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Product name: ProSolution
Producing company: Leading Edge Health
Price per bottle: $59.95
Official website:
3rd party offers: Amazon (not available), GNC (not available)
Alternative products: Male Extra, VigRX & Vimax

This brand looks great for reaching the maximum size of your erections and increasing sexual stamina.

I bet you always want to give your best effort to satisfy her sexually. Sometimes, however, you can’t do this without some help.

This is where ProSolution comes to play. Not only will you be able to achieve fuller and firmer erections, but you will gain better control over your sexual stamina!

The company even offers a lot of extras that we’ll talk about shortly.


back label of prosolution pills

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Serving size: 2 Pills

Ingredients per serving: Drilizen (700mg), Solidilin (400mg), Reishi Mushroom (fruit) (75mg), Amla (berry) (55mg), Bladderwrack (root) (50mg), Safflower (flower) (50mg), Cassia (bark) (50mg), Shatavari (roots and shoots) (40mg), Zinc (as zinc oxide) (24mg), Curculigo (roots) (20mg), Cordyceps Sinensis (fruit) (10mg), Momordica (fruit) (5mg), Arjuna (bark) (2.5mg), Apigenin (leaf) (200mcg)

The ingredients inside the ProSolution formula will increase the blood flow to your penis to ensure that you have a harder, fuller erection, effectively increasing the size of your penis to its maximum capacity.

ProSolution pills do not claim growth of your maximal penis size!

Not only that, makers of ProSolution pills claim that you will be able to experience better sex drive as well as stamina. The secret behind ProSolution is not magic at all – it´s science.

The substances inside ProSolution pills can change over time. Below you can discover an updated list of all ingredients used in ProSolution pills (last checked October 11, 2017).


According to the official product website, “[Drilizen] contains the active ingredient ‘protodioscin’, which increases the secretion of luteinizing hormone (also known as interstitial cell-stimulating hormone). This hormone in turn regulates the secretion of testosterone from the Leydig (interstitial) cells in the testes. … Drilizen™ also helps to increase nitric oxide levels, which may prolong erections through coronary vasodilation. Nitric oxide also relaxes vascular smooth muscle via parasympathetic stimulation, which allows blood to flow to the penis and reach erection rapidly.”



According to the official product website, “[o]ne component in the Solidilin™ compound has been shown in numerous studies to improve sexual motivation. In one study by the School of Pharmaceutical Sciences (University of Science Malaysia) results showed significant enhancements in the sexual functioning of middle-aged rats. The compound also contains L-Dopa, the precursor to dopamine, which is the pleasure-giving neurotransmitter in the brain.”



Ganoderma Lucidum (also known as Reishi) is an edible mushroom that is popularly used for the general promotion of health and longevity in Asian countries. Not only that, it promotes prostate health as well as show potential in the treatment of prostate cancer.

–


“Thus, Ganoderma lucidum clearly demonstrates anticancer activity in experiments with cancer cells and has possible therapeutic potential as a dietary supplement for an alternative therapy for breast and prostate cancer. However, because of the availability of Ganoderma lucidum from different sources, it is advisable to test its biologic activity.”

Sliva, D. (2003). “Ganoderma lucidum (Reishi) in cancer treatment“, in Integrative Cancer Therapies. Vol. 2(4). Pp. 358-364.


Amla, also known as Emblica officinalis, has shown a potent antioxidant power that protects against an oxidative damage done to your testicles. This statement has been supported by a study conducted on rats.

–


“Based on the results obtained it can be concluded that aqueous extract of Emblica officinalis Garten formulation, an herbal preparation ameliorate male reproductive tissue damages. Aqueous extract of Emblica officinalis Garten contains antioxidants, several flavonoids (Khan 2009) and steroids, these reduces the oxidative stress and recover the testicular tissue damage. Emblica officinalis fruit juice neutralizes the oxidizing potentials of reactive oxygen species induced by chlorpyrifos; through, these activities they maintain cell membrane integrity and viability.”


Sadly, I was not able to discover any direct link between Bladderwrack (or Fucus vesiculosus) and male potency and improved sex health. However, it is a rich source of iodine that supports your thyroid, hence balancing your hormone production.

–



Traditionally, the Safflower or Carthamus tinctorius plant has been used for improving the male reproductive system, especially by improving his sperm health.


“The results indicated that the percentage of sperm with good morphology, motility, and count increased significantly in the group treated with 10 mg/kg CT [Carthamus tinctorius or safflower] (p=0.002, p=0.03, and p=0.00001, respectively). The effects on hormonal changes and genital organ weights were also positive. It is probable that the CT extract affects spermatogenesis and as a result sperm quality. Further studies are needed.”

