Rise and shine! There’s no better way to start the day than with lovemaking. It releases those feel-good chemicals and can even strengthen your immune system. But let’s face it – no one’s really concerned with the health benefits of morning sex.

It’s all about maximum pleasure. And for us guys, there’s no better time to make love than right after you wake up (there’s a reason they call it “morning wood”). To make your experience even more amazing, try these 8 tips. 

Way #1 – Prepare Your Scene the Night Before

female g spot

Although planning takes a little of the spontaneity out of it, it will make sure she doesn’t reject your advances.

Have some mints on hand because, let’s face it, nothing is less attractive than morning breath.

Make sure that you have some condoms in your nightstand or close by, so nothing interrupts your fun. When the opportunity comes, all you have to do is make your move!

Way #2 – Wake Up Earlier (Before She Does)

clock morning time

It’s hard to have morning sex if she’s already up and ready to go to work. Wake up earlier than her, and be discreet about it. Don’t set an alarm she’ll hear; it’ll ruin the surprise.

Try to set your phone’s alarm to vibration and put it under your pillow. If you have a personal alarm watch, use that instead. Do whatever you need to do to get up before her.

Extra tip: Try to wake up at least 40 minutes earlier than she normally does. This gives you plenty of time to have fun without her (or you) having to worry about being late for work!

Way #3 – Maintain Proper Hygiene

You’ll have a hard time getting her into it if you don’t look and smell good. Refer back to the first tip – have breath mints on hand.

Make sure that you either shower before bed or sneak off and take a shower before she wakes up. Put on some cologne and deodorant, and fix your hair.

Keep in mind: Make yourself look presentable before you make your move. Otherwise, she may just push you away.

Way #4 – Wake Her in a Soft & Sensual Way

sensual woman on bed

Now that you look (and smell) great, it’s time to make your move. Don’t just roll her over and go to town – unless you’re asking to be slapped. Wake her up in a soft and sensual way.

Start off by gently kissing her neck, back or chest. Choose a spot that doesn’t force her to move. If she’s laying on her side, her back and neck are great places to start. Put your arms around her and caress her gently.

Pay attention: Soft, sensual kisses and touches will wake her up in the proper mood. If you’re too aggressive or forceful, she’ll be angry or, worse, terrified.

Way #5 – Make Her Feel Sexy

sexy woman on couch

Now it’s time to kick it up a notch and make her feel sexy. Whisper in her ear and tell her how good she looks, or how amazing she is.

Don’t just go in for the kill; take your time. Women need a little more stimulation to really get in the mood. Spending extra effort on foreplay will make her feel desired and your lovemaking even more amazing.

Pay attention: You should try to use a soft form of dirty talk to make her believe she is desired and beautiful.

Way #6 – Go for a Quickie

As much as you’d love to spend the whole morning in bed, the two of you both have to get ready and be out the door for work soon.

A quick romp is a great way to start the day, and it won’t take you too much time either. Spend some time on foreplay, and then get down to business.

If you think a quickie won’t satisfy her, you thought wrong. If you stimulate her enough before the sex starts, she’ll have an easier time climaxing early on.

Pay attention: Remember guys, it’s all about “heating her up”.

Way #7 – Start Your Morning with a Little Shower Fun

cool shower

Who says morning “love” has to be in bed? Take it to the bathroom for a little fun. If she’s already up and showering, sneak in with her and start working your way from #4 on this list down.

If you’re up before her, wake her up in a soft and sensual way, then lead her to there to continue the fun there. Let’s be honest here, none of us is at our best in the morning. We’re groggy and in desperate need of a warm water and breath mint.

Pay attention: A shower is a perfect place for your early “roll in the hay” because it takes care of all of these problems. And who doesn’t love it?

Way #8 – 4 Great Positions You Have to Try

Great morning sex is all about the position. It’s way too early to be thinking about complicated ones. Choose those that keep you and her close, so you can make that intimate connection she craves. Here are 4 amazing options to try.

A) Sensual Spooning

Spooning is the perfect position if she sleeps on her side. You can start with foreplay and begin with intercourse without her ever having to move!

Lie on your side behind her and guide your “little buddy” into her. Keep her aroused by stimulating both her clitoris and breasts with your hands.

B) Missionary – Pillow under Her Butt with Her Legs on Your Shoulders

Missionary is the classic position. There are some great things about this! First, you can see her face, and second it’s easy to get into. But let’s face it – missionary is boring.

To kick things up a notch, try switching it up a bit by putting:

  • A pillow under her butt.
  • Her legs on your shoulders.

It can be tricky to pull off the last one. She’ll need to be pretty flexible, but it’s a position that lets you go in extra deep! Putting a pillow under her butt will lift her up a bit, so you can go deeper than usually.

Please note: These are two deep penetration versions of the classic position that will get both your gears going before work.

C) Cowgirl

What if she wants to take control? Cowgirl puts her in the driver’s (or should we say rider’s) seat. Men love this position for obvious reasons. With her on top, you get visual stimulation, and it’s a great way for hitting the G-spot.

Extra advice: Have her alternate between deep and shallow thrusts to maximize yours and her pleasure.

D) Reverse Cowgirl

Reverse Cowgirl gives you a show, and takes her pleasure to the next level. Have her climb on top, but face away from you. You can keep your knees bent, or keep your legs flat, whichever feels better.

This position puts her in control and gives you a great view of her backside. And if she moves too far forward, gently place your hands on her hips and guide her back!

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