10 Best PUA Books to Boost Your Dating Game



You can’t stutter every time you see and walk up to an insanely beautiful woman, can you? The truth is, not all of us come into this world with the mastery of seduction. For most of us, it takes more than a few lip-tied encounters, and train wreck moves to get the one date.

On the other hand, some guys seem to have all the right words spilling from their mouths catching the ladies in their tracks.

If you are in the first category, then your manly instincts for survival need a boost.

Well, while there isn’t a button you can flip to automatically become the ladies-man, the guy whose linguistic prowess can’t fail him, you can learn slowly how to be the absolute charmer.

You will discover these 10 best pua books on our list:

Fortunately, there are numerous PUA books which will teach you the tricks and also help you relearn other strategies.

Think of it like – grade school, but this time, you are learning adult stuff: the things that will help boost your dating game. So, if you are interested in upping your dating game, here are some of the best pick up artist books you should get your hands on.

game image

This is a highly recommended book that lets you take a peek into what was and what is Neil Strauss’ life. As he puts it, in every city in the world, there is an underground seduction lair. Within the lairs, men always trade effective and ineffective techniques on charming and wooing women.

You may not believe it but, Neil was in of these lairs which they termed projects.

Two years later, he shared what he learned. The main lesson from this book is that your game can easily take you from the average frustrated chump to a pick-up artist and finally the pickup guru.

You would want to get there too, wouldn’t you?

Well, read this book to see what steps he went through and how he got to meet celebrities like Britney Spears, Heidi Fleiss, Tom Cruise and Courtney Love. The Game is the story you want to read to become the master of it all!


  • Step 1: Select a Target
  • Step 2: Approach and Open
  • Step 3: Demonstrate Value
  • Step 4: Disarm The Obstacles
  • Step 5: Isolate The Target
  • Step 6: Create an Emotional Connection
  • Step 7: Extract to a Seduction Location
  • Step 8: Pump Buying Temperature
  • Step 9: Make a Physical Connection
  • Step 10: Blast Lat-Minute Resistance
  • Step 11: Manage Expectations

Book #2 – The Art of Seduction by Robert Greene

art of seduction

This has to be the most famous book written about finding your way around the ladies. But, as you’ll soon find out, that isn’t all the book offers. The Art of Seduction presents an all-rounded life guide and philosophies.

It is a masterful production of the works of great thinkers known to us such as Ovid, Einstein, Freud, and Kierkegaard.

It also highlights the achievements of the world’s greatest seducers like Cleopatra and Josephine Bonaparte and Andy Warhol.

By using the wits of these minds and others, you’ll learn how to get to the heart of that person you are into. The book covers the 24 strategies and tactics that will let you take control of situations ultimately having the person you are interested in eating out of your hands.

In simple terms, this is the book that lets you assess your role in a situation, pick a target, then seduce the target. This book has the basic and the advanced methods of seduction.



  • The Siren
  • The Rake
  • The Ideal Lover
  • The Dandy
  • The Natural
  • The Coquette
  • The Charmer
  • The Charismatic
  • The Star
  • The Anti-Seducer
  • The Seducer´s Victims


  • Choose the Right Victim
  • Create a False Sense of Security
  • Send Mixed Signals
  • Appear to Be an Object of Desire
  • Create a Need
  • Master The Art of Insinuation
  • Enter Their Spirit
  • Create Temptation
  • Keep Them in Suspense
  • Use The Demonic Power of Words to Sow Confusion
  • Pay Attention to Detail
  • Poeticize Your Presence
  • Disarm Through Strategic Weakness and Vulnerability
  • Confuse Desire and Reality
  • Isolate The Victim
  • Prove Yourself
  • Effect a Regression
  • Stir Up The Transgressive and Taboo
  • Use Spiritual Lures
  • Mix Pleasure with Pain
  • Give Them Space to Fall
  • Use Physical Lures
  • Master The Art of The Bold Move
  • Beware The Aftereffects
The Mystery Method

Call him crazy or call him bold but, Mystery is the kind of guy that needs no introduction. His work is out the world, and The Mystery Method Promises to blow your mind away. This book lets you learn Mystery’s unique technique which he applies when interacting with women.

His technique allows you to overcome the guard shield used by women to overcome come-ons.

Through The Mystery Method, you’ll learn how to fake it just long enough to get her to bed. But, that isn’t all – this book lets you deep into the workings of the female psychology. So, you don’t just get the women of your dreams but, you understand female social behaviors.

In the end, you also learn how to deal with women in general settings including work.