Bahmanpour, S., et al. (2012). “Effects of Carthamus tinctorius on Semen Quality and Gonadal Hormone Levels in Partially Sterile Male Rats“, in Korean Journal of Urology. Vol. 53(10). Pp. 705-710.


Cinnamomum cassia has been suggested in Ayurveda for the management of sexual dysfunction. There have been conducted some studies on rats that show a positive effect of cassia bark on male potency.

–


“The treatment significantly increased sexual function in aged rats that had decreased in comparison to young rats, but did not have any significant effect on sperm count, live and defective sperm percentage. However, treatment induced an increase in smooth muscle level and a decrease in collagen level in the aged rat penile tissue in comparison to that of age matched control.

Goswami, S.K., et al. (2013). “Efficacy of Cinnamomum cassia Blume. in age induced sexual dysfunction of rats“, in Journal of Young Pharmacists. Vol. 5(4). Pp. 148-153.


Shatavary (also known as Asparagus racemosus) is a climbing plant which grows in low jungles areas throughout India. It has been traditionally used as a treatment for infertility, decreased libido, threatened miscarriage, menopause, and leucorrhea and has the potential ability to balance pH in the cervical area.

–


“The study suggested that the systemic use of extracts of Shatavari have sexual behaviour enhancing effect in male rats. The extracts of the shatavari was found to stimulate the mounting behaviour of male rat and also to significantly increase their mating performance.

Mishra Vinay Kumar, et al. (2010). “Effects of Asparagus racemosus, (shatavari) on mounting behaviour of male rats“, in International Journal of Pharmacy & Life Sciences. Vol. 1(1). Pp. 30-34.


Zinc is an essential mineral that plays a vital role in our organism. It can enhance your orgasms and even raise semen production. Not only that, it is highly related to the production of testosterone, hormone, whose low levels can minimize your libido and weaken your erections. Sadly, most men don’t get enough zinc in their diet.

–


“The authors conclude that supraphysiological levels of testosterone maintained for up to two months can promote some aspects of sexual arousability without stimulating sexual activity in eugonadal men within stable heterosexual relationships.

Anderson, R.A., et al. (1992). “The effects of exogenous testosterone on sexuality and mood of normal men“, in The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism. Vol. 75(6). Pp. 1503-7.


“Zinc supplementation of marginally zinc-deficient normal elderly men for six months resulted in an increase in serum testosterone from 8.3 +/- 6.3 to 16.0 +/- 4.4 nmol/L (p = 0.02). We conclude that zinc may play an important role in modulating serum testosterone levels in normal men.

Prasad, A.S., et al. (1996). “Zinc status and serum testosterone levels of healthy adults“, in Nutrition. Vol. 12(5). Pp. 344-8.


“Testosterone treated subjects had greater improvement in erectile function compared to those who received placebo, reaching statistical significance at week 4 (4.4 vs 2.1, p = 0.029, 95.1% CI 0.3, 4.7). Similar trends were observed for improvements in orgasmic function, overall satisfaction, total IIEF score and percentage of IIEF responders.


Curculingo orchioides should have a positive effect on male potency. This substance is especially potent if the reason for impotence is diabetes and hyperglycemia.


“CO [Curculigo orchioides] treatment was helpful in ameliorating the damage caused by sustained hyperglycemia evidenced in the principle parameters viz. male sexual behavior, sperm count, penile erection index and seminal fructose content Antioxidant and anabolic activities of the extract under investigation could be a major attribute in preserving the sexual functions in hyperglycemic male rats. The study validates the use of CO in traditional medicine for curing diabetes-induced sexual dysfunction and compromised sexual potency.

Thakur, M., et al. (2012). “Effect of Curculigo orchioides on hyperglycemia-induced oligospermia and sexual dysfunction in male rats“, in International Journal of Impotence Research. Vol. 24(1). Pp. 31-37.


Cordyceps has been used in traditional Chinee medicine for a long time. It has been usually used as a natural aphrodisiac and there are several studies proving its ability to increase sex drive and functions.

–


“These studies show the main activities of the fungus in oxygen-free radical scavenging, antisenescence, endocrine, hypolipidemic, antiatherosclerotic, and sexual function-restorative activities. The safety of the fungus, its effects on the nervous system, glucose metabolism, the respiratory, hepatic, cardiovascular, and immune systems, immunologic disease, inflammatory conditions, cancer, and diseases of the kidney will be reviewed in the second part of this article to be published in the winter issue of this journal.

