What if you could finally learn what men really want? Most ladies today struggle in their relationships simply because they don’t know what their partners are thinking.

Unlike women, we men keep our desires and thoughts bottled up; never to be released.

In the eBook “What Men Secretly Want”, James Bauer – the author – reveals hidden thoughts and desires that guys will never share with their female counterparts. You may be surprised to learn that what he desires the most has nothing to do with your looks, but with respect.

This is our personal review. To visit the official website, click here – WhatMenSecretlyWant.com

Who Is James Bauer?

The program we are reviewing was designed, written, and published by James Bauer. He is a student of psychology and a relationship coach, who has been actively providing consultations to couples with problems.

He explains that his motivations to create a program helping women to connect to their partners were genuine:

“A few years ago a close female friend asked me for some advice about a heartbreaking relationship situation. At the time, I was working as a private consultant with men, women, and couples.”

“It was my job to study the inner workings of a man’s mind and the way he experiences a romantic relationship. I had been studying psychology, influence strategies, and the male and female perspectives on romance for years.”

During his career, he has been focusing on teaching women to tap into their intuition to guide them through the dating process as following one’s intuition has lead to the best results.

Over the last 11 years, his coaching has already helped hundreds of women all around the world to strenghten their marriages. Hes approach is slightly different than approach of other relationship experts:

“James believes that being irresistible is about a special set of qualities that emanate from feelings of happiness, true confidence, and a kind of inner beauty that pulls at a man’s heartstrings. Being irresistible is the embodiment of what makes a woman truly attractive in every sense of the word. It’s about creating an irresistible draw with who you really are. Never pretending to be someone else.”

Mr. Bauer has based the “What Men Secretly Want” program on his secret weapon called the “Respect Principle”. He provides a simple explanation on his website:

“The concept is quite simple – show him that you understand the way he thinks and how he experiences relationships through your words and your actions. All it takes is a few simple adjustments to the way you interact with him.”

In other words, it is the easiest and most effective way to connect with a man. By following his advice, you can get him to make a long-term commitment on a deep emotional level without too much of a struggle or resistance.

Besides the “What Men Secretly Want” course, he has written two other bestselling programs, called “His Secret Obsession” and “The Relationship Rewrite Method“. Both are successful advanced online courses that provide techniques to make any man obsessed with you.

You can learn more about James on his website, Beirresistible.com.

The Way Respect Principle Works

What men secretly want product imageJames Bauer’s Respect Principle is simple in nature – men crave to be respected more than they want to be loved. Therefore, guys tend to be most attracted to ladies who can give them both admiration and respect.

Throughout the book, James addresses the things that guys really look for in a woman and a relationship, including:

  1. Communication – We men want girls who are clear and direct about what they desire. Open communication is the key to success in any relationship with a man.
  2. Independence – Dudes like ladies who are independent and strong; someone they can rely on.
  3. Being yourself – Beauty is important, but it’s equally important to be yourself.
  4. Being understanding – Understand him as he is. Don’t expect him to understand you if you can’t reciprocate.

The system introduces you to the “gap” in communication that’s preventing him from making a commitment to you.

Video Tips: Men Need Respect, Women Need Love

The Main Content & Chapters

Compilation Of What Men Secretly Want

Included within this system is a comprehensive eBook with an audio file that completely covers the Respect Principle and reveals what guys subconsciously want from their partners.

This guide will show you as well:

  • Risky words and phrases that can ruin your relationship and kill his attraction for you.
  • Why your male partner can’t hear you when you talk a certain way, and how you can use this to your advantage.
  • Words you should never say if you want him to commit to a long-term relationship.
  • How to respond to a man that’s guarded and doesn’t want to talk without ruining your relations.
  • Simple tricks that make him want to love and protect you.
  • How to speak to a guy so that he sees you as a constant source of pursuit, excitement, and interest.

You will also get a 2-minute attraction technique (that makes you irresistible to men and is more potent than body language alone) together with many real-life experiences and situations from actual couples!

5 Pros I Really Like

  1. Life Changing – This system shows women the ways to bring security, love and respect into their relationships.
  2. Commitment Builder – This program will give you all it takes to get a man to commit to you.
  3. Attraction Booster – You will learn how to become more attractive in the eyes of a guy physically, emotionally, and intellectually.
  4. Improved Communication – This program is a doorway into the male mind and will help you understand how to communicate with almost any guy.
  5. Price/Quality Ratio – The information and techniques you will get are worth way more than the actual price you will pay for access to this info.

