Although love comes easy for some women, it may seem as nearly impossible for others. Why is it that some ladies have men falling all over them, while others struggle to get him to call back?

The “How to Make Him Desire You” program by Alex Carter can help you discover what turns guys on and how to get him to truly want you. It is really good stuff that should work for each and every girl out there!

If you want to know, where to get this amazing stuff, how much will it cost, its secret techniques and what other people are saying about it, then continue reading this review to the end.

IN SUMMARY, Here Is What You’ll Discover in This Review:
  • What Is the Make Him Desire You Program by Alex Carter?
  • Who Created the Course?
  • Thing You Have to Know Before You Buy His Course!
  • How Does It Work? + Detailed List of Course Modules and Parts
  • Tricks and Techniques You Just Have to See!
  • My List of 5 Pros vs. 4 Cons
  • Video USER FEEDBACK with Positive and Negative Reviews!
  • Further Resources That Will Help You!

Alex Carter & His Main Idea Behind Make Him Desire You Program

Make Him Desire You Ebook Cover
This is just a review. You can get it for $47.00 on official website:

Alex Carter (author of this great guide) is a dating expert and relationship coach. Prior to writing this book, he spent years as a counselor helping men and women improve their relationships and master the art of attraction.

He understands first-hand what attracts guys, and the mistakes that girls make most often when dating. Therefore, this guide is best if you want to know how to finally meet Prince Charming and land Mr. Right.

When you will get your hands on his system, you will gain instant access to all of Alex Carter’s amazing tips, techniques and his insider advice.

You will also learn a few weird techniques that literally make men “emotionally addicted” to you. Let´s get to the details of this program without any further delays.

Alex´s Tips to Actually Make Him Desire You

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The eBook is broken down into sections that first teach women how men approach relationships and later gives advice on how to get him to want you.

The first half of this guide is dedicated to helping ladies understand how men think as far as relationships are concerned.

Click on the image to learn more.

There are a few key points here:

  • Both partners need to invest their time & effort equally – In order for a relationship to grow and flourish, both people must put in an equal amount of time and effort. When one person stops investing their effort, the other usually invests more to pick up the slack. This tends to have the opposite effect. Alex shows you how to prevent this from happening and how to fix it if your relationship is already at this point.
  • Men value girls who value themselves – If you want a man to yearn for you, respect you, you must first value yourself. This is easily determined by how you treat yourself, the boundaries you set and how difficult it is for him to attain you. The second half of the book details tricks and techniques that will have him wanting you like never before.

How Does This System Work? – 12 Effective Techniques

  1. The Emotional Intensifier – Stops men from pulling away.
  2. The Vacuum Technique – Gets him to chase you.
  3. Emotional Attraction Scale – Tips to stop him from being distant and finally get him commit.
  4. Furious Magnet – Brings your ex back after breaking up.
  5. Intrigue Arousal – Teaches you how to become the woman who every guy fantasizes about.
  6. Position Technique – Makes him view you as the most important thing in the world.
  7. Mouse & Cheese – Skyrockets his interest in you over time so he never gets bored.

  1. 3T Formula – Shows you how to maintain conversation effortlessly and hypnotize him whenever you speak.
  2. The Secret of Unconscious Bonding – Triggers your chemistry with him instantly – even if you’re meeting for the first time.
  3. Bubble of Safety – Presents you how to get a man to open up to you.
  4. Anchor Technique – Makes him feel pleasure every time he’s around you.
  5. Indirect-Direct – Gets him to do what you want while thinking it was his idea all along Another interesting concept that Alex goes into is what he calls the “unconditional respect method.”

Keep in mind: Every man wants to be acknowledged or respected by women. If you give him this acknowledgement and respect, he will respond with passion and love for you.

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The Good (5 Pros)

  • Instant access & download.
  • Easy to read & follow.
  • Clear & to the point advice.
  • Tips that are backed by psychological explanations & real-world client examples.
  • This book can be used by any woman & the techniques should work on any man.

The Bad (4 Cons)

  1. You may suffer from “Information overload” while reading this book.
  2. The explanations are sometimes too in-depth & detailed.
  3. To get him to want you will require some effort on your part.
  4. Some of the methods are unorthodox & unheard of.

Excellent Stuff You Will Get for Your Money

Whole Package Of Make Him Desire You

When you purchase the Make Him Desire You series, you will receive the eBook and accompanying MP3 files for easy and instant access to its content.

In addition to the actual PDF guide, you will also receive the following bonuses:

  • Psychological Tricks to Become The Ultimate Guy Magnet
  • Secrets of the Male Desire
  • The Role Reversal Report
  • Advanced Fascination Report

All of the files can be downloaded right away onto your computer, tablet or smart phone.

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3 Useful Sources of User Feedback

Source #1 – Youtube Video (2:03 Minutes)

Source #2 – Rating from

User experience from Good Reads
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Source #3 – User Review from

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This guide has helped so many women get the guys they want. The tips and techniques shared in this series are incredibly powerful and will have him making a commitment while thinking it was his idea.

Here’s what some of the female readers are saying:

  • He just kept pulling away, but when I used these techniques, he finally opened up to me.
  • The best book I’ve read on what men want in a woman.
  • After using these techniques, I finally met Mr. Right.

Pay attention: Keep in mind that these are taken from other websites and I cannot check whether they are true or not. So rather take these with a grain of salt.

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How to Buy This eBook for Just $47.00!!!

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Download from The Official Website

The guide and all of its bonuses are sadly not for free. However, you should expect to pay just $47.00, and you can purchase and download the system through the product’s official website.

With this, you get the actual pdf file, the bonus reports and all of the MP3 files. After you gain instant access to the material, you can download the books to any device you want, or view it on your desktop.

If you’re tired of waiting for Mr. Right to walk through the door, the “Make Him Desire You” program can help you take back control and make you irresistible to men.