7 Wicked Sex Games to Play in Bed


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Sex games can add a little spice to your love life and kick things up a notch in the bedroom. From playing out fantasies to daring your partner to do something kinky, there are so many fun and exciting ways to get both of you in the mood.

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Just go for these 7 nasty sex games for couples and you will see significant change in your love life.

Game #7 – Truth or Dare (Special Adult Version)


Turn the classic Truth or Dare into an adult bedroom game.

Take turns asking each other naughty questions or daring each other to do kinky things. You can be as wild, or tame, as you want. Just make sure to set some ground rules first, and that everyone knows where to draw the line.


  1. Each one will be asked to choose truth or dare.
  2. If truth is chosen, they must answer a dirty question.
  3. If dare is chosen, they must do whatever kinky thing their partner asks them to do.

Extra Tips

  • Start it off slow.
  • Try not to get too naughty right off the bat or you’ll ruin the mood.
  • Keep the questions entertaining and kinky.
  • Stay away from asking extremely personal stuff or bring up the past.

Just have fun and ask questions that will heighten the mood as the game progresses.

Playing Adult Truth or Dare!


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Game #6 – Role Playing with Costumes

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Role playing is one of the most exciting things you can play in the bedroom. You can kick things up a notch by wearing a costume that fits your character.

Choose a costume and a role that your partner fantasizes about, such as:

  • Cowgirl & cowboy
  • Naughty school girl & teacher
  • Kinky cop
  • French maid
  • Geisha
  • Sailor pin-up

There are thousands of characters to choose from. Experiment to see which roles and costumes really get your mate going.

Please note! With so many different possibilities, you can have sex with a new persona every night of the week!

Game #5 – Wait for The Countdown (Foreplay Only)

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This game is all about anticipation. Set a timer for however long you wish. While the timer’s running, the two of you can tease each other and build up anticipation – but no penetration is allowed.

Try dressing up in sexy costumes, and use this time to drive each other wild. Only kissing, touching and rubbing is allowed.

Please note! The anticipation will make actual intercourse even more exciting and exhilarating.

Game #4 – Blindfolded & Sensual Food Testing

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Sensual foods, or aphrodisiacs, can help you both get in the mood. Do a sensual food testing and do not forget to blindfold your partner to heighten the sexual experience. Slowly feed him or her each bite, and don’t be afraid to get a little playful.

Try testing these sexy foods:

  • Chocolate
  • Strawberries
  • Bananas
  • Grapes
  • Truffles

Folks from HealthyPlace.com say that you focus on this:

“Blindfold your partner and gently caress the chosen food across their lips. Can they guess what it is by the texture? Can they describe how it feels and smells?

Slowly and tantalizingly, let them have a very small taste. Can they guess what it is now? If not, they may need a bigger bite.

Work your way through the foods, taking turns wearing the blindfold. Don’t take it too seriously. Have a laugh, but don’t be tempted to be cruel. Keep the chillies out of it!”

Game #3 – Good Old Strip Poker

strip poker with wine

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No other game gets you in the mood quite like strip poker. This naughty twist on its classic version will leave one of you in your birthday suit.


  1. First thing’s first, make sure that you set some ground rules that everyone can agree on.
  2. To make it fair, both of you need to start with the same amount of clothing.
  3. Choose between five-card drawn and Texas Hold’Em.
  4. Deal the cards and begin playing hands just as you would in any other poker game.

Here’s the catch: If you lose a hand, you have to strip off a piece of your clothes. The winner of the hand gets to decide which one will be removed.

This is what the experts from ThoughtCo.com say about strip poker:

“Strip poker is also often played with one betting round, putting more pieces of clothing at risk if you want to stay in the hand. You can either see that bet, raise it or fold. If a player wants to stay in, he must see or raise that bet, just as in regular poker. If you lose, you lose the garments you bet. If you win you get to keep them on. It’s that easy.

Think of pieces of clothing as money and it all makes sense. You can play any variation of poker, although it’s best to keep it to simple games with fewer betting rounds, such as five-card draw or one of the five-card draw variations. Basically, everyone is dealt five cards and they can then exchange one or more of them for an equal number of cards from the remaining deck.”

Game #2 – Mirror Each Other’s Moves & Discover What Each One of You Likes

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Sex is all about pleasing the other, and experimenting is the best way to discover what he or she likes. Try mirroring each other’s moves to see what really gets your lover going.


  1. Start the game off by doing something to your partner that you enjoy.
  2. He or she will then do the same thing back to you and vice versa.
  3. This is a fun way to try out new things and find various pleasures that you never knew you enjoyed.

Pay attention: Remember to take your time and really enjoy each other.

Game #1 – BDSM and Master & Slave Kinky Coin

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Dominance is the name of the game with BDSM. This bedroom play is not for the faint of heart, so make sure that you partner is comfortable with it.


