Ask a Girl You Like

Tip #3 – Compliment Her in Moderation

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You should always compliment her in moderation. Do not just use blanket statements that are not tailored specifically to her. Commenting on her smile, hair, eyes, clothes, and others are only effective if you have taken the time to explore these!

For instance, do not praise her anything without being able to explain why you like it in detail!

Think about how many times she has already heard, “Your dress is so beautiful.” Stand out from all of the others by following yours up with a detailed yet brief explanation about why you think so.

Remember: Always be sure that you can back up your statements with reasoning! You can point out anything from the color, style, texture, designer name, etc.

Tip #2 – Show Her Substance, Not Money!

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The last thing that you want to do is to impress a girl with a bunch of money and materialistic things. Buying her drinks, meals, clothing, jewelry, and other stuff may seem impressive, but that is the right bait for the wrong women!

These are all things that should come in due time after you have been able to sweep her off of her feet and start to build a relationship – not before!

Keep in mind: You can do so much more by showing her that you have substance and are looking for someone else that has it too.

Tip #1 – Show That You Are Confident

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Confidence is the golden ticket that will allow you to get through the double doors of her heart!

Even though you might not have any idea whether or not she will offer you an invitation, you have to be confident in the chance that you just might do that.

Allow your self-confidence to show clearly through the way that you act when you are around her and how boldly you speak to her, following all of the other steps mentioned above.

Confidence is really sexy, according to MeetMindful.com:

“There have been countless studies done on what attracts us to each other, and while we might not always agree on what that is, one thing’s certain: we go where we feel pulled. And people with magnetic energy do the pulling.

We’re not talking about charm here, necessarily. Self-confidence doesn’t need to schmooze or manipulate because it broadcasts a person’s full-on acceptance of who they are without trying. Self-confidence says, “I accept myself on every level” and invites us all to do the same.”

Pay attention: You need to balance on the line between having high self-esteem and being too cocky. Just make sure that you do not cross the thin line that separates confidence from cockiness.

15 More Tips to Impress a Girl

  1. A great guy is the one who is humble, polite, loving ,caring, respectful, considerate and attentive towards his woman’s needs.
  2. He listens to his woman when she has something to say and also at the same time, he conveys what he wants to say, without any hesitation. In other words, he is straightforward and direct.
  3. He has integrity and is ambitious.
  4. He is truthful and is honest.
  5. He is mature enough to deal with situations in a calm and collected manner. He knows how to handle his finances, well. He is independent and takes decisions wisely.
  6. He is confident about himself.
  7. He is selfless and is a giver. He puts the needs of others, before his own.
  8. He is gentle and kind.
  9. He is submissive to authority i.e. he accepts when he is wrong, is attentive and deals with the situation with patience.
  10. A good man is the one who has a positive attitude towards life and the people around him. He is happy with his life and constantly tries to find ways to help others. He is upbeat and looks for good in others. He smiles and laughs often.
  11. He is enthusiastic towards life. He thinks of ways to make things, in day-to-day life, interesting.
  12. He respects health and fitness and tries to stick to the disciplined lifestyle, at all times.
  13. He keeps himself away from any sort of bad habits and addictions.
  14. He is organised in life,and rightly knows, what needs to be done when. He plans ahead of time, to make sure things go accordingly.
  15. He believes in cleanliness and discipline.

Source: Quora

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