Are you looking for Skyrim pick up lines? Then you have landed on the right post. In this article, you will find over 120 ready-to-use examples that are perfect for verbal as well as electronic communication.

We have categorized these into two main groups:

Cute & Funny Skyrim Pick Up Lines

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1. “I would get down on one knee but.. well you know the story.”

2. “Baby, did you just say Fus-Ro-Dah? Because you blew me away!”

3. “Are you out of stamina? Because you’ve been running through my mind all day.”

4. “Did you cast Soul Trap on me? Cause you certainly are Enchanting.”

5. “Want to see my unrelenting force? ;)”

6. “Are you an Elder Scroll? Because looking at you drives me crazy!”

7. “Giants may hound me, wolves may block my path, bears may chase me, and Dragons stalk me. It´s your heart I require, your hand I need, your bed I desire.”

8. “Some may call you junk. Me? I call you treasure.”

9. “Are you in the Thieves guild? Because I think you just stole my heart.”

10. “I like my women as I like my armor, fine.”

11. “Are you a dragon born? Because you have captured my soul.”

12. “Have you been sitting on a grindstone? ‘Cause your ass is fine.”

13. “You must be a Jarl cause I’ll do anything to be your thane.”

14. “I would happily go to Sovngarde for you.”

15. “You’re like a thief; I can’t take my eyes off you.”

16. “Baby you must be made of Skooma, ‘cuz I just got addicted to you.”

17. “I said hello to you, and you shot arrows at me! The first hit my heart. The other hit my knee.”

18. “Your love is like a bottle of skooma, illegal and addictive.”

19. “Is that an amulet of Mara you’re wearing? ;)”

20. “Hey baby I ain’t got no loincloth under this armor…”

21. “You must be a master of illusion because all I see is you.”

22. “Have you been sitting on a grindstone? Cause your ass is EXQUISITE!”

23. “You must be a master of alteration because you got me paralyzed.”

24. “You have to be made of Skooma, cause I just got hooked on you.”

25. “You must be a master swordsman, because damn, you’re striking.”

26. “Just moved to Whiterun. It will be a breeze getting you into my home.”

27. “You must be a master of restoration as you’ve restored my heart at the touch of a hand.”

28. “I feel like an ice wraith. You’re making me melt.”

29. “You must be a master at alchemy because We’re creating chemistry.”

30. “You’re hotter than a flame atronach.”

31. “I don’t wear daedric armor because the only heart I want is yours.”

32. “If I didn’t have you, babe, I’d have to live in Solitude.”

33. “Are you wearing an Amulet of Talos? Because baby, you’re reducing my time between shouts by 20%!”

34. “Every little thing you do is Magicka!”

35. “Have you been sitting on a grindstone? ‘Cause your ass is superior.”

36. “Is that a sweetroll in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?”

37. “Is your name clairvoyance? Because you knew the path straight to my heart.”

38. “You’re making me feel like I got hit with a Firebolt spell.”

39. “Have you been sitting on a grindstone? ‘Cause your ass is epic!”

40. “It’s not how big the staff is that matters but the magic within.”

41. “Normally the punishment for theft is brutal execution by guards, but I’ll let it go if you give me my heart back.”

42. “Akatosh, Arkay, Alduin, Dibella, Herma-mora, Julianos, Kynareth, Kyne, Malacath, Mara, Shor, Stendarr, Talos, Ysmir and Zenithar…15 gods in Skyrim and my religion is you.”

43. “If my pickpocket skill were better, I’d steal your heart.”

44. “Some take arrows to their knees… But when I saw you I took an arrow to the heart.”

45. “I hope you like things hot. I’m a Py-Romancer.”

46. “You’re the Jarl of my heart.”

47. “If your love was in my inventory, I’d be over my carry weight.”

48. “Here’s a mammoth tusk for your phone number.”

49. “Are you sure you’re not the Dovahkiin? Because one word and I’m blown away.”

50. “Do you have a black soul gem? Because I think you captured my soul…”

51. “I just picked up 20 kilos of moon sugar… Wanna come up and snort some with me…?”

52. “Never slept with a werewolf before? We are restless in bed. >;]”

53. “Location Discovered: PooSee”

54. “Are you with the dark brotherhood? Because, baby, I never saw you coming.”

55. “I like my women as I like my armor… daedric! XD”

56. “Aye gurl. You are more beautiful than a full set of Daedric armor.”

57. “Baby, you must be an arcane fire mage because things heated up when you came in the room.”

58. “Are your eyes Dwemer ruins? Cause I’m lost in them.”

59. “Let us not waste any time baby I could be eaten by a dragon tomorrow.”

60. “For you are my Qahnaarin and I am your Dohvakiin.”

61. “Girl, you must have drank a Potion of Ultimate Stamina, cause you’ve been running through my mind all day.”

