Are you looking for freaky questions to ask a girl to make her laugh? Then look no further as we have the most extensive collection of ready-to-use examples.

Just select questions you like the most and get ready for some really weird conversation. I bet you will hear a lot of funny answers to these. 😉

Freaky Questions To Ask Your Girl

Choose One From Examples Below

1. “Do you like being watched during sex?”

2. “Have you ever called a guy the wrong name in the middle of having sex?”

3. “Do you consider yourself a freak in the sheets?”

4. “What is the most freaky sexual experience you had?”

5. “What do you say we spend the whole night naked together, but no sex allowed? Only touching!”

6. “Do you love hardcore dirty talk?”

7. “Have you ever been aroused by anything freaky or weird?”

8. “What is the freakiest place you’ve ever had sex?”

9. “If you could have sex with any animated character, who would you pick?”

10. “Are you turned on by watching hard-core porn?”

11. “hat is the weirdest thing you have used to masturbate?”

12. “What is the most freaky sexual fantasy you are afraid to tell me about?”

13. “Can you imagine having sex with a guy that is 30 years older than you? Do you think you would enjoy it?”

14. “Have you ever fantasized about your boyfriend’s dad?”

15. “If you had to choose between having sex for the rest of your life or getting head but not both, which one would you choose?”

16. “Are you a control freak during sex? Or do you prefer to be controlled?”

17. “Do you like pain during sex?”

18. “Have you ever thought about making a sex tape?”

19. “Have you ever tried phone sex? Did you reach orgasm? How fast?”

20. “What is the freakiest thing you have ever sexted?”

Freaky Would You Rather Questions To Ask Her

Choose One From Examples Below

1. “Would you rather have drunken sex with a hot guy but not remember it, or have sober sex with an unattractive guy and remember it?”

2. “Would you rather have painful cramps again or never have to shave again?”

3. “Would you rather loudly fart after every time you have sex, or have an orgasm every time you fart.”

4. “Would you rather have tampons for fingers or have pubic hair for teeth?”

5. “Would you rather give up sex or give up the internet?”

6. “Would you rather wear a pad for 12 hours or wear a thong that keeps creeping up into your bits?”

7. “Would you rather receive oral sex from Hillary Clinton or give oral sex to Donald Trump?”

8. “Would you rather be asked if you are PMSing every single day or be told to stop being so sensitive every day?”

9. “Would you rather watch your boyfriend have sex with your boss or watch your boyfriend have sex with your best friend?”

10. “Would you rather go through a whole day with a very visible panty line or with lipstick on your teeth?”

11. “Would you rather be 100% confident in who you are, or be 100% confident that you’re with the right person?”

12. “Would you rather find your parent´s sex tape or have your parents find your sex tape?”

13. “Would you rather have an entire eyebrow accidentally waxed off or Get a rash from a poor bikini wax job?”

14. “Would you rather have the entire world know your porn search history or know the porn search history of your dad?”

15. “Would you rather get your period at the beach or on a date?”

16. “Would you rather settle on a lifetime of bad sex or always have mind-blowing sex, but only once a decade?”

17. “Would you rather have your gynecologist use a speculum that is too large or a speculum that is very cold?”

18. “Would you rather be cheated on (numerous times) and never know about it, or cheat on someone else and have to tell them?”

19. “Would you rather spit or swallow?”

20. “Would you rather French kiss me in front of my parents or see your parents French kissing?”

21. “Would you rather look like a fish or smell like a fish?”

22. “Would you rather have no arms or no legs?”

23. “Would you rather drink 1 gallon of ketchup or 1 gallon of mustard?”

24. “Would you rather have a vagina on your forehead or have a row of penises down your back like a stegosaurus?”

25. “Would you rather have 500 tarantulas crawling into your home or 1000 crickets jumping around your room?”

26. “Would you rather have accordions for legs or have a huge belly button 10 inches long that swayed to the beat of the popular music?”

27. “Would you rather always have to enter rooms backward or always have to somersault out?”

