Each year, there are thousands of desperate men who are unsatisfied with the size and appearance of their penises. They often consider surgery to have their private parts improved.

Although there is a number of surgical options to choose from, there has been little research undertaken as to the long-term safety of these procedures!

There are, however, men that have an abnormally small size and for these guys there are 2 types of surgeries that can have some (debatable) results.

Surgery #1 – Girth Improvement

Although, this kind of surgery is less invasive than length operation, it often has only very little effect on your size. The surgeon will firstly harvest your fat from other areas of your body and consequently injects it into the shaft of your phallus!

The time that this whole procedure would take differs from one person to another! However, you need to keep in mind that it can be a disruptive and costly process to undergo on a regular basis.

2 Nasty side effects:

  1. Lumpy shaft – If this operation is not done correctly, your member can appear lumpy and uneven often giving rise to further concerns about its appearance.
  2. Temporary – This would also need to be undertaken on a regular basis to maintain the desired outcome.

Keep in mind: This is because male cock is not a usual area for fat storage, and so your body tries to re-disperse it continually to its other parts.

Surgery #2 – Adding Length

scalpel knife

The operation focused on increasing the length of your member is quite intricate! The surgeon will cut your suspensory ligament that is above your penis.

This ligament attaches your phallus to the pelvic region and also supports it when it is erected!

3 Common side effects you face:

  • Pointing downwards – Once this ligament is cut, your “little buddy” will then hang lower making it appear longer than it was before. This, in itself, may make it visually less appealing during erection as it will point downwards.
  • Small gain – Only around 35% of men who underwent this procedure are happy with the outcome. This is because it adds only an average of 0.5 of an inch in length in most cases.
  • Painful stretching – After the actual surgery is done, you will be required to use weight or stretching devices (depending on the surgeon’s preference) to add another 0.5 of an inch.

Pay attention: This all makes around 1 inch gain in total. Is this worth all that pain and money you will need to pay? I do not think so especially when other alternative solutions work very well!

Just keep in mind that you have to speak to a surgeon as it will help you to choose which procedure will offer the best results for your needs!

4 Less Invasive Options That Work Wonders!

man with huge penis in pants

There are other methods that I highly recommend you to try before resorting to often painful surgical changes. I have been looking into each one of these methods in details, and I have to say that the results are very promising!

From a lot of available alternative methods I need to point out these:

  1. Set of natural exercises for penis enlargement.
  2. Hydro-based vacuum pumps such as BathMate and Penomet.
  3. Stretching or extending devices such as SizeGenetics and ProExtender.
  4. The most effective male enhancement pills such as Male Extra.

Pay attention: With each one of these methods you will need to invest a lot of your time and effort, as permanent results are possible but they come gradually over an extended period of time.

Before you decide to go for any of these alternative methods, it is crucial to consider individual advantages and disadvantages so that you will have a clear idea what will work for you!