62. “Oh Hey Baby, you must be a Nightingale… because you are “Nocturning-me-on!”

63. “I’m no vampire, but I can still be Champion of the Night.”

64. “Are you a Follower of Debella because you are making me wanna go on one knee.”

65. “Hey baby, want to come up to my villa in Solitude, eat some glowing mushrooms and smoke some troll fat…?”

66. “Sorry about that knee, I was shooting for your heart.”

67. “Hey, baby, I haven’t got any loincloth under this armor.”

68. “Do you get to the cloud district very often?”

69. “I would kill the Riverwood chicken for you.”

70. “I bet you come with lots of perks.”

71. “Imperials are red; Stormcloaks are blue; I’ve got an amulet of mara; Interested, are you?”

72. “Girl, are you an alteration wizard? Because you’re making me change in ways I’ve never felt before.”

Dirty Skyrim Pick Up Lines

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1. “You want to go lollygaggin’? I’ll bring the lolly and you do the gaggin’.”

2. [This only works when a Bosmer says it.] “Y’know, they don’t call us “Wood Elves” because we live in trees…”

3. “I’m your companion, I’ll hold your junk whenever you want ;)”

4. “Hey baby… How do you know when a night with me is over? “The Dragonborn Comes” ;D”

5. “Would you hold my dragon bone..? :p”

6. “You look like you can handle those clunky two-handed weapons.”

7. “You must be wearing reflective Glass Armor Leggings… because I can see myself in them.”

8. “Go fiddling with any cocks around here, and we’re going to have a real BIG party.”

9. “Do you hang out around blacksmiths? Cuz I’d throw you on the table and hammer you to legend.”

10. “I hope your block skill is high enough to resist my blows tonight.”

11. “Y’know, they don’t call us “Dark Elves” because we live in the shadows…”

12. “Are you the Dragonborn? Because I could definitely see you sucking out my dragons soul.”

13. “How bout you take my arrow somewhere other than your knee?”

14. “I could make you any clothes or armor you want, but how about a birthday suit?”

15. “It ain’t an illusion baby, my conjuration is gonna bring destruction.”

16. “Hey girl, have you got any Dunmer in you? Do you want some?”

17. “Have you ever seen a giant up close before? No?” [Unzips pants]

18. “I want to infiltrate your thalmor castle with my Altmer, with light armor of course.”

19. “Hey get your cloak… Why? Cause I have a knive and it’s enchanted with 50% HIV bitch!”

20. “I have an elixir of Lasting Potency, if you know what I mean.”

21. “What level do I need to be to unlock your chest?”

22. “Wanna get busy? Because I’m a master with the long sword, eventhough I fight with a one-handed weapon.”

23. “Trust me you’ll enjoy this cause my balls be dragon.”

24. “When we’re done, you’ll be calling me to the Tenth Divide.”

25. “My alchemy level is 100 and I just brewed a potion of Viagra…”

26. “Is that a broad sword in your scabbard or are you happy to see me?”

27. “I use to have a woman like you once, then she bend down and I blew her away with my dragon shout from behind.”

28. “I wish my lockpicking was better. I´d love to loot your chest.”

29. “I hope your well trained in two-handed, ’cause you’re gonna need it.”

30. “I’m an Argonian and do you know how long my tongue is…”

31. “Are you able to hold my dragon bone?”

32. “I want you to absorb me, just like you absorbed that dragon soul. ;)”

33. “Hey, Nice sword. Let’s fuck.”

34. “After seeing you I think I need to train my one handed skill…”

35. “There’s another part of me that’s “dragonborn” if you know what I mean.”

36. “Once you go Orc, expect a stork.”

37. “I haven’t been trained in magic, but I sure know how to handle a staff.”

38. “I have a Shrine to Talo’s you can rub. It will reduce your duration between Shouts by 10%.”

39. “Could you be the Dragonborn? Cause I’m going to make you shout all night long.”

40. “Hey there, sweet roll, I just cast oak flesh spell, if you know what I mean.”

41. “Looking for that special person who can make this dragonborn come.”

42. “I may not have pointed ears, but everytime you’re around I become a wood elf.”

43. “I’m from Hammerfeld – want to see my curved sword…?”

44. “I’ll put my river on your wood.”

45. “Eh baby, I dunno about the Dragonborn but I know you’re coming tonight.”

46. “I heard you’re in the companions guild. If this be true, I would adore seeing your inner beast come out for me.”

47. “Its not just my steel sword I can handle with extreme skill…”

48. “I just killed a sheep – can you guess what we can use the skin for…?”

49. “I’ll shoot my bloodcursed arrow where the sun DON’T shine.”

50. “Don’t worry about me keeping up with you babe. I have extra Stamina potions.”

51. “I may just look like a nord, but I’m a red guard in my pants, and a khajiit in the bedroom, meow ;)”