Are you the type of person that would rather sit home all summer and watch movies than go on an adventure? While there is nothing wrong with pure relaxation, there are times when going on a trip can lead to an even more incredible life!

Here are 7 points why you should start seeking out adventures! Each one should be enough of a reason to get you out of the house.

Reason #1 – You Only Live Once

bungee jumping

The current average life expectancy is only a mere 71 years. While this depends greatly on where you live, it is still quite alarming. The 71 years is a long time, but this means that you will only ever experience 71 summers, winters, falls, and springs.

If you are 35, you can only count on seeing your favorite season 36 more times in your life – if you are lucky.

Keep in mind: You only live once! When you are in your elder years, you want to look back at fulfillment and joy. If you don’t go on journeys, and you do not take risks, you will regret it when you get older.

Reason #2 – Adventure Makes Lasting Memories

dog and mountains

Memories can be defined by particular moments in our lives that leave a lasting impact on us. Now, you probably do not remember much about your third-grade homework, but you keep in your mind some of the night of your prom or when you got married.

Adventures, going to new places and doing things you never thought you would before have a way of leaving a lasting imprint on our brain.

This imprint is what we call memories!

Pay attention: When you refer to the past, some markers help you internally retrieve images and the more extreme experiences you have, the more lasting memories you will make. No one remembers every time they ever ate pizza, but they will remember the time they ate pizza when scaling a mountain.

Reason #3 – New Experiences Lead to a Better Life

tent in wilderness

Many things lead to a good stuff. Money, sex, job security and adventure can make your life better almost instantly. Most people wait and wait until they are too old to go on any journey.

Instead, go now and start experiencing something new!

Not only will you be able to travel to exotic locales or experience unusual things, but you will meet new hot people and learn more about yourself than you ever thought possible.

Keep in mind: If you don’t go on journeys, you will keep experiencing the same routine that you are now. The truth is that adventure is all around you, and waiting to experience it is not going to make your life better.

Reason #4 – You Will Be Able to Face Your Fears

hot air balloon

Everyone has fears. In fact, fear has been shown to be a coping mechanism for what reality you will be ultimately facing. The best part about fear is that it can be conquered.

Are you afraid of heights or never thought that you would parasail over the ocean?

All it takes is a repeated exposure to beat these types of fears. If you never go on an adventure and face your real worries, you will never conquer them.

Keep in mind: You want to be valiant and bold, not timid and scared because you lived a secluded life that was always safe – right?

Reason #5 – You Gain Confidence

man picking up girl in bar

Confidence is just like fear. You may not have it right now, but you can gain self-esteem by simply adding more adventure to your life.

Now, this can mean anything that is truly outside of your comfort zone.

For me, this means traveling to locations where no one speaks my language and meeting the locals. For you, this can be something as simple as going to the bar and talking to women.

Keep in mind: The more that you experience in life, the more confident you will ultimately be. Going out on one adventure per week will allow you to be more confident as a result.

Reason #6 – Adventure Leads to a Longer Life

loyal couple on beach

Getting out and doing things is essential if you want to live a long life. In fact, a study from 2005 outlined the death of people who retire early versus the average retirement of 65.

This study showed that those who retired early were dying much faster than their counterparts.

While there has not been a definite answer as to why early retirement leads to an earlier death, a lot of people are leaning towards one thing – Boredom! When you are active, and adventure is part of your routine, you will never have the opportunity to be bored again.

Pay attention: In fact, you will not suffer the same fate as the studies above. Your mind will stay younger, and your body will be healthier if you continually go on to do something new rather than sit home night after night.

Reason #7 – Amazing People Always Go on Adventures

adventure pillow

Do you want to meet fun and exciting people; the type that you only see in movies? The chances are that these individuals are not going to stroll into your living room anytime soon.

In fact, those are out traveling, skydiving and doing great activities that the rest of the world simply wants to do!

If you want to be surrounded by amazing guys and girls that are all about fun, you need to go on adventures.

Keep in mind: You will meet people that have the same likes, fears and dislikes as you. If you never go on a journey, you will be missing out on life with potentially great friends.