3 Cons Worth Mentioning

  1. Long – The PDF file is quite extensive and detailed. For some people it may be too detailed and hence boring.
  2. Complex – If you’re looking for a quick-fix guide, this is not the program for you. You will need to learn from this ebook, analyze your situation, and apply this knowledge into your life.
  3. Ladies Only – Obviously, this guide is not a suitable product for men. It was designed specifically for women.

You can get the eBook and audio file together with extra “Common Situations with Men FAQ” audio file through the “Be Irresistible” network.

All this will cost you just $47.00 and you will receive 60-day money back guarantee.

Interesting User Feedback

The following section will give you some insight into how people perceive this program all around the internet. Just keep in mind that it’s a collection of publicly available feedback from various third party websites.

That’s why we can’t ensure they are  100% genuine.


Yahoo Answers

This feedback from Anonymous user concludes, that this program is a good investment for ladies, who need to improve their communication skills with the opposite sex:

This program consists of various steps and guides for women to be the ultimate irresistible person, such as developing communication style, strategies to attract the dream man without making him think that he is ‘friendzoned,’ examples of various real life scenarios that you can immediately apply, and even repairing strained relationships.”

“There are also lists of effective phrases and conversation guide to avoid so many communication mistakes couples make. Without using hundreds of pages that require days to read, this book is the best practical guide for a relationship, coming directly from the expert.”

Not only that, it also points out several reasons, why you should get your hands on this program:

“Here are reasons why you must give this book a shot:

  1. Practical guide. The book is written using practical, step by step guidance using real-life scenarios and examples, so you can directly apply them.
  2. No scam at all. The book is available from a reputable third-party supplier, Clickbank, which is known for legitimate and excellent services as well as high-quality digital resources.
  3. Designed for women. Many relationship guides offer just a general take on practical steps; this guide, however, was designed specifically for women style of communications and point of views.
  4. Available in PDF and audio forms. Besides the PDF version of the book, you can also get an audio recording, so you can either read or listen to all the useful advice inside.
  5. Money back guarantee. Clickbank gives money-back guarantee for those who feel that the guide will not bring any significant change to their romantic life.”

Relationship Advice

Another feedback that is quite positive about the results provided by this program. It’s collected from a website RelationshipAdvice.co and it points out some negatives and faults as well:

  • “His chapter titles can be quite provocative, but the content itself isn’t. The advice is sound and actually works.
  • Sometimes I felt like it’s all my fault and that only I need to change something to get into a deeper, more affectionate relationship with men but at some point, I realized that I wanted to change something and you cannot change someone else anyway. Change starts with yourself.
  • The course isn’t pretty, but James’ made this all about the content. Does it really need to be wrapped up in a pretty bow if it helps you understanding men and really have a happy relationship with your man?”

Her Aspiration

Also Sonya Schwartz, author of blog called “Her Aspiration“, considers this program a good purchase:

“What Men Secretly Want is definitely an interesting guide for all those women who want to understand more about men behavior and way of thinking. Designed as a tool that should help women find and settle down with quality men, the program can be equally useful to women who simply want to improve their relationship.”

“I know, you’re probably wondering if What Men Secretly Want can work for you. I don’t know that, and probably not even Bauer is able to give you a definitive answer to this question. However, you can simply try it.”

“You have 60 days to test the strategies and see if they are working or not. If you’re not happy with the results, you will simply get your money back. It couldn’t have been better!”

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Final Verdict: This Program Provides Solid Info

The program “What Men Secretly Want” is definitely a must-have for those women, who want to become more desirable. Also, ladies who are facing challenges in their current relationship will learn useful techniques that can fix the most common issues between a man and his woman.

Not only that, James Bauer has already helped a lot of women to pursue new relationships.

I have to conclude that this eBook (you can purchase it here) gives you an unique glimpse into the mind of a man and how he perceives and copes with being with a girl from a long-term perspective. It gives you a lot of helpful insights that will help you understand him on a deeper level.

The best part? By making just a few simple changes to the way you behave and speak, you will become irresistible in his eyes.