Edging Will Make Your Orgasm More Powerful


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Have you just started to feel the pleasure of an approaching orgasm only to find out that it has abruptly come to an end?

This is when the technique called edging comes to play!

It is a practice of learning to control your arousal levels and climaxes. Luckily, I am going to give you a 6-step guide to delaying your orgasm once and for all!

According to UrbanDictionary, the meaning of dry humping is:

“Approaching the edge of sexual orgasm and withdrawing, usually several times, before finally achieving orgasm. Meant to intensify orgasm, and for men, volume of ejaculate and force of ejaculation.

This applies to any sexual act and is not limited to masturbation.

My girlfriend and I like to edge before we fuck. She performs oral sex until I’m just about to cum and then we stop for a minute, preventing orgasm, and then we have intercourse. After edging like this our intercourse lasts longer and the orgasm in stronger.”

According to folks from Cosmopolitan, edging can be defined as:

“Edging, otherwise known as “orgasm control,” is deliberately pushing off your immediate orgasm in favor of a more female partner-friendly slow-building final release.

In other words, it’s a handy technique to avoid being a selfish dicksnack who doesn’t think twice about coming in the first three minutes and then rolling over and watching Burn Notice while your girlfriend quietly finishes herself off under the covers.”

3 Incredible Sexual Benefits of Edging

This term covers a practice of learning to get your climaxes under control so that you can decide when you finish.

There are 3 primary benefits to this practice:

  1. Your orgasms will become much stronger!
  2. You will gain control over your premature ejaculation!
  3. Mastering this can result in a “dry orgasm” in men!

Often called prolonged orgasms, it allows you to hit the point of no return and stop yourself from finishing!

Keep in mind: The stamina increase seen after just a few short weeks is going to be dramatic and lead to longer, more pleasurable sex. Some people that practice this method will get to the brink of cumming 3 – 5 times before they let themselves climax!

6-Step Guide to Improve Your Sexual Stamina with Edging

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Step #1 – Get The Proper Lube

The proper lube is essential for both men and women. The edging will be a prolonged masturbation and without lubrication, you will feel immense discomfort!

There are 2 options to choose from:

  • Water based – If a lube contains water, it will lead to an easy cleanup, but you will need to reapply it often.
  • Non-water based – This type of lube will be messy, but you will not need to reapply it.

Pay attention: The right lubrication is a personal preference, but non-water based solution seems to be a favorite in the edging community.

Step #2 – Start Masturbating

The second step is to begin with self-pleasuring! Just start masturbating slowly and allow 20 – 30 minutes for a complete session.

Pay attention: If you have a difficult time to get going and achieve an erection, you can look at erotic pictures or videos as a help!

Step #3 – Breathe Deeply

This is an age-old practice that has been shown to help people gain control of their bodies and actions. When you breathe deeply, your body can relax and maintain control over your pleasure levels longer.

You can consciously train yourself to do this by:

  • Breathing in deeply for 2-3 seconds.
  • Holding your breath for 1-2 seconds.
  • Exhaling deeply for another 2-3 seconds.

Keep in mind: Thanks to doing this deep-breathing method prior to edging your effort will be much better and more efficient.

Step #4 – Control Your Arousal Levels

The entire practice of edging is to ensure that you do not orgasm involuntarily. Furthermore, this is a time to learn about your body and how to control your overall arousal!

Keep in mind: Not only will you learn how to last longer and feel more pleasure, but you will also know how you can stay aroused for a longer period.

Step #5 – Approach Your Point of No Return (PONR) Carefully

When it comes to edging, the PONR is the point where one or two more seconds of pleasure will lead to cumming! If you are practicing, this is the point where you will want to pause, pull up your pants and practice again later.

You know you have reached your PONR when the pleasure is so intense that you will lose your control every second!

Even advanced practitioners lose it at times. Therefore, it should be approached gradually. Be prepared that it may be almost impossible to identify and stop when first starting out with edging.

Keep in mind: Eventually, you will be able to hit PONR and stop yourself from going further. This is when you have enough control actually to choose when you ejaculate.

Step #6 – Do Not Worry If You Climax Involuntarily

As you progress with edging, you will find that it is hard to follow this guide. Sometimes, we just cannot control ourselves and will want to orgasm as a result.

Keep in mind: If this happens, brush it off. In fact, this will and does happen to everyone occasionally!

2 Extra Tips for Your Edging Training

To make edging more pleasurable experience, you can include 2 more things into your equation:

  • Try it with your partner – A partner can help you reach the PONR much faster than your hand will. The next time ask her or him if they would like to try this to build up your stamina and pleasure levels as a couple!
  • Use special toys – There are many sex toys for masturbation and edging that are far more pleasurable than your hand! These include Fleshlight (the Stamina Training Unit) and prostate massagers for a man and various vibrators, dildos, and ben-wa balls for women.

Trust me: You will love adding these to your love life as they can even spice things up between both of you!

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  1. I’ve tried edging for a while and now I have better control over my orgasms, they don’t happen just because they have to. I can stop anytime if I want to and this has put its mark on my sex life: I last longer, I control my erection and don’t cum whenever a change the position.

  2. I just can’t stop before cumming. I get to the PONR but I cum regardless if I stop or not. When I’m having sex it’s even worse, if I last more than 5 minutes it’s a big success. My girlfriend doesn’t fret about it too much because she feels sorry for me but I want to end this as soon as possible. What should I do?

    • First of all, you should read my articles about premature ejaculation as well as methods how to last longer in bed. Then I would recommend you to get your hands on fleshlight stamina trainer as well as program 60 minute stamina from Marcus London.

  3. Love the rush I get from jerking and stopping right before I cum. In some cases it’s even better than orgasming and I have that tingling sensation in my penis long after I stop. But it takes practice and determination; you have to realize that this involves a lot of trial and error.

  4. Premature ejaculation will be the death of me! I sometimes cum within a minute while masturbating and it’s driving me insane. I’ve tried deep breathing, thinking of less arousal things but nothing works. Do you recommend any non-medical approaches to this? I’m starting to get really freaked out by it and I can’t even think how it will be when I start dating.

    • Dude, this is really nasty problem. Just try this out first with small application of numbing cream while edging until you build up some resistance. And avoid watching porn!

  5. I don’t want to be a showoff but for me it was always easy to control my erection and stop at any point. I actually considered being a porn star but I guess my mom with totally freak out hahahaha! This is really helpful with the ladies and it scored me some high grades.

  6. I think that for people who want to practice this, you should see some Karezza tips. It has a whole different philosophy behind it, but Karezza and Tai Chi techniques of this type are good for edging too. I’ve been trying them for a few months now, and damn. I can’t get enough of them!

  7. I fixed my premature ejaculation issue with this. Now, it’s all a matter of control. I decided when I cum, not my dick. Needless to say, my girlfriend is much happier, and now we fuck till she gets one or two orgasms before I let myself cum.

  8. Wow, this article has perfect timing! I’m about to get to third base with my first girlfriend, but I’m afraid I’ll cum as soon as its in :/ I’ll practice this while fapping and see if I can get any improvements, and really impress her with my prowess haha

  9. I did this after my gf complained I was cumming too fast. Needless to say, in a few months I turned into a sex beast. I gave her as many orgasms as I could to make up for lost time 😉 Now she’s my wife, and I still keep edging close to heart. It made me feel like more of a man!

  10. This is awesome! i’ve been battling premature ejaculation for years now…this might be my solution! Thank you, Stallion! I’ll try this out and come back with the results. i can’t wait, this has crippled me and made me feel like less of a man…


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