Feeling a sexual desire, emotional attraction or a deep sense of love towards another person is something that is almost impossible to explain or define.

The labels that are put on people in society force them to be attracted to a male, female or sometimes both. There are also those that seemingly like everyone.

Is there anything wrong with exploring your boundaries?

Why Pansexuality Differs From Bisexuality

This is different than bisexuality due to the nature of the average classifications. Typically, a bi- person may have interest in a male or female, but this is where it stops.

As this type of a person, you can feel attraction in more than just the typical dude or lady. This includes all sexes and genders. For instance, I may be into:

  • A man or woman that has surgery to become the other sex.
  • A man or women born with both genitals.

There is no discrimination on part of the pansexual that follows their true feelings over that of the regular social stigmas. In fact, we are all about emotions and would never let an outward appearance stop us from loving who a person is inside.

Who Cares Who I am Attracted To Physically?

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At the very root of love, no one can really make a strong argument that you cannot feel attraction to another person regardless of what gender type they are. In fact, what right is it of someone else defining you as not being able to love a transgender individual or someone of the same sex?

Based on statistics, over 87 percent of people are classified as heterosexual. This means that they will only allow themselves to like a person of the opposite gender. The remaining 13 percent are classified under:

  • Lesbian
  • Gay
  • Bi-
  • Pan-Sexual

The numbers are not quite stated for how many individuals in the world fall into each of these respective categories. In fact, even if numbers were stated, they would likely be wrong. Studies have shown that adults and children are far too afraid to come out as gay or bisexual for fear of hurting their family or rejection. How many people would come out and say they are pansexual?

The truth is that this term is still relatively new and most of us don’t even know it exists. If you have emotional and romantic feelings towards another person, shouldn’t this be classified as love and not a specific label?

Everyone Likes A Little Variety

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A pansexual will receive a completely different experience when they come out to their friends and family. In fact, many people will be left in utter confusion because they have no idea what this term truly means.

For an individual that is still trying to determine what sex they like, this category seems to be the best fit. This allows to feel physical attraction to virtually any gender or race on the planet. In fact, even those that have had gender surgeries will fit into this classification.

From a sexual point of view, this is the most freeing form of preference on the planet. As a person that is oriented in this way, you can choose to like whomever you want. There is nothing that is stopping you from having a variety of partners.

Sexual Freedom

Experiences in our kinky lives are often limited. While everyone has their own kinky side, there is always something that holds us back from actually expressing who we truly are. Can you imagine doing some of your most kinky thoughts with your previous partners? However, all too often they would be left frightened.

Pansexual persons that get together often have the most fun with sex. There is nothing that is off limits and the sex seems to be more freeing than anything else. After all, a true transsexual will not have any issues with:

  • Regular
  • Oral
  • Even anal intercourse

There are no boundaries of emotions that hold this type of person back from feeling desire. As the world begins to evolve, more and more people will find that sexual surgeries are affordable and the right choice for them.

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There are even men and women that truly love their partners but they do not love themselves and require surgery. Pansexuality ensures that you do not hold yourself back from the possibility of loving guys, girls or transsexuals.