We all have our own “secret set” of kinky things that we simply ENJOY more than others. Perhaps you like feet a little more than you should and when he or she sucks on your toes, you find yourself squirming with pleasure.

While some people are a little skittish when it comes to wicked sex fetishes, we believe that the kinkier the intercourse, the better it will be for everyone. There are surely some naughty pleasures that are too odd for our taste, but whatever floats your boat!

If you want to try something new and he or she is a freak just like you, these following 10 fetishes should be on your to-do list. One thing is for sure, you will say OMG after reading this list – in a pleasurable or SHOCKED kind of way.

Fetish #1 – Furries & Yiffing

man in rabbit costume

Furries and yiffing are definitely not for everyone. In fact, you may make your partner run for the hills if you show up in a fox costume and expect to have a good time.

This is a practice where a person will dress up in an animal costume. Now, yiffing is normally reserved for just foxes, but sometimes, other furry animals may be included, such as dressing up as a dog or a wolf.

The usual pattern is to be submissive and act like a wild beast. You will be part of the animal kingdom, but you will retain your human-like behavior. If you don’t believe me, check out all of the furries fandoms online. This is definitely an interesting community that is not for everyone.

Fetish #2 – Stigmatophilia (Tattoos & Piercings)

girl with many tattoos

Do a tattoo, piercings and scars turn you wild? Many people feel they have these attractions, but they cannot put them into words. The technical term for this fetish is Stigmatophilia where a person is attracted to tattoos and piercings in a very sexual manner.

As you can imagine, this also includes the genitalia and nipples. If you have a crush for nipple or cock rings, you would fall into this category. Scars are also included into the mix and would include any scar type.

Fetish #3 – Leather & Latex

sexy woman ass in latex

Leather and latex are not that odd to be honest. Chances are, you have seen a man or a woman in tight pants and simply could not help but stare. In fact, you would be hard pressed to find a man that did not like an outfit that is made of latex worn by their love.

These materials fit very tightly and show off all of her curves in a good way. Women also have this fetish, but it is more so in the bad boy attire than it is in tight shirts. However, more and more women enjoy a good lap dance wherein their partner is wearing an outfit that really accentuates his package.

His and her outfits can be found online and they are more than affordable. If you want to add a little more fun, a leather whip will do the trick.

Fetish #4 – The “Golden Shower”

This is a very naughty fetish that is definitely not something you want to try on your first date. What is a golden shower? Well, this is when someone urinates on another person.

What occurs is that a person will urinate on any part of your body and will get aroused from doing so. This can be mild, such as urinating on his or her feet, or it can be very wild, such as urinating on the face or in the mouth!

Fetish #5 – Domination & Submission

girl in latex with handcuffs

Domination and submission are normally done with leather and latex. This is when one person is the dominator and one is submissive to their commands.

There are a lot of different forms of this fetish and it can be as mild or wild as you like. You can simply be yourself with it, but it may include spanks, whips, and chains – or even gag balls as well.

Fetish #6 – Acrotomophilia

athlete with amputated leg

Acrotomophilia is not something a person can actually do. Instead, this is a situation where one of you is an amputee. You definitely don’t want to cut off your partner’s limb, so you must choose an individual that is already missing one to have fun.

Sometimes, people will simply want to have fun by kissing or sucking on the area where the limb is missing, but other times it may be inserted into the other person.

Fetish #7 – Paraphilic Infantilism (Adult Babies)

adult man in baby costume

Possibly the oddest fetish possible. When you like your partner acting like a baby or you like to act that way, you are practicing paraphilic infantilism. Now, this is not just acting – most people dress up this way as well.

Have you ever seen pictures of grown men in diapers holding a baby bottle? These guys are adult babies and their partner or the person that dresses up gets aroused by this.

There are some people that take adult babies to a whole new level and the infantilist will actually urinate or defecate into the diaper. There are currently a lot of studies going into the psychological reasons behind this fetish to further understand why someone would regress to a baby.

Fetish #8 – Feet & Shoes

white stilettos female

Feet and shoes have become a major fetish and is one of the fastest growing communities in the world of kinkiness. Often seen with men, this kinky stuff revolves around beautiful feet or those dressed up with amazing shoes.

For instance, a person may like to be masturbated with the feet of their partner, or that he or she may enjoy sucking on the toes. The shoes part of this fetish is more of a dressing up of the feet, but some people do take it a step further.

Pay attention: Those who see pain as a sexual pleasure may like being stepped on with heels.

Fetish #9 – Exhibitionism & Voyeurism

sexy female panties

Exhibitionism and voyeurism seem to go together perfectly. When you like to show off your body or have sex in front of others, you would be deemed an exhibitionist. This is simply a care-free person that does not mind having intercourse or fondling in front of the world.

In fact, this provides an immense thrill and one that leads to intense orgasms and a lot of fun. Voyeurism is simply when you like to watch other individuals making love. One type of this is watching others that know you are watching. The other type is illegal and involves secretly watching people undress, have sex or masturbate.

Fetish #10 – Sadism & Masochism

Pain and humiliation are what drive sadism and masochism. In fact, this is something kinda odd to me, but I know quite a few people that are into this fetish. For instance, the pain may be derived from a variety of sources.

A person may like being stepped on with high heels until they bleed or one may become aroused from a good spanking. The amount of pain that leads to arousal will be different for everyone. This can involve whips, chains or even blood.

A sadist practices sadism and likes to inflict pain or humiliate others. A masochist is someone that enjoys being in pain or being degraded. Typically, both partners need to be into this fetish or someone is going to jail.