About Us

Who is behind TheStallionStyle

Hi dudes how are you? Let me firstly introduce myself. My name is James and I am author of this web-based project. I have no family and no kids and I am employed for a full time in accounting & administrations in middle-sized enterprise. Except that I am a newbie in website-creation that I make in my free time as a hobby. Since my teenage I was never much of a lover and I blamed it to lack of experience.

However I was wrong. I have figured out that the right information can make anybody from a sexual amateur or average to a high level of sexual stallion that women never leave. Now you have a brief picture of who I am and now we can turn our attention to introducing this internet-based project I named The Stallion Style.

Its Main Objective

The main objective why I have decided to launch this project is quite simple – to create something that is missing out there on the internet – a comprehensive men´s guide to become top class lover and sexual stallion in bed. Therefore, I would be most satisfied if those who read this website regularly would hear after each love-making from their satisfied ladies: “Man, that was the stallion style!”

Project Address

Our website is hosted on servers with following adress:

  • Country: United States
  • Region: Arizona
  • City: Scottsdale
  • Zip Code: 85260

Project Timeline

1) Beginning:

The initial idea for this project was born in my head during long winter of 2012/2013.
This domain was registered on 1st April 2013.
First content published in beginning of June 2013.

2) Actual phase:

Currently, I am working on the establishment of high-quality content full of great advice and tips for each and every dude who wants to become ultimate lover who will never be cheated on by his girl. Most of these information will be for free, however, I know about great products that will be reviewed and are worth your money.

3) Vision to future:

I imagine that when I will be finally done with establishing content on this project, you will have at your disposal the best and most comprehensive website providing you with all the information and tools to become who each of us desire to be – the stallion in bed. By this I honestly believe that you and your partner will live a much happier life in a healthier relationship.

What Can You Find on TheStallionStyle

I believe that each man (no matter his age) wants to become a sexual steed that women will chat about. Therefore, I would like to focus this website into 4 crucial areas of mastering the sexual arts that men are according to my humble opinion most interested in:

1) Penis size & penile enlargement
2) Erectile dysfunction & penis health
3) Art of giving orgasms
4) Sexual endurance

Ways For You to Contact Me

As a reason of the young age of this web-project I have established only few ways of communication for you. You can get in touch with me through 3 ways – Email address, contact-us page & social accounts that are all available below: