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Product name: Xtra-Man Cream
Producing company: Presently unknown
Price per bottle: 1990.00₹ (Indian rupee) / Approximately $32.00
3rd party offers: Amazon (not available), GNC (not available)
Alternative products: Titan Gel, Man1 Man Oil

It’s difficult to work out whether this product is a scam or not, or whether it was accidentally leaked out to the public in India a lot sooner than the manufacturer intended. Hopefully, we will see some more information released in the coming months.

Men today, compared to 30 years ago, have approximately 22% less testosterone in their bodies, recent research has shown us. It’s thought that this is due to us, as a society, not getting enough exercise, as well as living a more sedentary lifestyle.

Chemical additives in processed food are also a huge factor, as this can reduce testosterone levels dramatically as well. Low testosterone can be very problematic for men of all ages, as it lowers their energy levels and sex drive.

It should come as no surprise as to why testosterone boosters have become so incredibly popular over the last decade or two.

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While most people have heard of testosterone, a lot don’t truly understand the intricacies of it. Testosterone is found in men and women and is a hormone.

Men’s testosterone is produced in the testicles, whereas women’s testosterone is produced in the ovaries. Testosterone usually spikes around the age of puberty for men, but then starts to decline somewhere between the age of 30 and 40.

Testosterone usually spikes around the age of puberty for men, but then starts to decline somewhere between the age of 30 and 40.

Although testosterone is largely thought of as being responsible for strength gains and libido, it’s also the primary drive for increased muscle mass, bone density, and the ability to burn and use fat efficiently.

The following is a list of symptoms that are usually present if you have low testosterone levels:

  • Minimal sex drive and low libido
  • Increased weight gain without a change in diet or activity
  • Constant fatigue
  • Feeling depressed as well as having low self-esteem
  • Bad moods constantly
  • Lower bone density
  • Less body hair

However, if you do manage to restore testosterone levels to where they should be, you should receive the following benefits:

  • An increase in strength
  • Increased libido and sex drive
  • A decrease in body fat, which should be noticeable
  • Increased muscle mass


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Xtra-Man Cream is a testosterone boosting male enhancement cream that is specifically designed to help with arousal and performance in the bedroom.

Unlike other testosterone boosters, this one is specifically not being marketed towards weightlifters, or those looking to increase overall body mass from increased testosterone.

This product is said to be able to be used by men of all ages.

So, how does the Xtra-Man Cream work?

Ease of use is always an important thing to consider when using any application or supplement. Using the Xtra-Man Cream couldn’t be simpler, as all you have to do is massage the cream into your penis.

Once it is fully absorbed, you should be able to notice that your arousal levels have increased, as well as other sexual qualities increasing too. When using any type of testosterone cream, it’s important that you remember not to take a bath or have a shower within one hour of using the cream.

This timeframe will allow the products to be completely absorbed, thus giving you the greatest effect possible. Washing will wear some of the cream off, which means that you will have to reapply afterward.

Supposedly, some of the benefits of using Xtra-Man Cream are as follows.

Improved feeling

The product is said to improve how much you can feel during intercourse so that it feels a lot more intense. This will make your bedtime activity with your partner even more passionate, enjoyable, and pleasing than it was before.

This, in turn, should also increase your partner’s pleasure too.

Increased intimacy duration

If you sometimes find that you struggle to “last” in bed, this formula should help to enhance the length of your intimacy with your partner. You should last a lot longer than usual, which should also help to satisfy your partner.

Increased penis size

The cream is also said to be able to help to increase the size of your penis. Not only will a larger penis make you feel more confident, but it should also help to give your partner additional pleasure.

This is likely achieved by the cream helping to open up the blood vessels in your penis, which improves blood flow. However, this type of enlargement usually only lasts while you are using the cream regularly.

Improved levels of arousal

Impotence is something that affects a large proportion of men throughout the world and prevents them from experiencing regular sexual intercourse. This cream should help you regain your natural arousal levels so that you can finally say goodbye to impotence.


Testosterone boosters and male enhancement supplements, in general, are relatively safe for most people. They usually do not have many, if any, synthetic products, and are ordinarily compiled of naturally occurring herbs and vitamins.

As with all supplementation, if you are suffering from any sort of medical condition, it’s imperative that you speak to your doctor before taking anything.