28. “Would you rather have a third leg or a third arm?”

29. “Would you rather eat a handful of hair or lick three public telephones?”

30. “Would you rather have six lips or 34 fingers?”

31. “Would you rather be a reverse centaur or a reverse mermaid/merman?”

32. “You’re on a desert island with a beautiful woman or man. Would you rather they are top-half fish or they are bottom-half fish?”

33. “Would you rather eat 30 pounds of cheese or a bucket of peanut butter in one sitting?”

34. “Would you rather have knives for fingers or penises for fingers?”

35. “Would you rather not be allowed to wash your hands for a month or your hair for a month?”

36. “Would you rather have no fingers or no eyes?”

37. “Would you rather be born with an elephant trunk or a giraffe neck?”

38. “Would you rather have a head the size of a tennis ball or the size of a watermelon?”

39. “Would you rather eat only roadkill for the rest of my life or have everyone else in the world sound like Gilbert Gottfried?”

40. “Would you rather have severe hammer toe or holes in your fingers?”

41. “Would you rather crap yourself once a year in public or every day in private?”

42. “Would you rather lose your sex organs forever or gain 200lbs for the rest of your life?”

43. “Would you rather eat a potato and feel its pain or be a potato?”

44. “Would you rather have sandpaper hands or no genitals?”

45. “Would you rather pee every time you stand up or poop every time you sit down?”

46. “Would you rather be a girl with a penis or a boy with a vagina?”

47. “Would you rather smell like poop and not know it or constantly be smelling poop that nobody else can smell?”

48. “Would you rather freeze to death or burn to death?”

49. “Would you rather have no knees or no elbows?”

50. “Would you rather peel all your nails out of your fingers or pull all the teeth out of your mouth?”

51. “Would you rather have pubic hair for teeth or teeth for pubic hair?”

52. “Would you rather have sex with your cousin in secret or not have sex with your cousin but everyone would think you did?”

53. “Would you rather be completely bald or covered from head to toe with hair?”

54. “Would you rather have a Bobblehead or a horizontal butt-crack?”

55. “Would you rather have a pig nose or a monkey face?”

56. “Would you rather have Crayolas for teeth or Shrimp for nipples?”

57. “Would you rather have a horse’s tail or a unicorn horn?”

58. “Would you rather have nostrils that look like vaginas or a vagina that looks like a nostril?”

59. “Would you rather have a ketchup dispensing navel or a pencil-sharpening nostril?”

60. “Would you rather lose your leg from an IED explosion (amputated mid femur) or lose your arm from an IED explosion (amputated mid numerous)?”

61. “Would you rather be born with a camel’s hump or hump a camel?”

Kinky Never Have I Ever Questions

Choose One From Examples Below

1. “Never have I ever got dehydrated during sex.”

2. “Never have I ever repurposed a common household item as a sex toy.”

3. “Never have I ever gone commando.”

4. “Never have I ever been slapped or slapped another person during sex.”

5. “Never have I ever had sex with one of my exes after we had broken up.”

6. “Never have I ever sucked toes.”

7. “Never have I ever hit on someone after spotting their wedding band.”

8. “Never have I ever had sex while on your period or sex with someone who was on their period.”

9. “Never have I ever been fisted.”

10. “Never have I ever been upset with a partner for not performing well.”

11. “Never have I ever fooled around with a really close friend just to see what it was like.”

12. “Never have I ever pretended not to know someone who you’ve totally had sex with.”

13. “Never have I ever done it with a family member in the same room.”

14. “Never have I ever been to a swinger’s club.”

15. “Never have I ever performed oral sex on someone without ever kissing them on the mouth.”

16. “Never have I ever gone home and had sex with a bartender.”

17. “Never have I ever sneaked out on someone after sex.”

18. “Never have I ever watched another couple get it on.”

19. “Never have I ever had sex on the washing machine.”

20. “Never have I ever fallen asleep during sex.”

21. “Never have I ever called someone the wrong name while hooking up.”