If you are wondering how to be assertive but remain persuasive, then this is the book for you. The benefit of reading this book is learning more than picking up chicks; you learn how to attract women effortlessly by learning how women think.


  1. The Mystery Behind Casanova
  2. The Ultimate Purpose of Life
  3. Rewiring Her Attraction Circuitry
  4. Rules and Structure of The Game
  5. A1: Open
  6. A2: Female-to-Male Interest
  7. A3: Male-to-Female Interest
  8. Conversation
  9. Mid-Game and End-Game

Book #4 – Player’s Handbook by Tommy Orlando

Players Handbook by Tommy Orlando

If you are looking for some revolutionary book that will teach you the universe’s secrets to getting more ladies, then this isn’t the book for you. What this book does is that it provides you with an in depth foundation into sex and women by highlighting the realistic and simple rules you need to use to attract women.

It is the ideal book for anyone looking to get back into the dating scene. Basically, this book teaches you how to pick up the hot ones using the old school point of view.



  • ABQ: Always Be Qualifying
  • How to Get a Date
  • Opening Lines
  • Remember Her Name
  • Be Sincere
  • Cologne
  • Guess Her Age
  • When to Buy a Drink
  • Her Birthday
  • Her Career
  • Listen
  • Everything Is Close
  • Watch The Clock
  • Married Women
  • Getting Her Phone Number
  • Booty Calls
  • Breath Mints
  • Blocking
  • Sisters
  • The Truth About Coworkers
  • Highlighting Imperfections
  • Fights
  • Humor
  • How to Drive
  • Airplanes


  • Lighting
  • Music
  • When to Candle
  • Supplies
  • Cash & Condoms
  • Hotel Rooms
  • Blame It on The Houskeeper
  • Drugs
  • Games
  • Hide The Evidence
  • Pool
  • Hide The Porn
  • No Means No
  • Snooping
  • Getting Rid of The Overnight Guest
  • Pet Names
  • Damage Control
  • Now What?

Book #5 – Models: Attract Women Through Honesty by Mark Manson

Models Attract Women Through Honesty

I bet you didn’t think about this before but, your honesty will earn you a date faster than a lie. To learn how to use honesty to your good, delve into this masterpiece by Mark Manson.

Though the book, you’ll learn the ropes on how to develop confidence and how to win women by understanding them. You’ll learn the importance of being charming, truthful, successful and attractive.

The book also lets you in onto ways of dealing with anxiety, success, failure and the physical aspects of dating. In a nutshell, this is a game changer that teaches you how to connect with women rather than impressing them.


  1. Non-Neediness
  2. Power in Vulnerability
  3. The Gift of Truth
  4. Polarization
  5. Rejection and Success
  6. The Three Fundamentals
  7. Demographics
  8. Lifestyle and Presentation
  9. What Are Your Stories?
  10. How to Overcome Anxiety
  11. Your Intentions
  12. How to Improve Your Flirting
  13. The Dating Process
  14. Physicality and Sex
The Way of the Superior Man

Sometimes, all you need is a deeper connection to self and others. To earn a date with that lady that seems to be obviously out of your league, you have to know what you want, your purpose in life and you have to lead an authentic life.

This book guides you to find your purpose in life, what women needs and what would make you a great lover.

The Way of The Superior Man is a guide for living a masculine life of authenticity, integrity, and freedom. Not appearing shallow wins hearts easily.


  1. A Man´s Way
  2. Dealing With Women
  3. Working With Polarity and Energy
  4. What Women Really Want
  5. Your Dark Side
  6. Feminine Attractiveness
  7. Body Practices
  8. Men´s and Women´s Yoga of Intimacy

Book #7 – No More Mr. Nice Guy by Robert A. Glover

No More Mr Nice Guy

This is a masterpiece that will let you know the meaning of being a nice guy and still get what you want in life. This is the kind of book that exposes your mind’s boundaries letting you know how to get your act together and how to be happy.

This isn’t the book that tells you how to get a date by giving you first-date tips, it goes deeper and tackles what makes a man a nice guy.

Through the book, you will learn how to pleasure yourself into making your needs a priority. It also guides you on how to fulfill your life and your career.

Also, it teaches you how to spice up your life with the two chapters that tackle all matters sex, love and intimacy. In this book, Robert A. Glover gives you a guide on how to get your act together happily.


