You are a stallion, and it is a time that you start acting like one! When you are with your friends, at a party or with a girl, you need to know a few drinking games that will provide you and every other attendee with hours of endless fun.

After all, you want to be the life of the party – right?

Let’s take a look at 8 games that you must know how to play. With these, you will never be known as a boring guy who does not know the proper fun.

Game #1 – “Flip a Cup”

plastic cup with beer

Flip a cup is a team sport that will have you drunk on the floor in just a few turns! All you will need are just plastic cups (1 per player), a lot of beer, table, and plastic coverings!

7 Simple Game Rules

  1. Prepare an oblong table and ground to get dirty (use plastic coverings for both).
  2. Create two teams with the same number of players, each team standing opposite to the other behind the table (as seen in the video above).
  3. Place a plastic cup in front of each player and fill it ¼ to ½ of the way.
  4. Now, somebody yells “go” and the first person for each team drinks his or her cup as fast as possible.
  5. Once the drink is empty, he or she must put the cup face-up at the edge of the table and attempt to flip it over with his or her hand.
  6. Only when the cup is successfully flipped and lands bottom-up on the table can next person from that team start to drink!
  7. Repeat steps 5 – 6 until all of your team members have drunk their beers.

As you can already guess, the winning team is the one who manage to flip all its cups successfully first!

My opinion: This is a great game to start a party and get drunk pretty fast! Just remember that your table and the ground will get dirty with beer!

Game #2 – The Famous “Baseball” (Coin)

shots of alcohol

Each and every drinker (no matter where on the Globe you are) will love the game called Baseball. It is simple to play, but there are a few things that you will need to get started.

You will need a table, 4 shot glasses, beer, a quarter and at least 2 players (or 2 teams) who are ready to play and get drunk of course! Once you have gathered all of your supplies, you are ready to set up your game.

9 Game Rules to Follow

  1. Cover the ground and table with a plastic covering (it will get dirty trust me).
  2. Split into 2 teams with the same amount of players.
  3. Line up 4 cups (representing bases) in a row on the table going away from a home base – the spot from where you will be shooting with a quarter from. First glass represents a single, the second one is a double, the third one is a triple & the last one is a home run.
  4. Fill each cup with beer.
  5. Pick a home team to go up at bat (home base) and begin shooting.
  6. Each player tries to land the quarter in a cup.
  7. After 3 strikes (missing all the glasses) in a row, you are out (have to drink all 4 glasses) and another player from your team goes to bat. After 3 outs, the other team is up to bat.
  8. When player hits a cup with a coin, he or she has to drink every shot behind the one your coin landed in (if you hit single you drink 3,  if you hit triple you drink only 1)!
  9. All players from the opposite team must drink for each run your team scores!

Keep in mind: Game follows as regular baseball and runs are scored in the same way. However, you will have to keep track of the runners on base in your head!

Game #3 – The Sexy “Flip, Sip or Strip”

young people playing game

A simple, fun and sexy game at times (this highly depends on players). All you will need is just 3 players, a coin, and liquor or a beer of your choice!

The rules are so easy that you really can’t get messed up during this game.

6 Easy Game Rules

  1. Pick a player who will begin to flip the coin (lousy tosses must be repeated).
  2. He or she has to flip the coin and while it is still in the air, call heads or tails!
  3. If guessed right, this player can choose to either pass the coin to a player to the right or to flip it again.
  4. If guessed right 2 times in a row, he or she can give the coin to any player!
  5. If guessed wrong, he or she has to take a drink or remove an article of clothing (a pair clothing counts as 1 item) and pass the coin to the player on your left.
  6. If guessed right 3 times in a row, a player can choose a piece of clothing to put back on.

Pay attention: You can either catch the coin while still in the air and play it as it lands in your hand, or you can let it fall on the ground and play it as it lands there!

Game #4 – The Old-School “Russian Roulette”

young people playing drinking game

Russian roulette without the gun. This game is fun and will allow you to drink with 6 – 8 people. All you will need are following items: Plastic base (lazy Susan) to spin the beer, 6 – 8 cups, beer, 6 – 8 players, cards, 1 – 4 shot glasses, ping-pong ball, and vodka!

7 Simple Game Rules

  1. Place the lazy Susan on a table.
  2. Place 6 – 8 tall drinking cups around the disk.
  3. Place a shot glass between any two cups.
  4. Put cards, face down, under each cup.
  5. Each player will get its turn to spin the disk.
  6. When the disc stops, you will flip your card over and depending on its value somebody will drink (rules for each card are explained below).
  7. While spinning the disk, you can also bounce a ping-pong ball into a cup. The person’s cup that it lands in will also have to drink as well as anyone from the rules below.

