How much do you really know about her BOSOM? As a man, we often stare at “twins” each lady has and daydream about them all day, but we don’t know much besides that we like the way they look.

When you are handling her breasts, it’s possible to make every touch count and really get her juices flowing. With the right amount of stimulation, you will have her dying for more in just a few minutes.

Let’s first discuss the universal tricks to make her love the way you play with her breast and work your way into various types of tits and nipples she may have and best methods of stimulation for each category.

Always Have a Gentle Start

Tip #1

You never know how sensitive her breasts will be. When you first start foreplay, always kiss, nibble, and touch her lightly. You will be able to gradually apply more pressure with your tongue or sucking power as the night goes on.

If you start out too rough, you will ruin her mood almost immediately.

Cup Her Breasts from Behind

Tip #2

It’s not only fun, but she will love it when you cup her breasts from behind. Not only will you get a nice feel of her backside, but you will also be able to kiss her erogenous areas with greater ease.

If you choose to cup her from behind, make sure you are using your tongue and mouth on her neck, earlobes, and lips.

Observe Her Reactions

Tip #3

No matter how many times you have been intimate with her, you will always want to watch and observe how she responds. Focus on her breathing and see if she is really getting into the mood.

Heavy breaths, moans, and biting of her lips are all indicators that you are doing everything right.

Keep Her Bra On

Tip #4

If you can see her nipple through the fabric, rub it or caress her breasts. This is a teasing moment – one that will not likely last long – but a good way to initiate foreplay is by rubbing her through her bra.

Do this until you can clearly see she is getting crazy about you and wants you to touch her naked body badly.

Focus on Tease Her

Tip #5

She will be waiting for you to play with her nipples. Instead, kiss all around them a little bit and follow the contour of her bosom with your tongue.

This kind of teasing will drive her really horny quickly. Soon enough she will be begging you to touch her nipples.

Experiment With Gentle Licking & Sucking

Tip #6

If you are the type of guy who only uses his hands, you need to put a stop to that immediately. Instead, you will want to start licking and sucking on her boobs.

If you are rubbing the left nipple sensually, your lips should be on her right breast and vice versa. Never let a moment go by where you are not putting your mouth to use.

Try It Rough

Tip #7

She might like it rough. You always want to start slow, but if she likes it that way, harder bites and sucking, especially on the nipples, will be a welcomed treat.

You need to make sure she loves it before going too wild.

Focus on Different Sensations

Tip #8

Who says that your tongue and hands are the only things you can use? A few great stimulation items are:

  • Oils
  • Ice cubes
  • Hot wax (kinky)
  • Chocolate
  • Whipped cream

You can experiment with any extras you like to make the experience more exotic. The choice is up to you.

Five Categories of Her Breasts

A breast is a breast – right? All too often, we notice smaller and larger ones, but we don’t realize that each size and type of her breast will require different stimulation strategies.

Here are all categories of tits you can encounter on your sex journeys:

  1. Large – Easily identified. As bigger are usually considered a C cup and higher.
  2. Small – Smaller are those that are easily cupped in the hand.
  3. Droopy – Ones that are not perky, but hang down.
  4. Surgically enhanced – These are filled with silicon to make them larger.
  5. New mother – The breasts of an obvious new mommy.

Just keep in mind that each type of breasts requires a different method of stimulation to drive her crazy.

Three Different Types of Nipples

Types of her nipples are quite obvious. It will not take much differentiating to be able to tell them apart. There are three main categories that you will be able to find:

  1. Large – This category has both areolas (the difference in color) and nipples of a much larger size.
  2. Small – Tiny or average nipples are usually categorized as normal-sized. The average areola of a mature woman is 1.5 inches, but it can reach 4 inches in some cases.
  3. Inverted – When the head of the nipple is indented, it is considered inverted. These are not common, but their very distinct appearance quickly identifies them.

Thankfully, you can easily tell the type she has once her shirt comes off. Luckily, it won’t be any rocket science.

Various Stimulation Techniques

It is crucial to identify the type of breasts and nipples she has as each category has their pleasure points and will require more or less stimulation based on the categories analyzed above.

Let’s start first with the techniques needed for individual nipple categories:

  1. Large – The nerve endings of larger nipples are extended. This means they are more sensitive than smaller types so you will need to be less rough. You can gently kiss them and lick around the areola, but be very careful with biting or nibbling.
  2. Small – These require a lot of areola stimulation. When you view the nipple, you will want to focus on its upper left portion. This is where the nerves are located and is the most sensitive spot.
  3. Inverted – Thankfully, inverted nipples are just like any other. The nerve endings in these are the same, so feel free to kiss, lick and play with them as you would with any other.

The size of her nipples does not correlate to the sensation felt by the type of her breasts. You will want to combine the knowledge about previous categories with the following information on tits:

  1. Large – Bigger breasts have less sensitivity due to their measures. You will want to stimulate the outside of the bosom, right under the armpit. With larger tits, feel free to bite them lightly to allow for further stimulation.
  2. Small – Breasts that are smaller are more sensitive. This size allows for 24 percent more sensation to be felt. You will want to, at the most, lightly nibble on her bosom. Gentle touching, licking, and sucking is also welcomed. Just remember, no rough stuff; unless she likes it that way.
  3. Droopy – If she has droopy ones, you want to be rougher and apply more pressure when kissing, licking or doing anything else. They have their nerves stretched and are the least sensitive of all breasts. When she is laying down, the sensitivity will be increased, so keep this in mind.
  4. Surgically enhanced – Besides a difference in movement, you will find that there is no change in sensation with these.
  5. New mother – If she is a new mommy, her bosom will be tender and very easily stimulated. You will want to kiss the underside of her breast and try to avoid any rough play.

What is your secret way to stimulate her breast? Please share with us in the comments section below so we can learn from each other.