12 Signs That Your Girlfriend Is a Total Psycho


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When you first start dating, you will be in ignorant bliss. Even the hottest girlfriend in the world has faults. Often, we learn to live with such girls because, let’s face the truth, we have faults of our own.

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However, you may be ignoring the indications that while she may be incredibly gorgeous, there is something not right – she is crazy.

Want to know if your girlfriend is a total psycho? We have provided 12 sure signs that she may just be insane.

Sign #1 – She Needs to Know Where You Are & What You Are Doing at All Times

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Have you just left your house and noticed that your phone is ringing and ringing? Perhaps you are driving down the highway with the annoying sound of receiving one text message after another.

When she needs to know where you are at all times, you may be dating a psycho. Her controlling aspect is not cute, comforting nor acceptable!

Keep in mind: If she demands to know where you are and what you are doing each hour of your day, there may be trouble brewing in a paradise!

Sign #2 – She Is Enraged by Trivial Things

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Did you come home two minutes late to the sound of yelling and perhaps even glass breaking?

When your psycho girlfriend is throwing a tantrum over trivial things, you have to consider that she might be crazy. On the other hand, you should hear an ear full if you come home 4 hours late, and she was waiting to go on a romantic date with you!

Pay attention: The enraged girlfriend may yell, scream, cry, threaten, punch, scratch, and even bite. As a man, you need to realize when her anger is real or when she is becoming enraged because you forgot to put the toilet seat down!

Sign #3 – She Is Making up Extreme Lies

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Lies, lies, and more lies seem to come out of each and every psycho. You are geared up and ready to go fishing when suddenly she calls you crying hysterically because someone just abused her!

You rush over to her house and find that there are no scratches, bruises, and she even has all of her makeup on.

After a few times of outlandish claims, you realize she was logged into Facebook or Tweeting about her boring day when she was making all of these false claims.

Keep in mind: When she is lying to extremes to get your attention, she is purely psycho. The crazy one that is only acceptable on a one-night stand when you will never have to deal with it again.

Sign #4 – She Is Developing Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde Behavior

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A beautiful smile may mean she is in a happy mood when suddenly, she turns to crying and utter anger. When she is in the Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde frame of mind, she will be like 2 completely different people!

Perhaps she was smiling two minutes ago, and now she is scratching your arm to the point that you are bleeding.

Keep in mind: For all intents and purposes, her demeanor should never change to the point where she is an entirely different person in the blink of an eye!

Sign #5 – She Never Respects Your “Needs or Decisions”

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Do your needs seem to never matter?

Perhaps you are upset and she just doesn’t care because she is happy. You may also find that your decisions are overruled and your most pertinent needs are laughed at by her!

Keep in mind: Not only is she selfish, but she will turn into the psycho that you were afraid of in the beginning.

Sign #6 – She Is Extremely Jealous

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Contrary to the popular belief, as a man, you are allowed to have girls and guys that are your best buddies!

When you go out and she gives you a guilt trip or she starts fights with your friends because she is jealous, she has control issues that will only grow worse over time.

Keep in mind: Minor jealousy is cute, but extreme can drive a person crazy!

Sign #7 – She Never Takes Responsibility for Anything

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Do you seem always to be wrong in everything that you do?

Her not taking responsibility is not just annoying, but it may be a sign that she has the feared god complex.

Keep in mind: When she doesn’t take responsibility for her faults and everything you do is wrong, you will want to get out of the relationship quickly.

Sign #8 – She Becomes Real Online Stalker

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Ding, ding, ding – one after another. The sound of an instant message reaching your Facebook or Skype followed by a dozen other SMS messages from the girl that you think you like can be overwhelming.

The messages start piling up and after 5 minutes you are getting texts saying:

  • “Don’t ignore me!”
  • “I am done with this!”
  • “I am sorry!”
  • “How can you do this to me?”
  • “We are over!”
  • “Hello?”

Pay attention: When she turns from jealous to online stalker, you will often find that she hacked your email, she wants to share a social account or has added all of your friends, she even adds you on accounts that you haven’t logged into in years! This one is a real sign of crazy girlfriend, trust me.

Sign #9 – She Needs Constant Attention

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Attention is something that every person wants. After all, we love to know that others love us and want to show us their affection.

However, when her need is getting out of control, you can easily tell that she has a problem.

Pay attention: She may need you to break plans with your friends regularly. She calls you obsessively. She tries separating you from your friends and family. She cries and lies to get your attention!

Sign #10 – She Is Well-Known Drama Queen

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When she has been dubbed a someone who loves attention by her closest persons, you know that something isn’t right in Kansas. In fact, she may find that no one wants to be her friend anymore and people half-jokingly call her a drama queen.

Keep in mind: When she has been dubbed this way, judge for yourself how dramatic she really is. While not the craziest trait, when she is dramatic about everything, she may be a psycho in the making!

Sign #11 – She Often Threatens to Hurt or Kill Herself

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If you leave me, I will kill myself!

These are words of a psycho that every man should know. If she actually acts on these claims and does harm herself it is time for you to get out of Dodge.

In fact, you may want to alert her family, change your number, move across the state and switch your name!

Keep in mind: If this is the case, and you decide to leave her, she will not leave you alone for a very, very long time.

Sign #12 – She Has Behavior of a “Social Chameleon”

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A social chameleon is often kind and good in front of others, but when your two are alone, she “changes her color” and shows her true nature!

When a person blends into a social setting and then suddenly turns into a screaming monster the moment you leave, this person should be left on the side of the road!

Being social is great, but when she goes from one face in front of your friends to another at home, she may not be the best person you want to take for a visit to your mom or even to your dog for that matter! Is this a real sign of psycho girlfriend? Tell us!

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  • Valeria

    My brother’s GF meets eight of the twelve… wow.
    Your observations were spot on. I knew something was wrong with her, but you
    put words to what I was observing and couldn’t describe.

    • I am glad you validated some of these points for real life situations. Thanks a lot.

  • Shana

    Good list. Anyone who matches even one of these
    characteristics listed should do some introspection and work to improve

    • That is true Shana. I can only agree with you on this.

  • Lance

    Good article. I’m gonna tweet this so my homeboy
    gets the subliminal message, “Dump her already!”

    • That is good approach. You can try it and maybe he will open his eyes.

  • Eve

    This list sounds like it was written by an emotionally unavailable and self-centered guy whose ex had the misfortune of falling in love with him.

  • Eve

    This list sounds like it was written by an emotionally unavailable and self-centered guy whose ex had the misfortune of falling in love with him.

    • Actually when you have been with someone who has even 3 or 4 of those traits especially when they accentuate over time and especially when it hasn’t changed in 4 yeas with the exception it’s only gotten worse, then you wish you wouldve gotten out of it much sooner than you did. It’s not being emotionally unavailable. It’s called common sense and reasoning. I wish I would’ve listened to my friends and family and my own head instead of my heart as long as I did. Thank you James.

    • Also if that person was actually in love with you they would never act that way toward you as dramatically or behave in a way that takes the life out of who you are and dampens your spirit. The only next step up from those traits is her killing you in your sleep. But then maybe you know this already since you already may be demonstrating some of those traits yourself in your relationship.

  • Ion Mârzenco

    Hahaha she got’em all I’m done

  • Truth

    Well most of the ones that i have dated sure were Unfortunately. Staying Single does really save your life.

  • Truth

    Well most of the ones that i have dated sure were Unfortunately. Staying Single does really save your life.