Each card has different rule as you can see below:

  • For 2 to 10 – You will be the one drinking.
  • Jack – A jack allows you to make someone else drink.
  • Queen – You and the people to your left and right must take a sip.
  • King – The power card. You will spin the disk and the person where the shot glass lands will either have to drink if you choose, or everyone else besides you and him/her will need to take a sip from their cup. The shot should be filled with vodka or another hard liquor.
  • Ace – Deal out another card to every player. The person that gets the highest will not need to drink and neither will you. Instead, everyone else is obliged to do so.
  • Joker – The joker is a make-your-own rule. You can choose anything from body shots to anything else.

Pay attention: As the rounds progress, after each player has had a turn, add in more shot glasses for added fun!

Game #5 – The “Tower of Power” with Dice

tower of liquor

The fifth game on my list is pretty easy to play! All you will need are just glasses, beer, tequila, whiskey sour, white wine, small mixed drink (gin & tonic), large mixed drink (Sex on the Beach) and a dice.

This game is great to play in the bar as you can get hammered, and there is great chance you will not have to pay for it at all! Not only that, the instructions are much easier to follow than with other games on our list.

6 Game Rules

  1. First, you need to make a tower out of your cups filled with alcohol and put a coaster between each cup in it (directions how to build it are below these rules).
  2. Once your tower it built, you have to roll the dice.
  3. The person who rolls a 6 drinks the tequila from the top of the tower. Everyone has to wait until the drink is finished before rolling (except in a case of beer – see rule #8).
  4. The next player to roll a 6 removes coaster underneath it.
  5. The one who rolls 6 next drinks the whiskey.
  6. The next removes the coaster.
  7. Repeat steps 5 and 6 until you reach the beer on the bottom of the tower.
  8. The person drinking beer will have to pay for everything if other players can roll the dice and get a 6 before he or she is done with it. If the beer is finished first, the person to roll a six next will pay!

Tower directions: From top to the bottom, your tower should look like this. Tequila needs to be on the top followed by the whiskey, which is followed by the small mixed drink, and then large mixed drink, followed by white wine and beer is at the bottom!

Game #6 – The Simple “Never Have I Ever”

girls having fun

Possibly the easiest drinking game to play ever! All you need to have are just drinking cups for everyone playing and a beer or liquor of your choice.

5 Game Rules

  1. Everyone grabs a cup and fills it while sitting at a table.
  2. Now, choose a player to go first.
  3. This player must say “Never have I ever” followed by something he or she has never done.
  4. If another player has done this, they will drink from their cup.
  5. If no one else has done this before either, the person who made the statement must drink.

Pay attention: The game ends when everyone is too drunk to play anymore!

Game #7 – The Popular “Beer Pong”

friends playing beer pong

This is without a doubt one of the world’s most popular drinking game. All you will need are just: long table, beer, 12 – 20 cups, at least 2 players and a ping-pong ball or a quarter!

10 Easy-to-Follow Game Rules

  1. Find a long table and one friend (or create teams each with more players).
  2. Both teams will make a triangle on their respective end of the table using 6 or 10 cups.
  3. Then you need to fill these with various amounts of beer.
  4. 2 players from one team throw 2 balls at one time.
  5. The goal is to land both balls in a cup.
  6. The other team could swat them out of the air to knock them into your cup if the ball was off the table.
  7. After a successful throw, the other team must drink the beer with a ball in it.
  8. Remove cup that was drank from the table.
  9. The player whose ball misses the cup loses his turn.
  10. When both players miss cups, the other team gets the turn, begins to throw 2 ping-pong balls and repeat steps 4 – 10 until no cups from one team are left on the table!

Pay attention: This game continues until you choose to end it or one of the teams has drunk all of their beer.

Game #8 – The Kinky “One Lucky Guy”

crazy girls

This game requires 1 guy and 2 or more girls. All you will need is just a deck of cards and sexually open-minded friends.

The rules for this kinky game are very simple.

4 Game Rules

  1. Each player who has turn will draw a card.
  2. When a card is even (including Queen & Ace), a girl has to kiss another girl and take a shot.
  3. When a card is odd (including Jack & King), a guy takes off a piece of clothing and takes a shot.
  4. Once a girl has kissed all other chicks she must grab any girl of her choice and have a 3-way kiss with the lucky guy, and she has to take a shot!

Keep in mind: After everyone has kissed with each other, you can decide to gradually escalate your “party”!

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