BlackPeopleMeet.Com is a dating website that gives black men and women the opportunity to meet each other. Whether you are a man or a woman seeking a partner, this place offers a huge database so that you can meet many singles in your area.


I bet you have many questions like, what are some of its main features? Is it a good or bad place for meeting other black people? Does it have an application? How can I start? What do others think about it? These are going to be some of the things that we go over and more!

How Does It Work?
When you first sign up for the website, you are going to be prompted to submit some basic information about yourself. This includes things such as:

  • Relationship status
  • Age
  • Location
  • Interests
  • Moral structure etc.

When you give BlackPeopleMeet.Com this information it is then submitted to a board for approval so that they can maintain a high level of quality dating portfolio.

  • Adding pictures – When you first enter it, you will have the opportunity to upload pictures instantly from your Facebook profile, this can take the hassle out of having to endlessly search for files.
  • More details – Additionally, you will be given more opportunities to add more details about yourself such as your interests and questions about your personality.

Where & How to Login
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Logging in and getting started is quite easy, you simply go to the website:, and fill out the form. You do not have to worry about verification through email immediately – you will have instant access to the community right at once.

This is convenient because you can view the information before you have to submit any type of personal information.

4 Main Features

BlackPeopleMeet.Com has some incredible main characteristics that sets itself apart from the competition.

1. Instant Match Feature

This will help you to find instant matches in your neighborhood according to location and personality type. Here, you will be able to look for an eligible date by using specific parameters such as age and even country. If you are interested in the profiles that you come across, you can press the “click here” button.

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Additionally, if you are not impressed when their picture comes up – then you can simply press the “No, Next Profile Button”. By doing this, you can perform a so called “internet speed dating”, while finding someone that is eligible.

When you do finally see someone that you like, they will show up under the “I’m Interested” category. Furthermore, that person will know that you are interested in them and will be given the option to respond or not.

2. Inbox

In the inbox, you will have multiple options, including:

  • Favorites
  • Flirts
  • Likes
  • Comments
  • Yesses to you

This inbox is designed to help you communicate better with the local singles in your area.

3. Search
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This feature will:

  • Tell you who has viewed your profile.
  • Offer you the ability to begin searching for singles.
  • Looking for individuals by username.
  • Observe others who are online now.
  • Search by keyword.

The last one is especially useful because it can bring people with mutual interests together.

4. Advice

There is a section where you can get advice such as:

  • Success stories using this website.
  • Dating tips.
  • Magazines.

All these will give you a better perspective on how you can find your match.

Pros vs. Cons

Just like with everything, there is both good and bad. Let’s go into detail on what kind of experience you can expect.

4 Advantages

  • Easy to use – The interface is quite easy to use, everything is completely available to you from the onset.
  • Huge database – 1,200,000 every single month use BlackPeopleMeet.Com, making this one of the largest place to meet others on the internet.
  • Nice facebook page – Just check it out here:
  • Excellent search features – There are many great search features; you can find local singles in your neighborhood by performing a “zip code” search. Additionally, you will be able to filter your results by preference such as height, relationship status, ethnicity, smoke/non-smoke, build, children, religion, and even the Zodiac sign.

3 Disadvantages

Just like with anything, it isn’t perfect & these are some things that you have to look out for.

  • No integrated video chat – When you do come across someone that you are attracted to, video chat would give you a better clue of the type of person they are before you go out and meet them in person.
  • No local events – Some other websites have local speed dating events for singles, this would have been nice to see.
  • No app – It would have been nice to see mobile technology integrated with this. We would love to get updates on our smartphone when someone is interested in our profile.

Users & Members Feedback
There are countless success stories concerning this dating portal. You can actually view all of the success stories by creating an account and visiting this link.

In conclusion, if you are searching to date other black men and women in your area, or even in different locations – you can do so successfully by utilizing BlackPeopleMeet.Com’s easy to use interface and huge database.