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While there are no specific reports of any side effects from men who have used Xtra-Man Cream, here are the most common side effects reports from those who have taken other testosterone boosters or male enhancement supplements:

  • Some men have reported that they developed sleep apnea, as well as finding that they had difficulty in getting off to sleep
  • Your skin can resort back to its teen years and can become prone to being oily and developing acne as if you were going through puberty again
  • Testosterone boosters can damage kidneys if used for long periods of time
  • Primarily for boosters which help to increase muscle size, ligaments and tendons can become damaged if too much muscle mass is gained
  • Problems with urination can sometimes occur, due to the body using more of the water in your body that you consume
  • The stronger variants of testosterone boosters can increase rage and aggression in certain users
  • An enlarged prostate gland has been reported by some men, which is a pretty undesirable side effect of continuous testosterone booster usage

It’s unlikely that you’ll experience any of these using Xtra-Man Cream, but it’s worth understanding what can potentially happen so that you can stop use straight away if you feel like you are developing any of these undesirable side effects.


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Ingredients: Presently unknown

Amazingly, there is absolutely no information on the ingredients used to create Xtra-Man Cream. This information is typically derived from the manufacturer’s website or product landing page, but both of these do not exist or lack this type of information (last checked September 11, 2017).

It’s likely that this product is in early stages of development, meaning that it will be released in the coming months. Only then will we have a detailed website in which we can examine the ingredients.


US Food & Drug Administration (FDA) regularly tests various products that are sold as dietary supplements. Even those related to improving sexual performance.

There are a lot of products on the market that FDA even warns about. Just see for yourself:

Luckily, I was not able to find any warning about Xtra-Man Cream.

This may be due to the fact that this product has not been tested at all (as this is not a mandatory procedure) or that it has already been tested and nothing harmful or hidden was discovered.


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As it seems that this product isn’t available for retail purchasing as of writing, there are no result testimonials available whatsoever.

However, you can expect to receive the following benefits, although nothing is guaranteed:

  • Solve many issues that you may have with your sex life, including low libido, erectile dysfunction, and premature ejaculation
  • It’s a cream, so it’s very easy to use and apply
  • Being a cream, it makes it difficult to dose incorrectly, accidentally

It’s also likely to be milder than some of the other products that are available, which can be a pro and a con, depending on the person.


It is not unusual that many unethical companies producing male enhancement products pay for fake user testimonials to promote their products. That is why you need to be critical when assessing user testimonials.

Luckily, fake ones have usually at least few things in common:

  • These are extremely positive promising huge (often unrealistic) gains
  • These often state that their results were achieved very quickly
  • If going through user reviews on Amazon, ignore those that are not marked as “Verified Purchase”

Just keep in mind that you always need to take extremely positive claims with a grain of salt (even if these are genuine). It is better to be safe than sorry.


Xtra Man Cream website

There is one website – – that seems to sell this product but only ships to address in India.

Just like the problem we had trying to find a list of ingredients, it seems that no website or company has this product available for sale yet. At least in the USA.

When it does eventually pop up for sale in America, we recommend that you purchase it straight through the manufacturer’s own website. This is especially true for products that have just launched, as it will limit any delays in obtaining the product.

You can also sometimes receive special deals and bonuses when purchasing through a manufacturer’s website, which other retail outlets won’t be able to offer you.


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Click here to make your purchase on website

This is a difficult question to answer because, in theory, it looks like an ok product, but as it’s not actually officially released on the American market, we have to say no, because you just can’t get it (at least at the time of writing this article)!

It’s difficult to work out whether this product is a scam or not, or whether it was accidentally leaked out to the public a lot sooner than the manufacturer intended. Hopefully, we will see some more information released in the coming months.

When the ingredient list gets released, and the ingredients look to be all naturally occurring herbs, vitamins, and minerals, then we’d likely give this product the go-ahead.

There’s a market for testosterone booster cream, and we hope that the Xtra-Man Cream fits the market well. A lot of people are put off by having to swallow multiple pills every day, whereas a cream is so easy to use and apply, that even the timidest men won’t have any reason not to test it out.

In closing, as long as the future official website looks professional on release, offers at least a 30-day money back guarantee, has an active customer support, and a transparent ingredient list, then we feel that this will be a good product. Until then, we would rather stay away from anyone who tries to sell this supplement.


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