Can you fill her with lust with just your words?

For many men, this is a dream that ends right there – as a dream. We’ve all had those friends that seem to get all of the girls in the room to stick to them like glue, yet they aren’t anything special in the looks department.

What can you do?

You can use something we all have – words – to make her spread her thighs faster than you can pull down your pants. If you want to be her Romeo, then keep reading!

All About Language of Desire & Lawrence Lanoff

Lawrence Lanoff is 50 years old, bald, and average (cock size). However, he is a Casanova! His secret to success?

Carefully using your words to get women into the bed.

Luckily for you, Lawrence explained all these secrets in his Language of Lust program. You’ll learn how to speak to women to drive them wild!

Pay attention: The best part? It works for everyone! You can have any woman you want if you talk to her inner desires.

With Language of Lust, you will get 33 tips, tricks, and techniques to making her horny. Let’s dig a little deeper to see exactly what you’ll be learning (as much as I can divulge).

4 Techniques You Will Learn from This Program

Technique #1 – The Erotic Porn Script

porn star activation

This is a technique that is meant to get the girl of your dreams in your bed with you as soon as possible. The goal is to create a vivid, detailed script that will play out all of her fantasies, so she can visualize it so clearly that it seems like a true memory.

Pay attention: Porn is powerful, and you can become her sex god!

Technique #2 – Pavlov’s Panty Drencher Technique

Pavlovs panty drencher

The Pavlov’s technique is used to condition any woman and turn her on so intensely that all you need to do is a whisper to make her quiver with excitement. Again, I can’t tell you exactly how this technique work.

However, I can tell you one thing, it is well worth your money!

There are more techniques waiting for you to discover, including Dirty from a DistanceKink Exposure, Lust Mirror, Just Coffee Mind Lay, Sexual Singularity, Emotional Revenge. This is just a sampling of the techniques and methods you’ll learn throughout the Language of Lust program.

Pay attention: Whew! There is a lot of information included in this guide, and you can receive all of it for just $47 – it’s one heck of a bargain.

3 BonusesYou Will Get for Free!

language of lust bonus content

The best thing about your purchase is the fact that you’ll also receive 3 bonuses that will enhance your sex life even further. These include:

  • Unlocking the Threesome Code – An amazing guide that may help you get into bed with the ever-elusive 2 girls at once.
  • Personal Porn Star Activation – Have you ever wanted her to watch porn with you? If so, this guide will have her suggesting porn titles and actually trying out what she sees on a screen.
  • The Nice Guy’s Guide to Texting Dirty – Texting is a powerful technique and still one that most men haven’t mastered. This guide includes 200 personal texts that the author himself uses to seal the deal!

Pay attention: Plus, the author is so confident you’ll like the product that there is a 60-day money back guarantee! If this program doesn’t work for you just return it for a full refund!

language of lust rating

Stuff Other Users Said About This Program

“Best “mental game of sex” course (sex is 80% mental), will distinguish you from other men, natural skills, and self-development, highly practical, well coached / mentored.”

– Angel Donovan (from Dating Skills Review)

So, you know all about the program, but the question “whether or not it does work” remains unanswered. I have analyzed discussions of a lot of people that have personally used Language of Lust.

In general, they most often pointed out these experiences:

  1. I’ve always had trouble speaking to women, but now I use my words to get them in my bed.
  2. If every man knew what was taught in Language of Lust, no one would ever go to sleep alone again.
  3. I went from the guy that strikes out with women to getting any girl that is willing to talk to me.”

Pay attention: I am a gentleman, so I won’t mention how many women I have personally got with by using these powerful techniques, but let’s just say I have been with more women this year than in 20 years.

Final Verdict: Worth Much More Than Its Actual Price

Language of Lust last offer image

The ultimate question – Is this program worth your money? Absolutely! It is worth every last penny, but you need to be honest with yourself. Can you take the steps to talk to women? If you are frightened to talk to women and can’t muster up the courage to say few words, then rather save your money!

If you’re willing to break out of your shell and start talking to women using powerful techniques that make them quiver with excitement, this is the program for you.

Thousands of men have discovered that they can be the most desired guy in the room even if they aren’t the best looking!