Zhu, J.S., et al. (1998): “The scientific rediscovery of an ancient Chinese herbal medicine: Cordyceps sinensis: part 1“, in Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine. Vol. 4(3). Pp. 289-303.


“Because CS [cordyceps sinensis], F2 [water soluble protein], and F3 [poorly water soluble polysaccharide and protein] stimulated both in vitro and in vivo testosterone secretions in mice, it is possible that CS might contribute to an alternative medicine for the treatment of some reproductive problems caused by insufficient testosterone levels in human males.

Hsu, CH.CH., et al. (2003): “In vivo and in vitro stimulatory effects of Cordyceps sinensis on testosterone production in mouse Leydig cells“, in Life Sciences. Vol. 73(16). Pp. 2127-2136.


“Terminalia Arjuna (usually simply referred to as Arjuna) is a tree bark that is used medicinally in Ayurveda for the purposes of cardiovascular health pertaining to the heart itself. … There are numerous human studies conducted on Arjuna bark, although many of them are low in sample size. … One study using arsenic-induced testicular damage in rats noted that 4 days pretreatment with isolated Arjunolic acid can prevent oxidative testicular damage and histological changes in response to arsenic.”

–


“Arjunolic acid had free radical scavenging activity in a cell-free system and antioxidant power in vivo. In summary, the results suggest that the chemopreventive role of arjunolic acid against arsenic-induced testicular toxicity may be due to its intrinsic antioxidant property.

Manna P, Sinha M, Sil PC. (2008). “Protection of arsenic-induced testicular oxidative stress by arjunolic acid“, in Redox Report. Vol. 13(2). Pp. 67-77.


“Apigenin has been noted to modify a receptor (TBXA2) and an enzyme’s activity (aromatase) in a manner which would be conducive to increasing testosterone activity, both at relatively low concentrations. It is uncertain what oral dose this translates to at this moment in time.”

–


“When DAX-1 protein was reduced, the sensitivity of the Leydig cells was dramatically enhanced, with sub-threshold level of cAMP being able to induce maximal levels of StAR protein expression and steroid hormone production. The present study suggests a potential application of apigenin to improve StAR protein expression and steroidogenic sensitivity of aging Leydig cells.

Li W, et al. (2011). “Effects of apigenin on steroidogenesis and steroidogenic acute regulatory gene expression in mouse Leydig cells“, in The Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry. Vol. 22(3). Pp. 212-218.

A cocktail of sorts, all of these ingredients work in unison to ensure you have a longer, fuller and thicker erection, better libido as well as sex drive!


US Food & Drug Administration (FDA) regularly tests various pills that are sold as dietary supplements. Even those related to improving sexual performance.

There are a lot of products on the market that FDA even warns about. Just see for yourself:

Luckily, I was not able to find any warning about ProSolution.

This may be due to the fact that this product has not been tested at all (as this is not a mandatory procedure) or that it has already been tested and nothing harmful or hidden was discovered.



Does ProSolution come with any side effect? This is the most important question every one of you should ask himself. The answer is not that easy.

Because we are not scientists, not even medical professionals, we rely on reputable sources such as WebMD to learn more about potential side-effects for individual ingredients used in ProSolution:

  • I was not able to discover much information on side-effects of DRILIZEN
  • I was not able to discover much information on side-effects of SOLIDILIN
  • REISHI MUSHROOM has been associated with toxic effects on the liver and could cause dryness of the mouth, throat, and nasal area along with itchiness, stomach upset, nosebleed, and bloody stools (POSSIBLY SAFE – see more here)
  • AMLA might increase the risk of bleeding or bruising in some people, decrease blood sugar levels, taking Indian gooseberry with ginger, Tinospora cordifolia, and Indian frankincense might make liver function worse in people with liver disease (LIKELY SAFE – see more here)
  • BLADDERWRACK may contain high concentrations of iodine, which could cause or worsen some thyroid problems, can concentrate toxic heavy metals, such as arsenic, from the water in which it lives, might slow blood clotting (POSSIBLY UNSAFE – see more here)
  • SAFFLOWER might slow blood clotting and cause allergic reaction in those sensitive to the Asteraceae/Compositae family (POSSIBLY SAFE – see more here)
  • CASSIA can lower blood sugar levels in people with diabetes, can contain large amounts of a chemical called coumarin causing or worsening liver disease in sensitive people (LIKELY SAFE – see more here)
  • There is not enough information available to know if SHATAVARI is safe (see more here)
  • ZINC OXIDE might cause nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, metallic taste, kidney and stomach damage, and other side effects (LIKELY SAFE – see more here)
  • I was not able to discover much information on side-effects of CURCULINGO
  • CORDYCEPS might slow blood clotting and cause the immune system to become more active (POSSIBLY SAFE – see more here)
  • MOMORDICA might lower blood sugar levels, and develop “favism” (POSSIBLY SAFE – see more here)
  • ARJUNA might affect your heart, lower blood sugar levels and interfere with blood sugar control during surgery (POSSIBLY SAFE – see more here)
  • I was not able to discover much information on side-effects of APIGENIN

