“If You Think That You’ll Take Addium Tonight & Be Einstein Tomorrow, I Am Sorry, But This Is Not The Pill for You!!!”

You’re tired. You work a lot. When you finally get a chance to sit down and read a book or learn a new language, you find that you can’t concentrate. Chances are, you’ve expelled all of your energy and are so physically drained that your mind is wandering in a thousand different directions.

It’s the same thing that happens to millions of students each year.

Even if you put in the effort to study or stay focused, you’re left with less-than-optimal results. Addium, a supplement that promises limitless potential, aims to counteract these flaws.

Does Addium really work? Let’s find out.

IN SUMMARY, Here Is What You’ll Discover in This Review:
  • What is the Addium Pill?
  • Thing You Have to Know Before You Buy This Product!
  • How Does It Work to Improve Your Brain Function
  • List of 6 Main Ingredients
  • 6 Potential Side Effects You May Experience
  • Positive & Negative User Feedback You Have to Know About!!!
  • Final Verdict
  • Further Resources That Will Help You!

How Does It Work to Improve Your Brain Function

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Addium is designed to do one thing: make you more efficient. Everything you do – and don’t do – has an impact on your brain. Exercise is a great example of this. When you exercise, your brain has an easier time retaining information afterward, but this optimal learning experience fades after a few hours.

By combining multiple ingredients at once, Addium boosts your brain’s efficiency.

This supplement works in the following ways:

  1. Increases Energy – Immediate energy is experienced, allowing you to tackle your big test or finish a big project.
  2. Focus Boosting – Energy is only part of the equation. Addium will increase your ability to focus and think more clearly.
  3. Unlock Your Potential – Through the use of nootropics, your brain will be able to learn faster. This is done by increasing the receptors in the brain that are critical for processing and memorizing information.

Please note: The effects experienced from this supplement are a direct result of the ingredients inside of Addium.

List of 6 Main Ingredients

addium ingredients

What makes Addium really work? A precise mix of ingredients that are known to boost brain function – down to the receptors. This isn’t an overnight drug that hasn’t been tested. These are ingredients that are known for their ability to boost brain function.

The following ingredients are included:

  1. Tyrosine – A major substance that promotes mental alertness. L-tyrosine has been shown to help the brain create neurotransmitters that help you stay alert at all times.
  2. GABA – Concentration is boosted through GABA. This ingredient inhibits neurotransmitters that cause over-excitement so that you can maintain focus.
  3. Bacopa Monnieri – Blood flow in the brain is vital for cognitive function. Bacopa Monnieri increases blood flow and boosts cognitive function at the same time.
  4. Alpha GPC – An ingredient that aims to make your neurotransmission efficient.
  5. Vinpocetine – The brain utilizes glucose for energy. Through the substance Vinpocetine, the brain is able to increase energy production, so you can stay awake and alert.
  6. Huperzine A – A complicated ingredient. Huperzine A works to stop acetylcholinesterase from breaking down acetylcholine (ACh). ACh is a molecule that acts as a neurotransmitter.

All of these ingredients are the “magic” behind this limitless potential supplement. You can learn faster, process information more efficiently and memorize information with ease, but your brain is working against you.

The truth is, your brain isn’t running at its full capacity most of the time and Addium tries to overcome these inefficiency problems.

Note: Caffeine is an ingredient included, but not listed on the product’s website!

6 Potential Side Effects You May Experience

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There are always good and bad side effects that may be experienced when taking any form of supplementation. Every person is different, but the bad side effects can and do occur to some users. Before we start talking about these bad side effects, let’s see the good side effects first!

3 Good Side Effects
  • Increased energy that is experienced in minutes and lasts up to 6 hours.
  • Increased focus allows you to maintain alertness and concentration to devour subject matter.
  • Increased brainpower allows for better mental performance and vigilance through the use of nootropics.

3 Bad Side Effects
  • Jitters from the caffeine. While many users state they’ve experienced no jitters at all, others state that they were too energized and had the jitters as a result.
  • In very rare cases, people experienced a reddening of their skin due to an allergic reaction to ingredients in Addium.
  • The results seem to vary.

Pay attention: Like any product on the market, there are side effects that are caused by caffeine and allergic reactions. I have only found two people that experienced skin reddening caused by allergic reactions.

Discovered User Feedback: Inconclusive

Source #1- Amazon Customer Reviews

Amazon feedback on Addium pills
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Amazon feedback on Addium pills 2
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Amazon feedback on Addium pills 3
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Source #2 – Excerpt from Youtube Reviews

“I am about 3 weeks into this and I have about 10 pills left out of the 30 pill bottle. […] I have noticed visible effects […] about 20 to 30 minutes after I take it. So it seems like it kicks in super quick! […] I feel a little bit buzzy like a little bit jittery […] and after 3 to 4 hours (it seems to be how long it lasts) it wears off more or less and I haven´t had any sort of come down […] or any crash afterwards like it is kinda nice smooth finish!”

– Patric (Youtube User)

Source #3 – Official Website

“Addium delivers the clarity and focus I need to stay competitive. It has given me back my mental edge.”

– Austin Collins

“I love Addium because it gives me the energy and focus to get my work done and still have a life outside of the office.”

– Jamie Rodriguez

Source #4 – Yahoo Answers

Yahoo answers response for Addium pills
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Final Verdict: Works Good

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Is this a limitless pill?

The truth is that it depends on the user. If you have true ADHD, you will fare better with something like Adderall that has been scientifically manufactured by pharmaceutical companies to help combat attention deficits.

Addium does provide limitless learning potential due to its potent ingredients. You won’t notice that effects immediately, aside from the energy boost, and it’s recommended that you try this product for at least 1 – 2 months before really judging its overall effectiveness.

What I can tell you is that the caffeine provides an immediate rush of energy that lasts up to 6 hours. The other ingredients provide a calming effect that clears your mind, so you can focus. When you take this supplement for the long-term, you’ll notice that you:

  • Retain information faster and more efficiently than before.
  • You have a lot more energy for those long nights of studying.
  • You’re able to focus and concentrate with ease, making learning easier.

Ultimately, Addium does what it says it will do, and it has worked well for thousands of people. However, I do recommend staying on the supplement for at least a month to really see the positive effects.

“If you think that you’ll take Addium tonight and be Einstein tomorrow, I am sorry, but this is not the pill for you. It’s an ongoing process, and it will take some time to see the real effects of such a strong nootropic.”

If you take Addium as suggested by the manufacturer, you will boost your brain power significantly while feeling more energetic and focused! Let us know your personal experience with this supplement in a comments section below!