  1. The Nice Guy Syndrome
  2. The Making of a Nice Guy
  3. Learn to Please Yourself
  4. Make Your Needs a Priority
  5. Reclaim Your Personal Power
  6. Reclaim Your Masculinity
  7. Get The Love You Want: Success Strategies for Intimate Relationships
  8. Get The Sex You Want: Success Strategies for Satisfying Sex
  9. Get The Life You Want: Discover Your Passion and Potential in Life, Work, and Career

Book #8 – Rules of the Game by Neil Strauss

Rules of the Game

If you are looking for the book that will change your social life, then you have to read Neil Strauss’ Rules of the Game. While it has great tips on how to make you a ladies’ magnet, it holds a lot more wisdom that will simplify your life.

The Rules of the Game will teach you how to conduct yourself in public and how to be a social butterfly in an easy-to-understand process. The self-evaluation at the beginning of the book will help you in judging yourself.

This book comes after N. Strauss’ The Game and you may want to get your hands on both books to master the art of seducing women and mastering life successfully.



  • How to Play The Game
  • Daily Missions (Day 1 – Day 14)
  • Midpoint Coaching Session
  • Daily Missions (Day 15 – Day 30)


  • The Two-Part Kiss Opener
  • The Love Versus in-Love Opener
  • The Albino Gary Coleman Opener
  • The Spells Opener
  • The Cat People Cold Read
  • The Facebook Stalker Opener
  • Opener Grab Bag
  • Name Mnemonics
  • Blood-Strology
  • The Five Questions Bet
  • The Amazing Table Psychic
  • The Lying Game
  • The Fat Bastard Challenge
  • Style´s EV
  • The Secret Self Routine
  • The Nancy Friday Fantasy Elicitation
  • The Seven-Minute Date
  • The Quadruple Hand Test
  • Style´s Kiss Close
  • The Last-Minute-Tension Elevator
  • The Double Date Threesome


  • Rule 1: Attraction is Not a Choice
  • Rule 2: One Broken Link Destroys The Chain
  • Rule 3: Game Is a Borderless State
  • Rule 4: Know The Terrain Before Taking The Journey
  • Rule 5: What You Perceive Is Who You Are
  • Rule 6: Expect The Best, Prepare for The Worst
  • Rule 7: Whatever´s in The Way Is The Way
  • Rule 8: Emotions Are Reason Enough
  • Rule 9: Love Is a Wave, Trust Is The Water
  • Rule 10: The Comfort Zone Is Enemy Territory
  • Rule 11: No Man Wins The Game Alone
The Manual

Wouldn’t you want to get women and to understand what they want once and for all? Well then, get this book by W. Anton. This book gives you insights into what women are attracted to or what they think they need.

You will also learn why women ‘play hard to get’ and if they are really hard to get or they pretend to be. By addressing your basic beliefs, you will be able to think correctly and behave in a way that is attractive to women.

Women speak a universal language but you have to figure out that language. This book helps you in that regard.



  • Attraction
  • Socialization
  • Seduction


  • Confidence
  • Charm
  • Responsibility


  • Conversation
  • Body Language
  • Style


  • The Location
  • The Woman
  • The Approach
  • The Number
  • The Call
  • The Date
  • The Kiss
  • The Sex
  • The Relationship

Book #10 – The Rational Male: Preventive Medicine by Rollo Tomassi

The Rational Male

You need this book to understand the phases of maturity and what to expect as you progress through the different stages of life. It explores the social dynamics of each stage of maturity and also provides you with an understanding of men’s behavior at different stages of life.

Preventive Medicine delves deep into the feminine social primacy, Hierarchies of Love and Hypergamy letting you know what women want or expect. In short, by reading this book, you won’t have to “wish you knew then what you know now“.



  • Understanding Hypergamy – Your Friend Menstruation
  • Preventive Medicine Part I – The Formative Years
  • Preventive Medicine Part II – The Epiphany Phase
  • Preventive Medicine Part III – The Development & Security Phases
  • Preventive Medicine Part IV – The Redevelopment / Reinsurance & Security Phases
  • Hierarchies of Love – Intersexual Hierarchies
  • Conditioning – Early Education and Equalism
  • Open Hypergamy – Controlling Interests


  • Rejection & Regret
  • The Burden of Performance
  • Vulnerability
  • The Curse of Potential
  • Dream Killers
  • Mental Point of Origin
  • Game Changers
  • The Male Experience
  • Midlife Epiphanies
  • The Mature Man

There you have it, all the books you should read to master the art of dating. These books will give you an upper hand in the dating world and they will also get you out of the dreaded friend-zone.

Hey folks! My pen name is James Buzinko (a.k.a. Stallion) and I want to make this THE GREATEST place for every guy to master the arts of love, dating and attraction! I am young, free and my motto is "Carpe Diem".