Most women will say that humor is one of the most attractive things about a man! A guy who can make her laugh is irreplaceable as it can improve mood, brighten any day and help someone smile away any amount of stress.

Finding this quality in your partner is one of the top feelings in the world. However, this is a heavy burden for some men to carry, especially those who are not exactly stand-up comedians!

But don’t call it quits just yet as there are 7 simple tips you can follow to raise your sense of humor and make her smile time and time again.

Tip #7 – Model Funny People and Actors

man and woman smiling

Guys, you should keep in mind that not everything that comes out your mouth has to be a knock-knock joke. People who are positive have a certain feel about them, and they make other’s relax around them.

Luckily, this, like so much other, can be learned!

Who do you consider funny? Is there a comedian that makes you laugh consistently? Just choose your favorite one, watch him and study how he behaves. Keep in mind that they will say a lot with gestures and facial expressions far before they reach a punch line!

Pay attention: Another great way to become funnier is to smile often! Smile and laugh are both infectious. If you laugh at life, other people are sure to do so with you!

Tip #6 – Try to Be Natural & Relaxed

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Nothing ruins fun more than someone trying far too hard. The best way to relax and let your natural humor show through is to be confident!

Knowing that you are funny is often the first step to better self-esteem.

Smile at your jokes and take life a little less seriously. Keep in mind that being confident is remarkably sexy to women as it shows you are comfortable with yourself!

This alone will make her feel more comfortable around you and hence more attracted to you! Pay attention to her, laugh at her pranks and reference them later in a lighthearted way.

Keep in mind: You need to let her know that while you are trying to make her mood better, she also brightens up your day just as much!

Tip #5 – Harness The Power of One-Liners

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Long stories have their place, but they are very rarely funny. On the contrary, the most amusing things are usually short, simple sentences!

One-liners can be great in relationships because they can quickly develop into long-running inside jokes. Pay particular focus to comedians who have made one-liners their bread-and-butter, such as Zach Galifianakis, Jim Gaffigan or Mitch Hedberg.

Keep in mind: You should watch some of their stand-up and film performances, and you will quickly pick up on some of their comedic timings and styles.

Tip #4 – Remember It Is Not Only What But When & How You Say It

girls having fun

There is always a special time and place to be funny. Therefore, you have to learn when it is appropriate to make jokes and when you should rather be serious.

You should always be very careful about making jokes at her expense:

  • Girls can be very self-conscious, and if you do these too much or too often with regards to something she has said or done, you could start to come off as cruel.
  • Another time to avoid too much humor is when she shares something personal or intimate with you about herself.

Pay attention: Women need a man who can not only make her laugh but who can show a little sensitivity and real emotion as well!

Tip #3 – Do Funny Stuff & Activities

young people playing drinking game

Take her out for fun and original dates to a playground, carnival or fair. You should also focus on following:

  • Do activities – Try baking together (especially if you aren’t very good at it) or teach her something new and make it into a laughable time.
  • Be crazy – Walk around a mall and see who can find the worst outfit or hat or who can buy the craziest pair of socks.

Keep in mind: Don’t worry about looking foolish, just relax and make sure she feels comfortable with you at all times. Not only will you end up with a great memory but with a unique item to remember the trip by – and more importantly so will she.

Tip #2 – Always Be Original & Positive

funny man with cigar

Develop an overall positive outlook. Accept that some days are not going to be awesome and be ready to stare those gloomy days down with a smile on your face.

Not only will this improve your life overall, but you will become the type of person others want to spend time around. Even more, positivism may begin to wear off on those around you – making them more apt to smile at the small things!

Keep in mind: An excellent way to make people smile is to use a material of your own or stuff and experience the two of you have previously made. If you borrow too much from other people’s material, you will begin to come off as generic! And this won’t make her laugh, trust me.

Tip #1 – Identify Her Sense of Humor & Mimic It

friends on beach

Is she the kind of girl who can appreciate a fart joke or is her sense of humor more intelligent or dry? Paying close attention to what she enjoys is the best way to know how to make her more positive.

Accept her humor for what it is and try to tailor your attitude towards that style!

Keep in mind: Not only is this a sure way to make her laugh at your antics, but it will also help you to develop a shared connection with her!

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