22. “Never have I ever said “eh whatever” and not worn a condom during sex even though you should have.”

23. “Never have I ever tasted someone else bodily fluids.”

24. “Never have I ever slept with someone I met on Tinder.”

25. “Never have I ever required medical attention because there was a foreign object stuck inside me.”

26. “Never have I ever been close to throwing up on someone during sex.”

27. “Never have I ever screwed around in an elevator.”

28. “Never have I ever had sex with someone I wasn’t attracted to because I wanted to get laid that badly.”

29. “Never have I ever hooked up with someone and not remembered doing it.”

30. “Never have I ever licked food off someone.”

31. “Never have I ever blown a line of cocaine off of someone else’s naked body.”

32. “Never have I ever been too drunk to perform/finish during sex.”

33. “Never have I ever had Skype sex.”

34. “Never have I ever had a quickie.”

35. “Never have I ever tried BDSM.”

36. “Never have I ever done it With a family member in the same building.”

Naughtiest Questions To Ask Her

Choose One From Examples Below

1. “Do you like taking naked photos of yourself?”

2. “Classy lingerie or fuzzy, pink handcuffs and blindfold?”

3. “What’s the dirtiest thing you’ve ever sexted someone?”

4. “Do you like to mess around with extreme temperatures in bed, like ice or wax?”

5. “What’s the nastiest thing you’ve ever said to get someone off?”

6. “Would you ever use bondage?”

7. “What’s the sexiest compliment you’ve ever given?”

8. “Where do you like to be touched?”

9. “What’s your secret move to turn a guy on?”

10. “What’s the sexiest compliment you’ve ever gotten?”

11. “Have you ever made out with a guy just because you were horny at that time?”

12. “What is the craziest porn that you have ever seen?”

13. “Ever wake up in the morning next to someone you instantly regretted sleeping with?”

14. “What’s the dirtiest thought you’ve ever had?”

15. “Do you like being teased?”

16. “Who’s the one person in this world you wish you could fuck?”

17. “Have you ever had sex with someone that you weren’t really attracted to?”

18. “Ribbed or studded?”

19. “What would you do if you have a sexy guy next to your bed?”

20. “How good are you at faking an orgasm? Show me…”

21. “Do you like scratching?”

22. “What’s your favorite kind of foreplay?”

23. “Would it drive you wild if I whispered naughty things in your ear?”

24. “Have you ever gotten nude photos from someone?”

25. “What, if anything, makes you feel vulnerable when you’re naked with someone?”

26. “Do you prefer if I shave, trim, or let it grow down there?”

27. “What’s the dirtiest dream you’ve ever had?”

28. “Do you like your hair pulled?”

29. “Spit or swallow?”

30. “How many different people have you had great sex with?”

31. “If I bought you lingerie, would you model it for me?”

32. “What does it feel like when you orgasm?”

33. “Have you ever fantasized about having a threesome?”

34. “If you came home to find me, waiting for you naked, what would you say?”

35. “Do you like it rough or gentle?”

36. “What is your favorite position when you are on top?”

37. “If I asked you to make a bedroom bucket list for me to fulfill, would you?”

38. “Have you ever made an erotic fantasy come true?”

39. “Doggy style or cowgirl?”

40. “Have you ever done it in the water?”

41. “Does a massage from a sexy guy makes you horny?”

42. “Have you ever had an accident with a condom bursting? What was the outcome?”

43. “What’s the one sex act you want to try before you die?”

44. “Do you like BDSM?”

45. “Where is the most adventurous place you have done it?”

46. “What types of props have you used during sex?”

47. “How was your first sexual experience?”

48. “Did you had sex on your first date?”

49. “Have you ever masturbated in a public bathroom?”

50. “What makes you feel comfortable when you’re naked with someone?”

51. “Do you like biting?”

52. “What do you need to happen for your orgasm to be absolutely mind-blowing?”

53. “On a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the highest, what number would you rate your blowjob skill?”

54. “If we’re out shopping for clothes, would you sneak into a fitting room with me?”