  1. One person will take on the dominant role while the other will take on the “slave” position.
  2. The dominant one will be Master if male or Mistress if female.
  3. Flip a coin to get it started, and pick a side.
  4. Heads mean your partner is the “slave” and tails means you will be in a submissive position.
  5. Make sure that you set some boundaries ahead of time and establish a safe word.

Pay attention! If the it gets to be too intense for either you or your partner, saying the safe word will put an end to the game.

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  • Cameron

    I’m a big fan of role playing. We have lots of costumes that we use but you can go without and it will still turn you on. You have to be creative and switch things around, you can’t always use the stranger in the bar theme, you get bored. An old fave of ours is the teacher and school-girl.

    • http://thestallionstyle.com/ James Buzinko

      Sure, or even naughty nurse and patient is really cool classic.

  • Edwina

    I like being tied up in lots of positions while doing it and I get the best orgasms this way. We discovered this recently when we made use of the cuffs he bought me for Valentine’s Day. We also use a tie to bind my legs if I’m into it at the moment.

    • http://thestallionstyle.com/ James Buzinko

      Bondage is the best way to spice things up during sex for me!

  • Eddy

    When I’m blindfolded and can’t see everything gets sexier! I recommend you surprise your boyfriend with a blindfolded blowjob. These always drive me insane and if she immobilizes my hands so I can’t control the tempo I feel even better because I know she’s in control. Try it and see for yourselves!

    • http://thestallionstyle.com/ James Buzinko

      Whow, I bet that would be amazing experience. I am eager to try that one out. I just need a willing partner 🙂

  • Daffy

    I never tried Truth or Dare! This sounds like a great suggestion but I think it will be a bit weird for couples that are together for a couple of years because you might tend to ask the wrong questions. For one night stands or short relationships it’s perfect because it can spice things up and you can be creative because she doesn’t know you that good.

    • http://thestallionstyle.com/ James Buzinko

      Thanks Daffy for a great point. Sure, for long term relationships this may cause more troubles then benefits.

  • Fernando

    Thanks for these suggestions, James. My girlfriend and I are trying to jazz up our sex life because we’re in a rut. We have sex everyday but mostly because we have to, not because we want to. Role playing seems like fun and I think she’ll be into it, can’t wait to try it.

    • http://thestallionstyle.com/ James Buzinko

      Trust me that every chick loves role play. Their biggest sex organ is their brain and I bet role-play stimulates it really well.

  • Frankie F

    Strip poker is awesome 🙂
    I love playing it with my girl. We both get drunk out of our minds, and you can imagine we end up sucking at the game, and end up naked pretty soon. But still, the whole idea of winning to undress just gets us going so bad! We play it every two weeks or so to spice things up!
    One time, we even convinced her bi friend to play with us. It was SO close to a threesome…maybe next time!

  • Lidya

    Why did I never think of playing adult truth or dare??
    Although, to be honest, my boyfriend is such a troll that I’m afraid he’ll just joke around :/ He’s never serious, he just starts laughing and making fun of it :<

    But adult truth or dare sounds like SO MUCH fun. It could end with sex, mutual masturbation, or even kinkier stuff in a heartbeat.

    Should I risk his trolling and try it out?

  • Mark P

    These are all awesome ideas, but I don’t think the Countdown one will go so well. it will make sex feel timed and artificial. “Nuh babe, we have 5 more minutes to go!” “But I want it now!” “Nuh babe, 4 minutes 43 s left”.

    I think it’s great it focuses on foreplay, but it ends up making sex feel like it’s some sort of timed activity, and you end up just feeling pressured because of it. And sex should be the lest pressuring thing imho.

    source: i tried it. my girl smacked the timer off the table and now it’s dead.

  • SexyKitsune

    Role Playing with costumes….and without, is awesome!
    I made my poor boyfriend discover some fetishes he never thought he had (even though they’re super common). Oh, and I apparently have a priest kink, Who knew?
    Anyway, what makes this type of play so fun is that because you take another persona, you just feel more free to do whatever. You get into the skin of the character and would do things your normal persona would never do…such as being on your knees and asking the teacher for cock *cough*
    I suggest this to everyone who’s bedroom got a bit stale. Rediscover your kinky side, you dirty little minxes :3

  • The Collateral BDSM Expert

    BDSM is not children’s play. Make sure each of you learns about it, what it entails and how it can be practiced safely. I have a lot of friends from the BDSM community who really insist on everyone new knowing their proper safety boundaries. And not just for hard BDSM like shibari and full blown whipping, but also the softer one. BDSM is all about trust – trusting your partner will make you feel pleasure out of pain, and not smack you around just for the sake of it. Keep that in mind, folk

  • Rati

    The best part/thing about role playing is that you get to become who ever and what ever you want! With absolutely no boundaries and no limitations! Become your man or women’s ultimate desire or even fantasy! Role play is the future????????????????????????

  • Rati

    The best part/thing about role playing is that you get to become who ever and what ever you want! With absolutely no boundaries and no limitations! Become your man or women’s ultimate desire or even fantasy! Role play is the future????????????????????????