As you can see, this supplement is safe for consumption. Most people who take ProSolution report no side effects.

Please note, if you are allergic to any of the ingredients above, you may have adverse side effects. However, I always recommend consulting any supplement with your medical professional first.


It is not unusual that many unethical companies producing male enhancement pills pay for fake user testimonials to promote their products. That is why you need to be critical when assessing user testimonials.

Luckily, fake ones have usually at least few things in common:

  • These are extremely positive promising huge (often unrealistic) gains
  • These often state that their results were achieved very quickly
  • If going through user reviews on Amazon, ignore those that are not marked as “Verified Purchase”

Just keep in mind that you always need to take extremely positive claims with a grain of salt (even if these are genuine). It is better to be safe than sorry.


60 day guarantee

Right now, you can only get real ProSolution pills only online through the official website or through select authorized dealers worldwide. However, just a quick google search will provide you with a lot of websites that offer these pills as well.

But can you trust these sites that they will send you a real product (and not a fake one)?

That is why I recommend buying any pills from the official product website ( if you want to be 100% sure you will not get scammed.

Below I made a screenshot how it should look like:

ProSolution official website

(Image was taken on October 10, 2017)

Another advantage of making a purchase on the official website is that your product comes with a risk-free 60-day money back guarantee.

Here are details of official refund policy:

“You’re invited to try our product for 60 days (2 containers). If, for any reason, you are not 100% satisfied, simply return the two empty containers within 67 days from the time of delivery for a full refund excluding shipping charges.”

“And if you wish to take advantage of the price discount by ordering multiple containers, don’t worry! Any unopened containers returned along with your first two opened containers within the 67 day guarantee period will also be eligible for a full refund.”

I have to say that these conditions for a money back guarantee in a market for male enhancement pills are fair and customer-friendly.


As far as price and packages go, the official website offers multiple options for you to choose from. A 1-month supply of capsules will cost you $59.95 (which is about the standard price for this type of product).

You will be offered discounts if you decide to purchase multiple packages:

What is more, there are various bonuses offered to multiple packages. The shipping is discreet and will cost you between $12.99 – $36.99 for US address and $19.99 – $35.00 for an international destination.


prosolution vs male extra

Comparison of Ingredients:

The ProSolution website only provides you with the most active substances they use in their formula. However, the precise numbers for each individual substance in their formula are missing.

The official website of Male Extra is very open with regards to ingredients used. There are precise numbers of each substance used.

With regards to ingredients, I have to point out that company behind Male Extra is much more transparent and reliable as they provide precise numbers of each substance used.

Comparison of Dosage:

With ProSolution pills, all you have to take are just two pills preferably with your meal.

The Male Extra brand states that you need to take three pills daily, preferably after your meal.

It seems that ProSolution has better dosage rules than Male Extra (you take one pill less).

Comparison of Guarantee & Price:

The one month supply of ProSolution will cost you $59.95 and comes with 60-day money back guarantee.

On the other hand, for a monthly supply of Male Extra, you will pay $64.95 and comes with a 60-day money back guarantee as well.

As you can see, with regards to money-back guarantee and how much you will pay, both brands are very similar. However, ProSolution is slightly cheaper than Male Extra.

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Click here to make your purchase on the official website

I bet you ask yourself whether is ProSolution the ultimate pill for penis enlargement? I have to be honest with you and say that this brand looks great for reaching the maximum size of your erections and increasing sexual stamina.

Thanks to its money back guarantee the ProSolution offers the confidence you need to make a smart purchasing decision.

After all, this product has been on the market for 10+ years.

Obviously, this product is not perfect as it has its pros as well as cons. While results do occur quickly, you won’t realize the full extent and benefits of taking ProSolution until you have used it for 2 to 3 months.

This is when you’ll essentially reach your plateau in terms of reaching a maximum size of your erection.


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